CSGOEmpire Review

CSGOEmpire Review

Csgoempire is a fully licensed operation since 2016 and is currently one of the most trustworthy sites for players because of its consistency in delivering quality service.

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  • Fast and secure player-to-player trading

  • They run on an SSL-encrypted connection

  • You can earn a 10% bonus


New customers only. 18+ T&Cs apply. begambleaware.org.


Updated on: 2/16/2024

Main CSGOEmpire features

Some of the features that set csgoempire apart from other gambling and betting sites are:

  • Csgoempire is the most reputable and popular website for CSGO gambling
  • They run on an SSL-encrypted connection
  • The Csgoempire uses a fast and secure player-to-player trading
  • If you add ‘csgoempire’ in your account name, you can earn a 10% bonus.
  • Why Choose CSGOEmpire To Bet On?

Rain pool:

When you wager coins on coinflip and roulette through this site, you can gather a percentage of the amount you bet, which they add to your coin rain pool. When you claim it, you will get a portion of that pool. Every hour, rain pools appear as a way to help you get your bet amounts back.


In the Csgoempire site, matches have a fixed maximum wager amount, varying from game to game. After winning a bet, the payouts are almost always automatic. However, if the amount isn’t reflected in your account after the game ends (for 6 hours or more), you can contact the support team to assist you through this process.

If there is a tie or a draw in match betting games that don’t allow overtime, all the bets will be refunded within 24 hours or instantly after the game results are announced. If matches enable you to bet on draws, no stakes will be refunded even if there is a draw.

Provably Fair System:

Players trust this platform due to its state of the art provably fair system, allowing players to verify their results as legit and not rigged. This system proves that the game results are not manipulated and minimizes the possibility of a rigged game to zero.

Before each match, Csgoempire gives you the round result in a hashed format. They provide the player with the hash of the secret seed published after the current game ends. You can compare the seed to the hash to make sure that they match.

Betting Types

As a user, you can earn XP with every bet and level-up. The amount of XP you make will depend on the type of game. The higher the level, the better are your chances at getting rare skins and earning daily deals.

The maximum betting amount in any game is 1000,000 coins, although you can increase this amount upon request to their support team. The three ways of betting on the Csgoempire site are as follows:

  • Roulette- a player can place a bet on one of three different symbols. The roulette chooses one of the three characters at random after 8 seconds. The player receives coins when the roulette hits the selected mark.
  • Match betting- players can choose a team and bet on them. If your team wins, you will receive coins. Coinflip- Like any other 50-50 coinflip, you wager items on one side of the coin and flip it. The winner walks away with everything.

Betting Markets:

In Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (CSGO), the players garner a lot of money within the community through purchasing and selling skins through online markets like Csgoempire. Csgoempire came up as a commercial market for CSGO skins for players to buy and sell skins for real money. After gaining ground, it is now the most popular skin gambling market dealing in esports, specifically, Counter-Strike.

You can also find betting options for esports like Dota2, PUBG, LoL, and much more.


You can make deposits through skins, cash, or cryptocurrency such as bitcoin, after which you will receive coins. You can use these coins for roulette and match-betting. You can also make transactions through your Steam platform or other payment methods such as Visa and MasterCard.

Community & Support

The CSGOEmpire website states that they are “the original skin gabbling site” since they were the first CSGO site for gambling.

You can earn profits through referral codes by referring others to join the platform using your code. The purpose of referral codes allows you to make an incentive at about 30% for each new user you bring in.

You can also request the customer support team to exchange your credits for a game item. If you want to close your account, any funds in your account will also be remitted to you instantly or within 21 days.

Since CSGOEmpire is an international site that does not have to follow the rules and regulations under the US gaming license, you will see many more promotions and bonuses from the CSGOEmpire site than others.

Even though CSGOEmpire doesn’t have a US license, it doesn’t mean that they’re illegal or a scam. They make sure that their users feel secure and safe in their hands. They have even claimed to have increased the salary of support agents to ensure quality and efficient service to users.


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