CSGO Crash Betting

Everything you need to know about CS:GO Crash Betting

With luck and flow as the most significant aspect of CSGO crash betting sites, this particular CSGO betting game has become a popular esports among many CSGO players around the world. The motive of this page is to help both new and old CSGO crash players by providing a crash course on the game. This article covers the history of CSGO crash betting sites, its rules and how the game works, its deposit and withdrawal methods, strategies to win, how to choose the perfect crash site, and how to spot a scam site.

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History of CSGO Crash Betting

The Crash Betting was introduced after old classic games like jackpot, blackjack, and more to spice things up in the world of esports. The CSGO crash betting is about staying on the site and collecting the loot before the bar crashes. It did not take long for this simple yet entertaining game to garner an active user base, making it one of the most popular esports of all time.

CSGO Crash Betting Rules

The basic rule of CSGO crash betting is getting out before the bar crashes. If a player is still in the game when it crashes, he/she will lose all that is wagered. Before players can play, they need to deposit coins or CSGO skins and exchange them for coins to bet with.

Once the game begins, a multiplier starts counting from 0 to 100+. This game is about guessing. The player has to withdraw from the game before the bar crashes. If he/she successfully gets out before the crash, he/she will receive his bet multiplied by the multiplier.

How CSGO Crash Betting Sites Work

The first step to how CSGO crash betting sites work is to create an account. When the account is created, players will have to deposit items that can be in the form of CSGO or VGO skins or credit cards or cryptocurrencies. Most crash sites convert the deposited skins into coins to gamble with. Once the skins or coins are deposited, the player can start the match instantly. He/she only needs to find the game from the menu to play.

The "Auto Stop" option in the game is handy to players who experience slow ping. This mode allows the player to cash out at a random point before the bar crashes.

Depositing & Withdrawal Methods Available for CSGO Crash Betting

The majority of CSGO crash betting sites allow deposits and withdrawals in the form of both CSGO and VGO skins. Players can also choose from a wide range of payment options including credit cards, G2A pay, Bitcoin, Skrill, and Pay Pal.

How to win playing CSGO Crash Betting

CSGO crash betting is purely based on instinct and a bit of luck. So in most cases, trusting your instinct is the most reliable method. However, some factors could increase the chance of winning.

A player can be in full control of the gameplay when he/she plays on automatic mode. This allows the player to implement the Martingale method, a method used by other forms of gambling to win. If the setting is set right, a player's chance of winning is slightly higher than the rest.

It is to be noted that the higher the bar rises, the higher the multiplier increases. Although many players will be tempted to increase their reward by lingering longer, a big tip is to aim small. It is either that or losing everything.

How to choose the best CS:GO Crash Betting site

The following are some points to consider while choosing the best crash site.

  • Variety of Game

    Normally, everyone gets tired of playing the same game all the time. A good site will provide a variety of other gambling games to choose from.

  • Bonuses and Promo Codes

    Sites that offer free starter coins and promo codes are a thumbs up. Not only does it give free coins but it also allows players to decide whether the site is worth spending money on.

  • Banking Options

    Players should look for sites that have a fast and easy deposit and withdrawal options. The best sites will also allow payments in different forms such as bitcoins, e-wallets, and credit/debit cards.

  • Legitimacy

    Knowing if a site is legit or not is a must for every CSGO players. Players should check the site's license and see if it comes from a reputable source.

Is it safe and how to avoid CS:GO Crash Betting scam sites

CSGO betting sites involves the use of real money and it can incur a great loss to players if the site is a scam site. Although there are quite a handful of legitimate CSGO crash betting sites, there are also several scam sites, unfortunately. Most legit gambling sites will have a game code that comes from a licensed company. Sites with controversial background, bad reviews, and poor support are red flags. Players should steer clear of them.

Best Small CSGO Betting Sites

There are no free match betting sites for CS:GO. And if you think you found one, it is very likely to be a scam or fake. However, there are a few small CSGO betting sites that will give you daily coins and rewards to play CS:GO betting games such as coinflip, poker, blackjack etc.. as well as there are a few that will let you deposit skins instead of money to make the bets.

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