Best CS:GO Dice Betting Sites

Everything you need to know about CS:GO Dices

Dices are fun and exciting at the same time. Its high unpredictability makes every dice game engaging. Dices have been used in gambling since ages and are among the most popular forms of gambling.

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Best CS:GO Dice Betting



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CSGORoll Review

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Best CSGO Dice Betting Sites Reviewed

  • CSGORoll - Best for jackpot and unique games

1. CSGORoll

Best for jackpot and unique games



New customers only. 18+ T&Cs apply.

CSGORoll is a legit CSGO skin betting site, offering unique bonuses and gaming modes like Pinko. We’ve easily deposited funds with BTC, played case battles and some roulette. We’ve opened a few cases and easily withdrew skins to Steam. CSGORoll is legit, but is not regulated just like other skin gambling sites, and although we vetted it, please do your due diligence before playing.

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CSGO Dice Betting Rules

The rules of the CSGO Dice Betting sites vary from website to website. You need to carefully follow each of the rules to keep yourself on safer grounds.

Some of the common rules of CSGO Dice Betting are given below:

  • You need to be registered with the gambling website to play. You also need to link your Steam account, which is connected to your CSGO Game.
  • You cannot exit the game once you have clicked on the play or roll the dice button.
  • If you win something, usually you will not get a chance to change it.
  • Free coins and coupons are not applicable in all places. Moreover, once applied, you cannot renew it.

How CSGO Dice Betting Sites Work

CSGO Dice Betting Sites work on straightforward logic. It is just like any other slot or CSGPO Betting game. It is equally popular as well. There are thousands of people playing from all over the world.

You need to buy coins on the website by depositing money through preferred payment portals. After that, you need to bet on a number or the outcome of the dice throw. Meanwhile, if you lose, you will not get your money back. If your outcome is correct, then you can win up to twice or even more of the amount you betted.

One of the main things to keep in mind while getting started with CSGO Dice Betting is that your Steam account should be 'public', and you need to link your profile's Trade URL with the betting website. In case you win something, it will be directly sent to your Steam account within a few minutes.

Depositing & Withdrawal Methods Available for CSGO Dice Betting

Different websites provide different methods of depositing money are listed below:

  • PayPal
  • MasterCard
  • Visa
  • Bitcoins and other cryptocurrencies
  • International online wallets
  • Digital Debits and Credit cards are also accepted

Withdrawal of coins is a tough job. Websites usually let you withdraw skins with the number of coins you have won.

If you have won, skin to the betting, and if you have not received it within a few minutes, then you need to follow up with the website officials. Otherwise, you will have to face a lot of hassle in regards to verifying your identity.

How to win playing CSGO Dices

As Dice Betting is a form of gambling, winning should not be the question. It is all about luck but what you can do this increase your chances of winning by following the rules given below:

  • Register yourself with a website that is providing free coins. This way, even if you lose, you won't be giving away your hard-earned cash.
  • Some betting sites provide offers and coupons from time to time.Using these offers, you can get the coins for a discounted price, increasing your chances of winning at a lower cost.
  • Some betting sites increase the chances of winning from time to time. Make your bet in these periods. You increase your chances of winning.

Usually, the big and reputed online betting sites have 100% fair plays. The reason being that the site uses a random hash generator every time someone plays a game. This makes it difficult to hack or rig the game. Moreover, it will be visible in the random hash counter when someone hacks the game. All you need to do is head over to the website's fairness counter check and evaluate the hashes that are being randomly created.

How to choose the best CS Dice Betting Site

While choosing and registering for a CSGO dice betting site, keep the following points in mind:

Look out for the licensing of the betting site. Usually, the reputed betting sites get themselves licensed from government or private agencies. This will, in turn, certify the website's fairness. Check the ratings of the website in specific forums, social platforms, and rating sites. Higher the rating and experiences better your chances of winning in fair gameplay. Check for the general availability of the website and its legal status in your state.

Is it safe and how to avoid CS Dice Betting scam sites

CSGO dice betting is safe enough, but like many other gambling sites, some may be a scam. To keep yourself safe, always check the policies of the website. For the more, all the big and reputed CSGO betting sites have a fairness column and a random hash counter. Keep a check on them to validate their authenticity. In the end, make sure that the portal through which you're making the payment is legit.

Other CSGO Betting Sites

With the rising popularity of CSGO betting, more and more websites are creating a dedicated CSGO betting section for both newcomers and long-time bettors. Regularly checking the internet for new platforms is a great way of increasing your chances of winning big. Not to mention, you get to receive all those juicy signup bonuses!

Forums like Reddit and Quora are excellent sources to find out about the latest CSGO betting sites that are still not popular. Alternatively, check out the following guides with more CSGO skin gambling sites:

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