Best Rust Gambling Sites

Best Rust Gambling Sites

The Top Rust Gambling Sites in 2023 - Where to Bet on Rust Skins

Rust gambling has taken the world by storm, which means you'll need a safe and reliable Rust gambling site to get in on the action. Right off the bat, here are the top 3 options you have; HowlGG, RustStake, and RustyLoot.

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Updated on: 2/16/2024

Top Rust Gambling Sites In 2023


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CSGORoll Review



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Best Rust Gambling Sites That Aren't Banned

  • HOWL.GG - Overall Best Rust Gambling Site & Daily Giveaways
  • RustStake - Best For Rust Bonuses & Free Coins
  • RustyLoot - Best for Rust Events & Large Community
  • RustChance - Best for Rust Low Ballers Betting
  • RustReaper - Best for Rust Gambling Banking Options
  • RustBet - Best for Rust Giveaways
  • RustyPot - Simplest Rust Gambling Design


Overall Best Rust Gambling Site & Daily Giveaways



New customers only. 18+ T&Cs apply.

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HowlGG started as a CSGO skin gambling platform but later refurbished itself as the best Rust gambling site in the world. I love the color scheme; lavishly purple with a slight tint of red.

The visuals are also attractive to look at, with colorful artwork that makes each game look worthwhile. The animations are amazing, making the games appear much smoother and flashier than on other platforms. We've had no issues collecting payouts, and the daily giveaways always make us feel rewarded.


Best For Rust Bonuses & Free Coins



New customers only. 18+ T&Cs apply.

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Cool interactive animations, incredible game variety, tons of daily bonuses, and level rewards; what's not to like here? RustStake was initially ignored but soon became popular for being amongst the best platforms for Rust betting.

I think the platform does a great job of keeping it simple, making it easy for players to get right into the action. Besides, it was created by YouTuber Juicy, a trusted name with lots of experience with online CSGO gambling.


Best for Rust Events & Large Community



New customers only. 18+ T&Cs apply.

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Right off the bat, I love how the platform rounds off everything we need in a single section. No need to scroll through endless thumbnails just to get to what you need!

RustyLoot is mostly known for its wonderful themed events and large but close-knit community. The platform has some incredible game modes and a wide array of skin catalogs. I've made several deposits on this platform and was able to make withdrawals without any issues. Overall, RustyLoot is a great website considering it only released recently.


Best for Rust Low Ballers Betting



New customers only. 18+ T&Cs apply.

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RustChance is among the biggest Rust gambling sites in 2023 and is widely loved for its coin flip and jackpot games. The platform was launched in 2017, and I've personally seen it improve to an incredible level over the years.

As a long-time user of RustChance, I have not encountered any issues with withdrawals, nor have I been scammed out of my money. The web design is highly professional, and the low baller betting feature is awesome.


Best for Rust Gambling Banking Options



New customers only. 18+ T&Cs apply.

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RustReaper was launched in 2021, so it's still fairly new to most players out there. I tried the platform for a month and found it incredibly smooth, convenient, and to the point.

I was able to deposit through a variety of options, including cryptocurrencies. Not to mention, the incredible number of banking options available on this Rust betting platform is insane! RustReaper is definitely amongst the best Rust gambling sites in 2023 and offers a diverse range of games, deposit options, and an overall great experience.


Best for Rust Giveaways



New customers only. 18+ T&Cs apply.

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RustBet is an online betting platform that caters to those who want simplicity over anything else. This is one of those Rust gambling sites that thrives on a select set of repeat customers, amongst which I am also a part of. At first glance, I didn't think much of this minimalistic platform; its skeletal design and layout were not enough to impress me. However, I soon realized that the limited approach works better in many ways, especially if you know exactly what you want.

I've been using it for several months and have made countless deposits. The withdrawals are easy and fast, and the many giveaways keep me returning for more.


Simplest Rust Gambling Design



New customers only. 18+ T&Cs apply.

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Launched in 2017, RustyPot presents the simplest design and layout for its platform and gambling activities. Many would say this website is limited, but I would call it practical; it gives me exactly what I need, nothing more, nothing less. As a pioneer Rust gambling site, it has amassed countless positive reviews guaranteeing its reliability. I love the classic red theme and the convenient navigational quality.

Compare Best Rust Gambling Sites That Aren't Banned

Betting SiteBonusMinimum DepositAvailable in the U.S# Esports AvailableBetting Types
HOWL.GGRECEIVE $0.50 FREEn/a1Blackjack, Coin Flip, Jackpot, Live Games, Lucky Wheel, Roulette, Skin Betting, Slots
RustStake$0.50 TO DEPOSITn/a1Case Battles, Case Opening, Coin Flip, Jackpot, Lucky Wheel, Skin Betting, Upgrade Sites
RustyLootDAILY BONUSESn/a1Case Battles, Coin Flip, Jackpot, Lucky Wheel, Mines, Plinko, Skin Betting, Upgrade Sites
RustChanceDAILY BONUSES WITH ESPORTSLOUNGE PROMO CODEn/a1Coin Flip, Crash Sites, Lucky Wheel, Marketplace, Mines, Roulette, Skin Betting
RustReaperDAILY BONUSESn/a1Baccarat, Blackjack, Crash Sites, Dice, HiLo, Keno, Limbo, Lucky Wheel, Marketplace, Mines, Plinko, Roulette, Skin Betting, Slots
RustBetDAILY BONUSESn/a1Coin Flip, Jackpot, Skin Betting, Upgrade Sites

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What Is Rust Gambling?

Rust gambling involves online betting using skins, themes, and elements belonging to the popular online multiplayer shooter game, Rust, released in 2015 by FacePunch Studios. Players can pay for items, wagers, and bets using valuable skins and items looted in-game. Rust gambling was illegal and unregulated before, but it has become a safer and more reliable practice.

Rust Gambling sites offer plenty of games such as jackpot, crash, roulette, and mine games, amongst others. While the practice is still fairly new, countless players have already won incredible amounts from betting on Rust gambling platforms.

Most gambling sites will only allow you to deposit using Rust Skins, but others also allow using skins from CSGO or DOTA2 and even actual money. Overall, it's a great way for Rust fans to win extra money online.

As of 2023, Rust gambling sites are still valid and going quite strong. Many platforms have achieved amazing benchmarks, proving to the world that it is indeed a lucrative industry.

What Makes A Good Rust Gambling Site?

Rust gambling sites are rated on their overall layout, ease of use, variety of games, and reward distribution. Players look for safety and reliability overall, along with some other features:

  • Fast and smooth payouts ensure the platform's success.
  • Bonuses and promo codes also attract players into depositing on a particular platform. Regular rewards and giveaways are also signs of a good Rust gambling site.
  • Reputation works for any platform, including Rust gambling sites. A high amount of positive rewards directly increases popularity amongst players.
  • Good odds are perhaps amongst most important aspects of what makes a great Rust gambling site.
  • The inclusion of special bets is also a great element that makes a good Rust gambling platform.

Can I Gamble For Free?

Most online gambling platforms, including Rust betting sites, require the player to make a minimum deposit to start betting. The platform might sometimes offer a first-deposit bonus that doubles the initial amount. Overall, it is unlikely for a Rust gambling platform to offer a free gambling experience.

How To Play On Rust Gambling Sites?

Playing on Rust Gambling sites is easy. All you have to do is find a platform you like, sign up via Steam or create a new account, and then make your first deposit. You can do this either by using Rust skins or actual money.

Rust Gambling With Real Money

Some Rust gambling sites even offer players the chance to wager using real money as opposed to skins. One example of such a platform is RustReaper. Take a look at the steps below to learn more:

Signing Up

The first thing to do is sign up for RustReaper using your steam account or by simply using your Steam mobile app to scan the QR code.

Making Your First Deposit

RustReaper has tons of banking options that allow you to deposit your real money via bank transfers.

Make A Bet!

Once you have deposited a certain amount, it will reflect on your RustReaper deposit account. Now you can choose a game you like and make bets using real money!

Rust Skin Betting

Rust skin betting is the more popular choice when it comes to Rust gambling. Most platforms will only allow you to deposit and withdraw using Rust skins; or even CSGO and DOTA2 skins.

As the name implies, it involves making bets by wagering your Rust skins for the possibility of gaining even more Rust skins. While some consider this a rip-off, it's profitable for those who are good at it. And with some unique Rust weapon skins, such as the Alien Relic SMG being valued at $1800, you can understand how profitable it can be.

Like any skin gambling activity, Rust skin gambling is largely considered illegal by many platforms. However, with more and more regulations being applied, it has gained a reputation for being safe and reliable.

Rust Skin Gambling Games

Rust skin gambling offers players a wide variety of unique games and activities. It includes all the traditional gambling games that players are familiar with; only this time, players can stake their hard-earned skins on the line. Read the list below for some common Rust skin gambling games.

Lucky Wheel Betting

This bonus mini-game gives players the chance to win exciting prizes and bonuses, including double cash back. In Rust lucky wheel, players must stake a specific amount and bet on where the wheel of fortune will land. A correct guess guarantees a win, while a wrong guess deducts a loss.


Rust blackjack is perhaps the oldest card game known to humankind, which is why it's so popular even today. Players can enjoy amazing Blackjack action using their prized Rust skins.


Rust crash have become utterly popular over the last few years and have even entered the world of Rust skin betting. The game involves placing a wager and watching the multiplier increase the stakes. The aim is to withdraw before the multiplier crashes to win the accumulated amount. If that’s something up your alley, we’ve put together a guide to the best Rust crash betting site.

Coin Flip

Rust coinflip is as simple as it sounds. Players must guess whether the coin will land on heads or tails, with each successful guess resulting in wins.

Rust Jackpot

With Rust jackpot you get a chance you win a big jackpot shared across multiple players. To be able to participate, you need to play games on the Rust gambling sites. The more you play, the more chances you’ll have of winning a jackpot. If you want to know which sites offer the highest jackpots, check out our guide to the best Rust jackpot sites.

Rust Skin Trading

Players can also exchange Rust skins with other players via Rust gambling platforms. There are also options to trade Rust skins for items from other games such as DOTA2, CS: GO, TF2, etc.

Rust skin trading is an important aspect of the Rust community, so it's unsurprising to see several platforms offering this feature. However, there might be some platforms that don't allow skin trading for some reason or the other.

Rust Case Opening

Rust case openings come with high risks but might result in massive rewards. It lets players purchase keys that unlock unique chests filled with unknown items. While most tries might result in losses, countless players have gained unique high-value items this way.

What makes case openings so exciting is that the player can either get a low-value item that costs a few pennies or a lucrative reward worth thousands. But of course, there's no way of predicting what someone can get; it's entirely up to chance!

Rust case opening is still intermediate, with only a few platforms offering the feature. However, it will surely grow into a massive operation over the years.

Can You Bet On Rust Matches?

Rust match betting is unfortunately not available at this moment. However, you can place bets on other esports titles. Check out our top guides on esports betting:

Rust Gambling Bonuses

Rust gambling bonuses are a great way for platforms to attract new players. It gives players exciting rewards, boosters, and even cash back. Read the list below to learn more about Rust gambling bonuses:

Free Rust Skins

It's quite common for Rust gambling and skin sites to offer free giveaways containing low to mid-tier Rust skins.

Free Rust Cases

Rust gambling sites may sometimes offer free cases that the player can unlock without paying a dime. It could result in some low-level or mid-tier items the player can use while betting.

Rust Skin Raffles

Several Rust gambling platforms offer case-opening raffles that offer unique items and valuable skins.

Rust Promo Codes

Rust promo codes are great for players as they always ensure small- to medium-sized rewards. This includes balance boosters, unique items, and credits.

if you’re looking for more bonus codes, we’ve put together a few guides on the best promo codes:

  • A guide to CSGOEmpire referral codes
  • A guide to CSGOFast bonus codes
  • Top CSGOLuck promo codes
  • Best Roobet promo codes

No Deposit Bonus

Rust gambling sites may also offer players a no-deposit bonus, typically with no strings attached. This can be in the form of some starter funds that are just enough to try out the features and overall feel of the platform.

Percentage Bonus

VIP players who deposit a lot can receive a portion of what they staked every wager. The bonus will be applicable even if they lose the bet.

New user bonus

This is a great way to motivate first-time users to go out and risk a particular free amount when they make their first wager.

VIP bonuses

Rust VIP bonuses may come as purchasable packages or cash backs for a specific set of VIP users.


Gamification rewards on Rust gambling sites can sometimes be handed to players for completing specific tasks or clearing certain milestones such as levels based on deposits.

Where Can I Get The Best Betting Rust Bonus?

In the market for some amazing bonuses that give away the biggest rewards? Head over to EsportsLounge, your go-to spot for online Rust gambling that offers tons of betting bonuses, including valuable skins, balance boosters, and so much more!

Rust Skin Gambling Options

Whether a player wins or not depends on the odds they have on a particular wager. Higher odds increase the probability that you will succeed; lower odds increases the risks of failure.

While there are several ways to increase odds with other games, there haven't been many strategies for Rust. However, we can show an easy way of winning during the in-game rush roulette feature.

This is basically the infamous Martingale system transformed to work on the Rust gameplay mechanics. The first step is to set your scrap inventory from left to right, dividing the quantity as you go by. Move the contents of the last slot one step below; this will be your cheat slot.

Place the minimum bet amount in the 1st betting slot; if you win, place the profits from that wager in the cheat slot. Keep repeating this process to ensure multiple wins at each turn.

Rust Gambling Banking Options

Some Rust gambling sites let players put in real money using several banking options, which is quite convenient for many. This may include digital wallets, online payment methods like PayPal, or simple bank transactions made by your bank account.

What Deposits Methods Can I Use For Rust Gambling?

You must make steady deposits to continue gambling on Rust betting sites. This involves transferring money, skins, or items into your Rust gambling account. Luckily, several Rust gambling sites offer a variety of online and offline payment methods.

Credit And Debit Cards

Several Rust gambling sites will accept debit cards, as well as credit cards. This may include the popular Mastercard or Visa cards, amongst others.

Bank Accounts

Rust betting sites might also let players deposit using a direct bank transfer. The amount transferred will be converted to reflect the same on your deposit account.

Digital Wallets

Platforms like RustyLoot let players deposit and withdraw via digital wallet options such as Stripe.


PayPal is perhaps the most popular online payment channel in the world, which is why several Rust gambling sites allow it.


Platforms like RustReaper support Litecoin, Bitcoin, and Ethereum.

What Withdrawal Methods Can I Use To Withdraw Money?

Rust gambling doesn't just involve winning bets. You will need a safe and reliable method of withdrawing your wins to reap the rewards. While most platforms limit their deposits and withdrawals to Rust skins, several others have enabled alternatives for the same.

Credit And Debit Cards

Some Rust gambling platforms will give players to option to make withdrawals directly into their credit or debit cards.

Bank Accounts

Direct-to-bank withdrawals are perhaps the most convenient form of getting your rewards in one place, which is why it's highly needed for all Rust gambling sites.

Digital Wallets

Platforms like RustyLoot allow deposits and withdrawals via digital wallet options such as Stripe.


Some Rust gambling websites allow withdrawals through PayPal accounts, which is quite a neat addition.


Platforms like RustReaper support making withdrawals using Litecoin, Bitcoin, and Ethereum.

Can You Use Steam Money?

You can use your Steam money to make legal purchases; however, when it comes to gambling, it's a big risk. Steam does not allow gambling and condemns the activity, so naturally, using team money to pay for bets is considered illegal.

While players technically CAN bet using money from Steam, it has resulted in wide-scale account bans. Overall, we would not recommend using it for gambling.

Do I have To Pay Taxes On Rust Winnings?

Most Rust gambling websites offer zero information when it comes to taxes, so, a little confusion is only natural. As we know, it is somewhat illegal to participate in online gambling, so how does paying taxes even work?

While it's not a hard rule, we would still recommend paying your taxes on Rust gambling wins, especially if it's a big one. This includes paying taxes on the value of bonuses as well. Doing so will avoid a great deal of legal persecution from the IRS in the future.

Rust Betting Regulations

There is obviously a major need to regulate online betting sites. Check each platform for licenses, especially the Isle Of Man license, which is necessary for skin betting platforms. This makes the platform legitimate and safe to use.

Are Rust Betting Sites Regulated?

It's difficult to determine which Rust betting site is regulated and which one is bordering on illegal. Most platforms that do not carry valid licenses are considered untrustworthy or scam sites. However, we have found a few particular websites that are trustworthy despite being unregulated.

Either way, we do not recommend using any platform outside of the names we have mentioned on our list. We have thoroughly checked the legitimacy of these websites and fully recommend them, license or not.

Is Rust Gambling Legal In USA?

The USA dictates that any form of online gambling is absolutely illegal unless a state or region has legal terms allowing the act within its boundaries. For example, the states of Delaware, Michigan, West Virginia, Nevada and New Jersey have legal license to practice virtual gambling.

Is Rust Gambling Legal In The UK?

Yes. Rust Gambling and other games and esports titles are legal in the UK. Although this is the case, we recommend ensuring the platform you pick is regulated and carries the correct licenses.

Is Rust Gambling Legal In Australia?

Rust Gambling is legal in Australia, but there’s obviously a catch. In essence, the platform should carry the accurate license for its functioning region. So, a platform that runs in Southern Australia needs to be licensed by the Southern Territory Government.

Rust Gambling Tips For Beginners

Gambling might seem random to the untrained eye, but it actually requires having a good strategy, stellar intuition, and good discipline to succeed. We are more than happy to provide you with some great Rust gambling tips for beginners.

Rust Gambling Tips For Beginners To Increase Your Winnings

If you're a beginner or a first-timer hoping to make your mark with Rust gambling, we advise you to take things slow. Sit back and go through this list of beginner Rust gambling tips that can potentially increase your winnings!

Don't Rust It (pun intended)! Start Small.

Don't be that overconfident guy who goes all-in within the first few plays. Start by betting small and playing low-stakes games to get the hang of this first. As you gradually win and gain experience, you can slowly amp up your betting amounts with confidence.

Practice Responsible Gambling

It's important to be responsible during your gambling sessions. We know the thrill of victory can skyrocket many players into betting away all they have; we advise you to show restraint.

Learn How To Walk Away

Players will often win several bets in succession and expect their luck to remain throughout the night. This is a rookie mistake that has cost many people their hard-earned money. We recommend walking away after you get a certain amount of wins and returning the next day.

Understand Risk Vs. Rewards

Don't risk it all when the odds are in your favor. Keep your eyes open and your wits about. Only make a bet when the odds favor you.

Learn To Set Your Betting Budget

Protect yourself from losing everything you have in a single night. Always keep a strict gambling budget and ensure you don't exceed the marked amount. Trust us; it will save you in the long run.

Top Rust Gambling Strategies

Winners get to where they are by relying on a strict set of gambling strategies designed to discipline them while guaranteeing wins. So don't jump into it without a care in the world; read our top 2 Rust gambling strategies that are guaranteed to get you some major wins.

Fixed Stake Method

This strategy involves betting the same amount for every wager, thereby keeping your losses contained to a specific amount.

Value Betting Strategy

The value betting strategy involves going against the bookmaker's odds to find better or more favorable odds. While it isn't easy, it certainly is quite effective and can potentially increase your profits significantly.

How To Identify And Avoid Rust Scam Sites?

While the masses haven't discovered many Rust scam sites, you are never safe from the possibility of encountering one. Since Rust gambling is a recent phenomenon, most platforms do not have all the required licenses. This makes it quite difficult to determine which site is safe and which site isn't.

However, we have listed the most trusted, safe, and reliable Rust gambling platforms on our list, so we don't recommend using anything outside our list.

But on the off-chance you do search the internet for a new Rust gambling site, keep a few things in mind:

  • Don't be fooled by offers and bonuses that are too good to be true.
  • Watch out for phishing techniques; check and verify multiple times before you even consider adding your personal details onto any platform.
  • Read lots and lots of customer reviews. If the platform doesn't have any, it's most likely untrustworthy.


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