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PUBG Esports is not your average shooter game like CSGO or Overwatch. The goal of each player is to survive, not to bag the most kills. Though the game needs many improvements, it still has many potentials that any game that has ever been released. There is a desire and willingness from almost every party to make PUBG as great of an Esports game as it can be.

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Updated on: 02/07/2022

PUBG Live Matches

CS:GO Gamers Club Liga Série A

paiN Academy




LoL North American Challengers League

Cincinnati Fear


Team Liquid Challengers


Valorant VCL





CS:GO CCT South America

RED Canids


Fuscão 1500



Valorant VCT

Team Liquid Brazil


LOUD Female



PUBG Tournaments

LoL LFL Division 2 Spring 2023


Starting: 2023-01-10

LoL DDH Opening 2023


Starting: 2023-01-13

LoL Elements League Opening 2023


Starting: 2023-01-14

LoL LPL Spring 2023


Starting: 2023-01-14

LoL LCK Challengers League Spring 2023


Starting: 2023-01-16

PUBG Competitive Scene

The competitive scene of PUBG is slowly maturing, as the game is aging. The year 2018 proved to be a turning point as along with Berlin's final, several professional leagues were established. The competitive scene of the game is one is a basic part of the long-term future of the game, particularly with Esports. Esports takes a very long time to set up effectively, to get the majority of the different mechanics and frameworks set up to permit development.

PUBG Competitive Seasons

There are going to be nine independent regions this year, every region will hold its very own series of pro competitions – Japan (PJS), North America (NPL), Chinese Taipei/Hong, Europe (PEL), China, Kong/Macao, Korea (PKL), Southeast Asia, Oceania, and Latin America.

Each regional pro competition is going to start and finish under the same windows known as “phases” that are going to take place thrice each season.

A chance to send their best teams to the Global Championship will be given to all nine of the pro regions at the end of the season, which will hold a reward of at least 2 million dollars.

In between the season, the All-Star Games will host to bring the most prevalent players will from around the globe for a weekend brimming with fun show matches.

Discussions are being held between Esports and industry-leading third-party organizers to organize enjoyable global events during breaks between phases, where best groups from every phase will internationally compete.

All global and regional pro competitors will receive the all-inclusive rule set for the year – FPP, 16 groups for each game, a squad of 4 people, Miramar and Erangel, unified in-game settings and unified points system.

Phases of Competitive Seasons

Competitive seasons are held on a schedule to make a full record of remarkable competitions and professional leagues around the globe. After a season of high profile special events and weekly league battles, the best teams from each region meet up in the fall for the most renowned live occasion in the battle royal Esports: the PUBG Global Championship.

Read down below to find out more about PUBG Esports phases:

January – October

There will be three phases in the season 2020. Phase 1 will take place from the end of January until March; Phase 2 starts toward the beginning of May and closes in June, whereas Phase 3 begins in the middle of August and will end in mid-October.

PUBG Mid-Season Events (April, July, August)

After both of the initial two phases, the best teams will be taken to multi-regional or special global events to play against the world's top ones. After this, the most famous players of PUBG Esports will gather in august for a feature of Esports skill and community.

PUBG NPL Royale and Relegations (January – October)

NPL Royale will be featured in the mid of every phase. It is an open competition for all NPL and NPL Contenders groups as a break from the intensive league play. At the end of the NPL stage, the best and the struggling NPL Contenders groups will battle in relegation competitions with a spot in the top tier on the line.

The Global Championship (November)

The global championship is the biggest and the most prestigious event in battle royal Esports. It is the greatest event of PUBG family, competition, and culture on the schedule. The rewards are greater, the lights are brighter, and everyone is hungry for the chicken dinner.

PUBG Game Basics

The game starts with you on the plane; you will need to pick a location to land your parachute. The best you can do is to land at a less traffic area, pick up some armor, weapons and other loot for yourself.

At the point when you're good to go, proceed towards the middle of the circle. You'll have to discover safe spots to, recover, loot and shield yourself from enemies along the way. If you manage to remain safe as the player count drops, you will be alive among the last 10 or 15 players.

By then, a great many people's strategies go out of the window for good, this is where you will need to aim, shoot and hide at the same time. The most intensive gameplay takes place towards the end of the game where the battlefield covers a much lesser area and enemies are hiding at each corner.

PUBG Inventory

For the currency, the players get BP coins. BP coins can be achieved in several ways. A few of them include sending BP coins to other players, by completing missions, daily logins, and other rewards. These are useful to purchase clothes and other items from the shop.

The next most important thing to choosing the best gun to play with is the inventory management in PUBG. It is common to make the mistake of filling your bag pack with unnecessary items if you are new to the game. You will get a hold of how to manage the inventory in the game with time.

But for the basic, if you jump out of the plain bare handed, you will have an inventory limit of 20. Each thing that you can stock in your inventory has a limit number related to it. For instance, 30 rounds of 7.62mm ammunition hold a capacity of 21 (which is 0.7 each bullet), an 8x scope holds a capacity of 20, bandages hold a capacity of 2, and a medical kit has a capacity of 10. Organising your inventory in an efficient way would become much easier for you if you learn the capacity of each item over time.

Different items, ammo, weapons, and armors can be found in all the buildings around the map. Other than this, you can also collect items from the crates of players that have been killed.


The predominant Meta, in a manner of speaking, is stealth. Truth be told, a large number of the best players who are expecting to compete in the upcoming tournaments and competitions just depend on 'boring' stealth strategies, such as going on a boat to the middle of the sea just to hid, only to reveal themselves for the fight near last gunfight toward the finish of a round. The contention goes that every player is going to kill each other in any case, so why even go out to get killed?

PUBG Team Composition

A team or squad usually consists of four players. Each person can play his own role. These roles can be/are usually used in PUBG mobile.

  • Leader: Makes important decisions and guides the team
  • Sniper: Kills enemies who are at a greater distance
  • Fragger: The first one to enter buildings and start combat
  • Support: Carries extra loot; such as extra medicine

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