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Counter Strike: Global Offensive is a competitive multiplayer first-person shooter game developed by Valve; the makers of Portal, DOTA, and Steam. Counter Strike started its life as a Half Life mod far back in 1998. It’s growing popularity led to fully fledged sequels like CS 1.6 and CS:GO.

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Top 10 CSGO Betting sites

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What is CS:GO Betting?

CS:GO gambling works by betting on teams in competitive eSports matches. Two teams play each other and you have to bet on the one that you think will win the matchup. Odds for both teams are generated based on their previous wins and losses. Your final payout is determined by your bet multiplied by the odds of the team.

Methods of gambling in CS:GO include betting on competitive matches, betting using virtual goods like skins, or even opening cases for the chance of receiving a high value in-game item.

CS:GO Betting Sites

There are dedicated CS:GO betting sites out there that will let you bet on competitive eSports matches using real money, cryptocurrency, or in-game items such as virtual currency. These sites will display the odds of winning and act as a broker for CS:GO wagers.

Comparing different CS:GO betting sites is important because they offer different features, incentives, and chances of success. Here are some of the biggest reasons to go to betting sites:

  • Different Bonuses

    Sites can sometimes offer bonuses like deposit bonuses, new user bonuses, and cashback bonuses depending on their policy.

  • Popularity

    Popular sites will have bigger prize pools as well as a built-up reputation.

  • Different Betting Types

    Sites offer different betting types that will focus on things like match outcome, event outcome, tournament outcome, or in-game stats like player score, kills, etc.

  • More/Less People Betting

    More people betting on a site means that the betting pool will be larger, but it also decreases the chances of winning compared to when there are fewer people.

  • eSports Focused

    eSports focused sites will only offer eSports betting while other sites might offer betting on traditional sports as well.

  • Odds

    The only big difference between eSports betting sites and traditional sports betting is how odds are calculated. eSports will use experts from the gaming industry while traditional sports use sports analysts.

CS:GO Betting Bonuses

CS:GO betting bonuses are rewards given by betting sites in the form of cash back, bonus money, and much more. They’re given to users to encourage more betting and add incentive for loyal customers.

Bonuses are important to CS:GO gambling because they help you increase your winnings as much as possible.

  • Percent Bonus

    A percent bonus gives you a percentage of your deposit back as a bonus, typically 25% to 200%.

  • No Deposit Bonus

    A no deposit bonus is when a site gives you extra money before making a deposit.

  • New Users Bonus

    New user bonus is given to those that have just signed up for the site. This can be a small amount of money or a discount on the first bet.

  • Old Users Bonus

    Loyal users are given an old users bonus for sticking with the site for so long. This is usually in the form of credit that can be used towards a bet.

  • First Bet

    Some sites will give you an amount of money for placing your first bet.

Betting on CS:GO

You can bet on CS:GO matches using real money through different payment methods depending on the betting site. You can usually receive great bonuses for using real money to bet on games.

If you’re unsure about putting real money down for betting, then you can use practice accounts. These allow you to start looking at how gambling works and what the process is like before investing money into it.

Aside from real money you can also use in-game items to bet with. You can use things like skins or other items as a virtual currency on betting sites.

Another way of betting on the game is through case openings. You can open cases you’ve received in the game for a chance to win high ticket in-game items.

CS:GO Betting With Real Money

Betting real money is one of the many ways CS:GO bets can be placed. It can be the fastest way if you want to cash out quick with your bets and don’t have any items to bet.

Betting Markets include:

  • Tournament Winner: This is where bets will be made towards the team that will win the tournament.
  • Tournament Finalist: This market relies on betting on the team that manages to end up in the tournament finals.
  • Match Winner: This is where you can bet on the winning team of a match.
  • Map Winner: In this market, you bet on the outcome of a team on a competitive map before sides are changed or the map is changed.
  • Handicap: You can assign handicap values to teams that add or take away from their round total to boost the odds. This means the bet win is determined by the actual score +/- your handicap.
  • Total Number of Map Rounds: This bet relies on the total number of rounds for a team on a Round Winner.
  • Round Winner: These bets focus on the individual round winners as opposed to the overall match.

CS:GO Betting With Practice Account

If you don’t want to risk losing money right away then you can try a practice account for betting purposes. These accounts are popular among new users which help them get familiarity with the betting process.

Practice accounts are demo accounts that let you bet as you normally would but don’t take any deposit or return any rewards.

These accounts are good because they let the user understand how betting works before they pour their time and money in. But these accounts can be bad for setting unrealistic expectations and outcomes.

Not every provider will offer these accounts as a feature. However, a lot of the major betting providers will include these with their service.

CS:GO Skin Betting

Another good way of gambling in CS:GO is to use in-game skins. The skins are viewed as a virtual currency and valued on the basis of their rarity and demand.

Skin betting is a method of gambling where skins are used as tokens of value. You can bet a less valuable skin for a chance to win a highly valued skin.

Skin betting works by a game of chance. All players pool in their skins into a pot and are given value for their skin, with a higher value giving you better chances. A coin flip determines who gets the pot as a prize.

Skins can be bet on because they carry money value. They act as virtual token chips for those that don’t want to use real money for gambling.

Skins gained from gambling can be used to apply on in game guns, they can also be used to gamble more or sold for their market price.

Skins are priced based on their chances of being dropped from a crate, price of opening the crate, demand for the skin, overall rarity, and limited editions.

You can move your skins and items from one Steam account to the other after a 7-day cool down period.

Best CS:GO Skin Betting Sites



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FarmSkins Review



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All Betting Sites

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CS:GO Case Openings

Cases in CS:GO have existed for a long time and have offered players a chance to get new and exciting items for their game.

Case openings are a form of gambling where you can open cases to have a shot at the items inside.

Case openings work by using a key to unlock the case and get one of the possible items in the case.

Opening cases can be a great way to get rare or unobtainable items that are considered valuable.

CS:GO cases will give you items like weapon skins, knife skins, and gloves. These items carry different types of rarity.

Cases are priced on how rare they are, how much they cost to open, and what their demand is. The demand for the items inside the case can also affect their price.

You can transfer the items from an opened case to any Steam account. You do have to wait for a 7-day cool down period, though.

Best Free CSGO Betting Sites

There are no free match betting sites for CS:GO. And if you think you found one, it is very likely to be a scam or fake. However, there are a few small CSGO betting sites that will give you daily coins and rewards to play CS:GO betting games such as coinflip, poker, blackjack etc.. as well as there are a few that will let you deposit skins instead of money to make the bets.

Small CS:GO Betting Sites

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What are the Odds in CS:GO Gambling?

Odds in CS:GO betting refer to the chance of winning or losing in a gambling scenario. It’s a number that represents how likely it is for a team to win. It also helps you understand how much money you will win based on your betting amount.

Odds are calculated using a complicated method that involves comparing different statistics. The previous performance for each team is considered and then calculated using statistics and probability formulas.

For example, if a betting provider wants to calculate the odds for Fnatic, they will look at past matches, roster changes, wins & losses, consistency, and other factors to draw up odds using probability.

Each betting provider has a different method of calculating their odds. They can take different factors into effect or use different techniques. This is why odds can be different for different providers.

CS:GO Betting Types

When it comes to betting in CS:GO, there are multiple options on what type of betting system you want to use. You also have the freedom of betting real money, using practice accounts or betting in-game items like skins. CS:GO Betting types include:

  • Money Line Bets

    Money line bets are bets placed on the outcome of a team vs. team matchup. The odds for this type of bet are calculated on team strength. They’re the most simple and common types of bets.

  • Outright Bets

    These bets focus on the overall outcome of a team. This can involve winning the tournament or making it to the finals.

  • Accumulator Bets

    Accumulator bets are a collection of smaller bets grouped together. In these bets, winners will have their odds multiplied to get a bigger reward.

  • Special Bets

    Special bets are focused on the win/loss of specific events. Examples include total score, map winner, and number of kills. These bets can be a bit difficult for a new user to grasp.

  • In-play Bets

    These bets are placed only when the match has begun. They’re similar to special bets in which bets are made on specific outcomes of events. You can bet on things like player scores or kills at the end of the match.

What to keep in mind when betting on CS:GO

Betting can be a risky business that involves chance and probability with a possibility of losing your money. Another major risk is running into scams and fraud. It’s important to remember that some sites and providers can scam you out of your money or give you a smaller payout than promised.

How to protect yourself from fraud?

  • Stay Informed: Make sure you know everything related to betting before you decide to put your money down. Learn all there is to the process, the types of gambling, and how odds work.
  • Practice: Before you use any real money, make sure to try practice accounts. These will get you used to the ins and outs of betting before you get started.
  • Research Providers: Not all providers are honest. Some can have a history of scamming or fraud. It’s important to read up opinions about providers on social media and do some research before you sign up.

How to identify and avoid scam sites?

  • Read their reviews on our website. We’ve made a comprehensive list of all the most trusted providers.
  • Look at their past reputation
  • Watch out for bold claims and guaranteed outcomes
  • Aggressive marketing and ad-spamming
  • Offering bonuses that sound too good to be true
  • Shady rules and conditions

How to pick the right CS:GO team to bet on?

When betting on an eSports game, it’s crucial to pick the right team. If you plan on winning the bet, you have to know a team that stacks up against the rest. You have to know what players are on the team and how they perform as well as what their past performance statistics look like.

The best CS:GO teams in 2020:

  • Team Liquid
  • Vitality
  • Astralis
  • ENCE
  • NRG

The best CS:GO players in 2020

  • s1mple
  • ZywOo
  • Jame
  • Kaze
  • vsm

Top advice to pick the best CS:GO team:

Find the Teams You Like: Find a team that you think has the kind of gameplay you enjoy. It’ll be helpful for finding consistent teams and also make betting more enjoyable.

  • Past Performance: Look at the team’s previous wins and losses to see what were the reasons for bad performance. This can help you find out if the team performs well and if there’s something to look out for.
  • Watch Matches: Watching matches will give you the ground reality of what a CS:GO match actually looks like. It will also be useful in making team performance more familiar with yourself.
  • Watch Tournaments: Tournaments help you figure out how a particular team performs against top players from around the world and what outcomes can arise from matchups.
  • Chances and Rates of Losing: A win/loss ratio is great at finding out how consistent a team is in its performance.
  • Each Team Has A Chance to Lose No Matter How Good It Might Be: Keep in mind that all teams have a chance to lose and that it can be useful to know the circumstances in which your team usually ends up losing.
  • Hands-on Practice: Playing the game yourself and learning how the mechanics work is critical. It helps you understand which players and teams use the best strategies and mechanics to their advantage.
  • Attempt to Play Fantasy Leagues: Fantasy leagues help you get used to the idea of pitting top players against each other in a matchup. You can drastically improve your knowledge of roster changes with this method.
  • Use Tools To Help You Make The Decision: Some sites like will offer tools that generate odds live and show the probability of winning and losing. These tools can be great to pick a well performing team.
  • Read Online What Others Are Thinking: You can find helpful tips and advice from other people online that will help you pick good teams.

Latest CS:GO news

If you’re planning on getting into CS:GO betting, then it can be important to keep up with eSports news as well as all the up-to-date information from the developer.

Following CS:GO news is important for knowing if a team has lost its players or has had problems that can affect their performance as well as changes in the game’s mechanics.

Getting started with CS:GO betting

Getting started with CSGO gambling, is easier than you think. Simply:

  1. Find the Best Betting Provider: Different providers will offer different levels of service with specific bonuses, rewards, and rules. Make sure you have a provider that works well for your needs. Read reviews and opinions online to find out if they are trustworthy and reliable.
  2. Sign Up: The next step is to sign up for the site. You can follow the links in the table for the site you want to sign up for. Certain sites will even give you a nice little bonus for joining.
  3. Deposit and Play: Once you’ve signed up, you can deposit your money and start playing. You can claim you bonus and begin making bets. When you win, you can simply cash out and enjoy your earnings.

CSGO Betting Tips

  • You Will Win Some Money and You Will Lose Some Money: Gambling almost never has a guaranteed outcome. That’s why it’s important to not get hung up on wins and losses. Instead, focus on what works and what doesn’t to move forward.
  • Research the Top Teams: If you’re planning on betting on teams, you need to know how they perform. Some teams can be good for betting on certain markets but not others. You can only make a clever bet if you understand each team’s strengths and weaknesses.
  • Research and Follow Top Players: Even within a team, players carry their own strengths and weakness that can affect the overall performance of their team. Certain players may be good for a particular task or they may perform better on a certain map and side. It’s crucial to take these kinds of things in mind when betting.
  • Watch eSport Games and Tournaments: Watching games is extremely important when it comes to gambling. It can help you understand how the game works outside of just looking at odds and percentages.
  • Try to Make Your Own Odds and Compare to the Ones Provider Gives: Making your own odds not only helps you understand more about the betting process but it also helps to find out if the provider has calculated their odds properly.
  • Understand Risk vs Reward: Gambling on anything is always a balancing act of risk and reward. You can put down low risks but you get low rewards in return. Similarly, you can get high rewards at the cost of high risks. It’s important to understand these factors when going into eSports betting.
  • Learn to Set Your Betting Budget: Setting your betting budget is a good first step towards betting. Spending blindly can lead to betting all your savings and running out of money. An ideal starting budget can be something that you’re comfortable losing that will also give you decent rewards.
  • Don’t Be Afraid Of Using Several Different CS:GO Betting Sites: Different sites have different rules, payouts, bonuses, and prize pools. It can be worth it to explore all your options so that you can find the ones you like.
  • Use Social Media Such as Reddit And Facebook to Find All the Info You Can: Social media like Reddit and Facebook is really useful for finding personal opinions and predictions on games, tournaments, and teams.
  • Take Bookies Advice with a Pinch of Salt: You shouldn’t blindly trust every bookie you see. Some are less honest about their predictions or promises than others. You should always understand what a bookie stands to gain before taking their advice to heart.

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