Best Dota 2 Betting Sites

Best Dota 2 Betting Sites

The Ultimate Data 2 Betting Guide

Dota 2 betting trends continue to engage millions of interested users. However, scam sites and unreliable betting platforms riddle the internet tricking unsuspecting users into losing money.

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Updated on: 2/16/2024

Best Dota 2 Betting Sites and Bonuses Reviewed

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100% Bonus up to 200€

New customers only. 18+ T&Cs apply.

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GG.Bet Review


Bet £20, get £20 bonus

New customers only. 18+ T&Cs apply.

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  • +8 more

Get up to є500 deposit bonus

New customers only. 18+ T&Cs apply.

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Thunderpick Review

  • +11 more

Up to €1000 on Deposit & €100 Free Bet

New customers only. 18+ T&Cs apply.

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  • +12 more

100% Deposit Bonus up to $100!

New customers only. 18+ T&Cs apply.

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Rivalry Review

  • +28 more

Get £10 in Free Bets

New customers only. 18+ T&Cs apply.

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Betway Review

  • +6 more

100% deposit bonus up to $100

New customers only. 18+ T&Cs apply.

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Pinnacle Review

  • +2 more

50% bonus on first deposit & 100% on first crypto deposit

New customers only. 18+ T&Cs apply.

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BetOnline Review


Up to 10% on deposits

New customers only. 18+ T&Cs apply.

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100% first deposit bonus up to $100

New customers only. 18+ T&Cs apply.

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Top 12 Best Dota 2 Betting Sites That Aren’t Banned in 2022

  • Best Dota 2 match betting site -
  • Best Dota 2 site for live betting - Midnite
  • Best Dota 2 crypto & bitcoin betting site - Thunderpick
  • Best Dota 2 skin betting site - Hellcase
  • Best Dota 2 betting site to bet on teams, players & streamers - Rivalry
  • Best Dota 2 betting site to bet on tournaments - Pinnacle
  • Best Dota 2 betting site for USA - BetOnline
  • Best Dota 2 betting site for the UK - Betway Esports
  • Best Dota 2 betting site in Malaysia - 1xBet
  • Best Dota 2 betting site in Philippines & Singapore - Loot.Bet
  • Best Dota 2 betting mobile app (iOS & Android) - Betway Sports App
  • Best Dota 2 betting site to trade items - Dota2Lounge Best Overall Dota 2 Betting Site is a platform that continues to offer its users high-quality Dota 2 betting features. You can gain more and potentially make better winnings here than most other websites.’s betting odds are fairly generated, safely maintained, and calculated for the user’s maximum advantage. You’ll also find its interface extremely user-friendly and packed with features.

Both new and old users enjoy regular bonuses and offer that allows you to avoid depositing extra funds. This system encourages bets with winnings and freebies instead of refueling every loss with higher amounts of money.

Year Established2018
# of esports17
Welcome Bonus
Bonus RolloverYes
US Players AllowedYes
In-play Betting AvailableYes
Cryptocurrency SupportYes
Live Chat SupportYes
Phone SupportYes
Minimum Deposit€10 (Or equivalent in $)
Minimum Withdrawal€ 20 (Or equivalent in $)
RegulatorMalta Gaming Authority

What we Like and Dislike About GG.Bet remains the most desirable option among Dota 2 betting sites, thanks to its fair odds, fast processing, and attractive bonuses. But are there areas where it lacks?


  • Superior security and efficient processing
  • Relatively better odds than other platforms
  • Best overall features for Dota 2 betting


  • Unfavorable rollover requirements
  • Not accessible from the US
  • Limited bonus offers

Midnite: Best Dota 2 Site for Live Betting

Dota 2's fast-paced gameplay and riveting action allow betting of different categories. And live betting remains a widely preferred mode of wagering on the game's outcomes.

Among emerging platforms, Midnite is easily the top platform for in-play betting.

The site offers clear and legitimate odds, robust bet-tracking features, and great game coverage. All of these are elements needed to conduct successful live betting.

Midnite’s strength in live betting features gets bolstered by their reliable customer service and impressive payment features.

They also display all your active bets on a window towards the interface's side. Here, you can track all the wagers you've made and easily allow juggling multiple bets.

Year Established2022
# of esports15
Welcome Bonus
Bonus RolloverYes
US Players AllowedYes
In-play Betting AvailableYes
Cryptocurrency SupportYes
Live Chat SupportYes
Phone SupportNo
Minimum Deposit£5
Minimum Withdrawal£10
RegulatorGaming Commission of Great Britain

What We Like and Dislike about Midnite

Midnite’s entry into the esports betting landscape is a welcome change from conventional betting platforms. Like any platform, however, it comes with strengths and weaknesses.


  • A modern interface and pleasing design
  • Best live betting features for Dota 2
  • Up-to-date security measures and data safety


  • Limited coverage of major Dota 2 tournaments
  • Comparatively slower payment processing
  • Higher withdrawal fees

Thunderpick: Best Dota 2 Crypto and Bitcoin Betting Site

Cryptocurrency continues to occupy a larger role in esports betting due to its reliability and immutability. With Dota 2 betting, it’s no different.

However, crypto transactions for esports bets can be a tricky affair. But Thunderpick is one platform that’s mastering the process and engaging tons of users.

The platform supports commonly used currencies like Bitcoin and Ethereum.

However, it also supports Bitcoin Cash and Litecoin. These options are two selections that often go under the radar of more prominent currencies like Bitcoin. But Thunderpick's support of these additional currencies makes it more inclusive.

Year Established2022
# of esports12+
Welcome Bonus
Bonus RolloverYes
US Players AllowedNo
In-play Betting AvailableYes
Cryptocurrency SupportYes
Live Chat SupportYes
Phone SupportNo
Minimum Deposit€1
Minimum Withdrawal€10
RegulatorGovernment of Curacao

What We Like and Dislike about Thunderpick

Thunderpic is a pioneering platform that's promoting the use of cryptocurrency in Dota 2 betting practices. However, there are areas where they can do better.


  • Comprehensive support for cryptocurrencies
  • Innovative features for added convenience
  • Incredibly fast deposit and withdrawal processes


  • Limited live betting opportunities
  • No Dota 2 streamer betting
  • Poor support for traditional payment methods

Hellcase: Best Dota 2 Skin Betting Site

Dota 2 communities have revolutionized the concept of skins as valuable, tradable, and sellable items. They also serve as currency and a medium of exchange thanks to their in-game value.

So, betting on Dota 2 skins is a thriving market today. And no other Dota 2 gambling site offers as much dedication to skin betting as Hellcase. The platform supports skin contracts where you can trade valuable skins against the ones you desire.

The Case Battle section allows you to wager on some of the most sought-after skins in the game. And the ‘Mixxer’ section offers combos of different skin cases up for grabs.

Year Established2016
# of esports6+
Welcome Bonus
Bonus RolloverYes
US Players AllowedNo
In-play Betting AvailableYes
Cryptocurrency SupportYes
Live Chat SupportNo
Phone SupportYes
Minimum Deposit€3
Minimum Withdrawal€10

What We Like and Dislike about Hellcase

No place cooler than Hellcase when it comes to trading and selling Dota 2 skins. But where can it do better?


  • Best platform for Dota 2 skin betting
  • Dedicated customer service professionals
  • Tons of bonus offers and free giveaways


  • ‘Mixxer’ feature may be too random
  • The website has poor navigation and accessibility
  • Limited Dota 2 betting markets

Rivalry: Best Dota 2 Site to Bet on Own Matches, Teams, Players, and Streamers

Betting on your own Dota 2 matches is another novel way of increasing your chances of winning. And it’s possible regardless of whether it’s a major tournament or a small circuit match.

The best platform for accomplishing this feat is Rivalry. The site has extensive coverage of different Dota 2 events. So, your matches are more likely to appear here, especially if it's a low-tier tournament.

Rivalry's multi-functional approach to Dota 2 betting allows it to serve a wide demography of bettors. And another market they stand out in is the individual team or player betting.

The website offers over a hundred streamers which you can bet on directly. You can also search for a particular team and check their odds before placing bets.

Rivalry also possesses measures that prevent players from throwing matches to win betting profits.

Either way, it's the top platform for wagering on your team of choice or banking on your favorite streamer.

Year Established2015
# of esports11
Welcome Bonus100% signup bonus (limited to a max of $100)
Bonus RolloverYes
US Players AllowedNo
In-play Betting AvailableYes
Cryptocurrency SupportYes
Live Chat SupportYes
Phone SupportNo
Minimum Deposit$15
Minimum Withdrawal$50
RegulatorIsle of Man Gambling Supervision Commission

What We Like and Dislike About Rivalry

Rivalry is the Swiss knife of Dota 2 betting platforms. But does it fall short in some crucial features?


  • Best Dota 2 site for betting on your own matches
  • Excellent options for betting on streamers and live teams.
  • Valuable knowledge base useful for beginners


  • Limited options for special Dota 2 bets
  • Bonus offers are not as lucrative as other platforms
  • Less favorable tournament odds

Pinnacle: Best Dota 2 Betting Site to Bet on Tournaments

Tournament betting represents the biggest segment in Dota 2 bets worldwide. However, keeping track of all the different tiers of tournaments across different sites is almost impossible.

Pinnacle solves this problem by consolidating all the best Dota 2 tournaments throughout the year. Then, it presents fair betting odds on its website when it arrives.

Think of Pinnacle as your one-stop betting destination for any Dota 2 tournament that’s considered worthwhile.

Year Established2004
# of esports16
Welcome Bonus
Bonus RolloverYes
US Players AllowedNo
In-play Betting AvailableYes
Cryptocurrency SupportYes
Live Chat SupportYes
Phone SupportNo
Minimum Deposit$5
Minimum Withdrawal$10
RegulatorGovernment of Curacao

What We Like and Dislike About Pinnacle

Pinnacle is the go-to destination for any bets on any Dota 2 tournaments. Do the other features measure up?


  • Wide coverage of Dota 2 tournament matches
  • Excellent tournament odds and offers
  • Fully licensed and legitimate in selected areas


  • No streamer betting
  • Limited payment processing options
  • Lower signup bonus

BetOnline: Best Dota 2 Betting Site for the USA

The US is home to countless and growing numbers of Dota 2 players, enthusiasts, and bettors. However, few Dota 2 platforms operate legitimately for US residents. And BetOnline is undoubtedly the best when it comes to bettors in the US.

Catering to this region, BetOnline supports payment processes that range from conventional banking and digital wallets to cryptocurrencies and third-party applications.

The platform also enjoys the reputation of providing some of the fastest withdrawal and deposit times on average.

Year Established2001
# of esports5
Welcome Bonus
Bonus RolloverYes
US Players AllowedYes
In-play Betting AvailableYes
Cryptocurrency SupportYes
Live Chat SupportYes
Phone SupportYes
Minimum Deposit$5
Minimum Withdrawal$10
RegulatorPanama Gaming Commission

What We Like and Dislike About BetOnline

BetOnline remains the top Dota 2 betting option for US residents. But how does it fare when compared to other similar platforms?


  • Dedicated access within the US
  • Wide range of Dota 2 betting markets
  • Decent odds for special bets


  • Poor services in European countries
  • Limited live betting opportunities
  • Poor support for cryptocurrencies

Betway Esports: Bets Dota 2 Betting Site for the UK

Betway Esports has dominated the Dota betting scene in Europe for over 15 years. For bettors residing in the UK, Betway Esports represents the best possible platform for most categories of Dota 2 bets.

The platform supports almost a dozen different esports titles, but Dota 2 remains one of the most widely bet titles. Their customer support, overall betting experience, and rich collection of betting markets

BrandBetway Esports
Year Established2006
# of esports11
Welcome Bonus
Bonus RolloverYes
US Players AllowedYes
In-play Betting AvailableYes
Cryptocurrency SupportNo
Live Chat SupportYes
Phone SupportNo
Minimum Deposit$25
Minimum Withdrawal$50
RegulatorMalta Gaming Authority

What We Like and Dislike About Betway Esports

Betway Esports remains a household name in esports betting. What are its benefits and drawbacks?


  • Unmatched Dota 2 betting services in the UK
  • Relatively good services in the rest of Europe
  • Good options for payment methods


  • Withdrawal processes are slower than expected
  • The interface is not user-friendly enough
  • Lacks options for betting on individual streamers

1xBet: Best Dota 2 Betting site in Malaysia

1xBet is a lesser-known betting destination than other platforms on this list. But their dedicated operations in Malaysia remain unparalleled by any other platform in the region.

They have low starting deposits of around $5. And payment processing is the fastest in Malaysia and nearby regions. The platform's interface is also easy to use and laid out. So, beginners should have no trouble getting used to the features.

Many other Dota 2 betting sites compete for business in Malaysia, but 1xBet remains the most consistent and trustworthy.

Year Established2007
# of esports9
Welcome Bonus
Bonus RolloverYes
US Players AllowedNo
In-play Betting AvailableYes
Cryptocurrency SupportYes
Live Chat SupportYes
Phone SupportYes
Minimum Deposit$10
Minimum Withdrawal$50
RegulatorCyprus Gaming Authority

What We Like and Dislike About 1xBet

1xBet is a relatively small player among Dota 2 betting platforms. But are the features good enough to be your main betting site?


  • Best Dota 2 betting features in Malaysia
  • Wide range of special Dota 2 betting markets
  • Prompt customer support


  • No accessibility in the US
  • Limited information on betting odds and practices
  • Poor coverage of minor tournaments Best Dota 2 Betting Site in the Philippines and Singapore

The Philippines and Singapore serve as hotspots for esports betting services in Southeast Asia. So, there is no lack of Dota 2 platforms in the region. However, blows away the competition regarding reasonable odds, ease of use, and fast payouts. sports a modern design and presents easy navigation for users of any level. They also offer betting opportunities in over 26-27 different esports titles in addition to Dota 2.

So, for Dota 2 betting in Singapore and the Philippines, it doesn't get better than
Year Established2015
# of esports27
Welcome Bonus
Bonus RolloverYes
US Players AllowedNo
In-play Betting AvailableYes
Cryptocurrency SupportYes
Live Chat SupportYes
Phone SupportNo
Minimum Deposit€10
Minimum Withdrawal€50
RegulatorGovernment of Curacao

What We Like and Dislike About Loot.Bet

There's no doubt that is the top choice for Dota 2 betting within Singapore and the Philippines. But is their service good enough for other regions?


  • One of the top Dota 2 betting sites in Southeast Asia
  • Excellent coverage of Dota 2 tournaments
  • Decent Live betting odds


  • Low Bonus rates
  • Poor customer support
  • Fewer esports titles compared to competitors

Betway Sports App: Best Dota 2 Betting Mobile App

Betway’s mobile app remains the most convenient solution for bettors who like placing wagers on the go. It's a lightweight program with features and covers a whole range of Dota 2 markets.

The app also supports Betway Builder, a feature that allows you to create personalized wagers based on your preferred matches or events. The app also offers easily accessible buttons for reaching out to Betway’s customer service or talking to reps.

The application constantly features among the top 10 or top 20 for sports betting apps regardless of region.

BrandBetway Sports App
Year Established2006
# of esports11
Welcome Bonus
Bonus RolloverYes
US Players AllowedNo
In-play Betting AvailableYes
Cryptocurrency SupportNo
Live Chat SupportYes
Phone SupportNo
Minimum Deposit$5
Minimum Withdrawal$10
RegulatorMalta Gaming Authority

What We Like and Dislike About Betway eSports App

Betway Sports app remains the most convenient option for mobile betting on Dota 2 matches. But can an app replace a dedicated betting site?


  • Easy to download
  • User-friendly interface and excellent accessibility
  • Superior betting odds compared to other apps


  • The app runs slower while executing bets
  • Payment processes are not very efficient
  • Problems with Dota 2 in-play betting

Dota2Lounge: Best Dota 2 Betting Site to Trade Items

Trading items of value for Dota 2 is vital in the Dota 2 community. However, there are very few platforms that offer reliable trading systems besides Steam.

Steam becomes limiting when you consider all the platform's restrictions and exclusivity. The best alternative is Dota Lounge. It's a platform dedicated to Dota 2 betting and trading of Dota 2 items in a safe, trustworthy, and efficient environment.

Year Established2018
# of esports2
Welcome Bonusn/a
Bonus RolloverYes
US Players AllowedNo
In-play Betting AvailableYes
Cryptocurrency SupportNo
Live Chat SupportYes
Phone SupportNo
Minimum Deposit$10
Minimum Withdrawal$25
RegulatorGovernment of Curacao

What We Like and Dislike About Dota2Lounge

Dota2Lounge is a unique platform taking a fresh approach to betting possibilities in Dota 2. But what can it accomplish besides trading?


  • Best platform for trading Dota 2 items
  • Helpful and cooperative community
  • Good customer support


  • Inadequate security measures for guaranteed transfers
  • Not enough options for tournament betting
  • No Dota 2 live betting

What is Dota 2 Gambling?

Dota 2 Gambling involves betting on possible outcomes or actions in selected Dota 2 games. These bets may be on general outcomes like which team wins or a specific event like which Animal Courier gets killed.

The potential winnings typically depend on the likelihood of that event or outcome. These possible rewards appear in odds that show how much you'll win by betting for or against a specific possibility.

The key to successful Dota 2 betting is getting on the right platform. While there are tons of Dota 2 bookmakers online, only some platforms operate legally. The key here is to find trustworthy Dota 2 betting sites that operate fairly and transparently.

These dependable platforms will reveal all the ongoing or upcoming Dota 2 events. They'll also include accurate odds and relevant event details. This way, you can wager on your money and make informed bets in return for fair winnings.

What Makes a Good Dota 2 Betting Site?

Legitimate Dota 2 gambling sites possess some standout qualities across the board. Keeping an eye out for these features and attributes will help you choose the right platform.

  • Wide selection of depositing and withdrawing options
  • Intuitive interface with user-friendly features
  • A wide variety of betting and live-streaming features
  • Accurate odds and fair betting practices
  • Wide user base and excellent reputation

Can I Bet on Dota 2 for Free?

No legitimate betting platform will allow you to bet for free without conditions. So, you cannot bet on Dota 2 without spending your own money eventually.

The confusion occurs because many platforms do provide promotional offers that include free funds. However, free bonus money usually requires some sort of deposit before you can use any of it. So, you end up spending money eventually.

Some platforms allow you to operate with a demo account and some free funds to try out the features and test the odds. However, they’ll still require you to wager with real money once you’re ready.

Also, betting sites rarely allow you to withdraw winnings from free bets without stipulations. In most instances, you’ll have to bet an additional minimum amount before any withdrawal happens.

How to Place Bets on Dota 2 Betting Sites?

Most platforms have a standard betting process involving signing up, making initial deposits, and choosing the match or odds you wish to bet on.

Dota 2 Betting with Real Money

To begin making bets with real currency, you’ll have to join a betting platform and create funds.

Step 1: Register

Step 2: Verification

Step 3: Deposit Funds

Step 4: Study Dota 2 Odds

Step 5: Place Bets

Alternatively, Bet on Dota 2 with a Practice Account

Most beginners hesitate to toss in real money if it's their first time. This apprehension is understandable, and betting platforms have a solution for it too.

Many top Dota betting websites may offer a ‘practice’ mode. Here, you can use a dummy account to bet on the kind of Dota stakes you wish without depositing real money.

However, wins made with these practice accounts normally don’t count. Even if they do, you need to feed your account some real money before these winnings even come close to withdrawal.

Dota 2 Match Betting

Match betting refers to the bets you place on ongoing or upcoming Dota 2 matches through legitimate betting platforms.

The bets can go towards tournaments and the performance of the top teams. Or it can even be on specific events, like which team secures the first kill in a match. Essentially, any wagering you perform on how a Dota 2 match or tournament will unravel qualifies as Dota 2 match betting.

The betting is fun, and claiming your winnings is awesome. But finding the right source of information for betting platforms, understanding odds, Dota 2 trends, etc., is tough.

Here at EsportsLounge, we break down all of these resources into easy-to-understand bits. Then, we offer it to you as guides, articles, reviews, and information pieces. Grab maximum winnings from your Dota 2 match betting by sticking to EsportsLoungs as your primary Dota 2 gambling guide.

Dota 2 Match Betting Markets

Dota 2 can offer various possible outcomes thanks to its sophistication and rich content. It also means you get access to a much wider range of betting markets than other esports titles.

Dota 2 betting markets are, essentially, categories or specific elements of the match that you can predict and place bets on. Here are some of the most widely used markets.

Outright Winner

Handicap Bets

Group/Region of the Winner

Maps Over/Under

Match-winner/Moneyline Bets

Accumulator Bets

In-play Bets

Underdog Bets

Map Winner

Dota 2 Special Bets

Dota 2 features rich game components that allow you to create bets on specific elements of the game or match. Bettors know these wagers as special bets. And most of them will only apply to Dota 2.

  • Tournament Winner

    The tournament winner represents a special bet that exists for other games too. But Dota 2’s bets in this category are comparatively more interesting.

    Many teams compete in top-tier events like The International and The Majors. Other times, you have smaller tourneys like the BTS Pro Series that have regional qualifiers.

    Bettors can test their Dota 2 expertise and try their luck at wagering on any of these tournaments.

  • Tournament Finalist

    Dota 2's multi-tier format also means numerous finalists when considering all the regional events and international competitions.

    You can place bets on contender teams whom you think will appear as finalists. This bet is relatively easier because you don’t have to predict an outright winner.

  • Tournament Statistics

    The game's multi-faceted nature also allows betting for particular components and figures within the game. Tournament statistics are one feature where you can predict how figures may turn out.

    For instance, you can bet on which Dota 2 hero gets picked the most by players. You can also wager on which team or entity generates/earns the most gold per minute.

  • Aegis of the Immortal Being Stolen

    One of the most interesting items dropped by creeps in Dota 2 is the Aegis of the Immortal. It’s a kill reward that provides health regeneration or reincarnation abilities to the owner.

    This item creates a unique wagering opportunity in Dota 2 betting. You can place particular bets on which player or team will grab this item first. The bet can engage your knowledge of the map and the team's strategic inclinations in predicting who might steal the item first.

  • Animal Courier Getting Killed

    Targeting animal couriers in Dota 2 remains a common strategy in cutting your opponent’s supplies or access to shop items. As a recurring goal within the game, it’s also an excellent betting opportunity of chance.

    You can wager on which team succeeds in killing the other side's courier first. Some betting sites offer bets on the total number of courier kills too.

  • Godlike streak

    Dota 2's game elements include the recognition of multiple kills made without dying. And 'Godlike' represents a killing spree of nine victims made with one life. Bettors can wager on which team gets the first Godlike streak in a matchup or which player gets the achievement.

  • Rampage

    Rampage is another combat achievement where players secure five kills or more within a limited time frame. Not all games witness this achievement.

    So, Dota 2 betting includes wagers on whether or not Rampage may happen or which team may secure it.

  • Kill of the First Roshan

    Roshan is an imposing and dominant creep that appears on Dota 2's map. Most teams steer clear of this monster during early games owing to its power and difficulty. However, teams that manage to beat this respawning monster get rewarded with valuable items and loot.

    Bettors can gamble on which team may secure the first Roshan kill. Correct predictions enjoy winning based on the odds set by the platform.

  • First Tower or Barracks is Destroyed

    Barracks are the units that create creeps that may fight players or remain neutral. Each barrack has a nearby tower that defends it. Attacking these units involves disarming and destroying the tower first and then the barracks. You can place special bets on which team destroys a tower or barracks first.

  • First Blood

    Getting the first kill in a Dota 2 match is a noteworthy affair. It's also inevitable. Bettors can place wagers on which team they think will secure this first kill as the match begins.

    This type of bet involves some knowledge of the competing teams and their usual strategies. So, it makes for an interesting betting scenario.

  • First to Get 10 Kills on the Scoreboard

    Dota 2 matches boil down to the superior number of kills and defeats that one team can hand over to another.

    Betting on a specific kill figure for the competing teams is a special bet offered by the best Dota 2 betting sites. You can try and predict which team secures 10 kills first.

  • Destroy Firs Enemy Structure

    Dota 2 betting also allows you to wager on which team can destroy an enemy structure first. Some bookmakers include creep buildings, while others allow only human opponent buildings.

Dota 2 Live Betting

Live betting on Dota 2 is when you place a bet as the game proceeds. Here, you place bets on what may happen over the course of the game.

In-play bets, as they are called, let you place bets simultaneously with an ongoing game. It’s incredibly engaging and keeps bettors on their toes. It also requires some basic tactics and knowledge of the game and the teams competing.

So, live Dota 2 betting isn't the most common option for beginners who simply want to try out their luck. However, there's no restriction for anyone who wants to place live Dota 2 bets.

The best Dota 2 betting sites all offer some variation of live betting. But the special bets included in live betting may vary depending on the platform. Platforms like Midnite offer the best live Dota 2 betting features in a smooth and modern interface.

Dota 2 Tournament Betting

Dota 2 tournament betting is the practice of placing bets on different elements of a Dota 2 tournament. All bets revolve around predictions, events, and special bets for a particular tournament (Eg. The International).

This category does not include bets placed on individual matchups taking place outside of recognized tournaments. Tournament betting in Dota 2 can include both commonly placed bets or special bets that exist only for Dota 2.

For instance, you can place bets on the prediction of the tournament's outright winner. A basic understanding of the top contenders and the composition of the groups may help you place an accurate bet.

On the other hand, a special bet like ‘First Roshan Kill’ may remain active for each match in the tournament. This one is a kill achievement that appears as a recurring bet in a single match or over the whole tournament too.

Most Dota 2 betting sites will offer some form of tournament betting. However, Pinnacle stands out as one that’s almost fully dedicated to Dota 2 tournament betting.

Bet on The International

The International is the premier Dota  2 tournament where top teams show up to compete for jaw-dropping prize pools. You get the most competitive matchups because each team gets selected based on their points and performance in the Dota Pro Circuit.

The International probably offers more betting variety compared to other lower-tier tournaments. Given its size and magnitude, any experienced bettor seeks to land good earnings here.

Join any of the best Dota 2 betting sites mentioned on this page. Look for the tournament's matches and odds during the main events. And start betting on diverse betting markets set up, especially for The International.

Bet on Dream League

Dream League is a more recent tournament normally organized by tech giants ASUS ROG and several other gaming organizations. The event brings together some of the best Dota 2 teams from Europe and North America.

As an upcoming and potentially ground-breaking tourney, the Dream League offers dozens of betting markets that are too good to pass off. Sign up to your favorite Dota 2 betting platform and start wagering on the top teams from these two continents.

Bet on Pro Circuit

The Dota 2 Pro Circuit is a series of points-based competitions that take place throughout the year. It includes all tournaments backed by Dota 2 developers, Valve Corporation.

The circuit may include different tiers in the form of the Majors or the Regional Leagues. Teams get points awarded over the course of the events organized under this banner.

Any of the best Dota 2 betting sites on this list will feature matches in the Pro Circuit. And most of these matches will support regular tournament bets and a rich collection of special betting opportunities.

Bet on ROG Masters

The Republic of Gamers also organizes a Masters tournament focusing on the Asian region. The ROG Masters boasts a prize pool higher than most other Dota 2 tournaments in this tier.

Given how vast the Asian Dota 2 market is, betting opportunities in this Dota 2 are virtually endless. Grab a quick understanding of the competing teams and format of the ROG Masters, and start betting from your favorite Dota 2 gambling platform.

Dota 2 Players and Team Betting

Dota 2 betting allows you to place wagers on individual players or a particular team. These types of bets remain popular among Dota 2 bettors who are also fans of a specific team or player.

Team loyalty isn’t the most logical metric for guiding betting behavior. But affiliation to a specific Dota 2 player or club can grow extremely strong. And many bettors have reaped lucrative winnings merely from sticking their bets on a strong team.

Not all Dota 2 betting sites allow you to place wagers on individual competitors. Among the few that do offer it, Rivalry shines through as the top platform.

Rivalry continues to lead the way in betting on individual teams or players. They offer odds for specific teams competing in both low and high tiers. Also, the platform features more than a hundred individual streamers whose games you can bet on.

Top Advice to Pick the Best Dota 2 Team

Successful Dota 2 betting on individual teams or players requires some familiarity with the participants. If you’re still new to it, here are insightful pointers that may help you along the way.

  • Watch all the Dota 2 matches and tournaments you can
  • Understand how odds work and the likelihood of eventualities
  • Try your hand at Dota 2 to grasp what teams and players go through
  • Study the recurring performances of the team (Eg. performance in Pro Circuit)
  • Join betting forums and knowledge sources like EsportsLeague for analysis and breakdowns

Dota 2 Betting on Own Matches

There is no direct way to bet on yourself in Dota 2, as this would be considered match-fixing. However, you can indirectly bet on yourself by betting on matches in which you are not directly involved. This is not against the rules, as you are not directly affecting the outcome of the match.

Dota 2 Skin Betting

Skin betting, in Dota 2 and other esports titles such as CSGO, is the process of betting on the outcome of a match using in-game items (skins) as currency. The items used for skin betting are typically obtained from opening containers (loot boxes), which players can purchase with real money or through in-game rewards.

Is Dota 2 Skin Betting Legal?

The legality of Dota 2 skin betting is a subject of debate. Some argue that skin betting is illegal under various gambling laws, while others claim that it is legal as long as the skins used as currency are not directly converted into cash. Valve, the developer of Dota 2, has taken a hands-off approach to skin betting, stating that it is not their responsibility to regulate the activity. This has led to a number of controversies, including allegations that some skin betting sites allow players to bet on matches in which they have an unfair advantage.

However, there are a few things to consider if you're thinking about getting into skin gambling.

  • First, it's important to understand that skin gambling can be risky. There have been reports of players losing large sums of money on skin betting sites. So if you're not prepared to lose your money, it might be best to stay away from skin gambling altogether.
  • Second, it's worth noting that some Dota 2 skin betting sites may not be trustworthy. There have been several controversies involving dodgy betting sites, so it's important to do your research before choosing a site to use.

Overall, Dota 2 skin gambling can be a fun way to bet on matches, but it's important to be aware of the risks involved and do your research before choosing a site to use.

Dota 2 Skin Betting Variation

Dota 2 skin betting can be devided into 2 types: betting and gambling. While Dota 2 betting is where you bet on matches with Dota 2 skins, skin gambling is playing small, casino like games to win Dota 2 skins.

Betting Dota2 skins on matches

Betting skins on Dota 2 matches is the same as betting with real money. You simply deposit a skin and bet it on the outcome of the match. In return, you win money or skins.

Dota 2 Skin gambling

Dota 2 gambling on the other hand, is playing small games in hopes to win more Dota 2 skins. You dont need to place your own skins as a collateral, but the chance of winning is much smaller and is more of a “gamble”. Here are a few examples of Dota 2 gambling games:

  • Dota 2 Coinflip - you bet on the outcome of a coin flip. This has a 50/50 chance of you winning or losing. If you win, you earn points, collect enough and exchange for new Dota 2 skins.
  • Dota 2 Crash games - Similarly, here you simply click a button when you think the line is going to crash.
  • Dota 2 Dices - You roll a dice and try to guess if the number rolled will be higher or lower than the given number on the screen. If you win, you get points and exchange them for an exchange.
  • Dota 2 Roulettes & Casinos - Same as traditional roulette, you make a stake on black / white and / or a number and if you win you get the points to exchange for Dota 2 skins.

Some Dota 2 gambling sites will let you deposit CSGO skins for extra points, doing that is a good way to get rid of small and common Dota 2 skins, but if that is your goal, betting on Dota 2 matches with skins is a better way to go.

Dota 2 Items Trading

Dota 2 items trading refers to the exchange and trading of in-game items within Dota 2. These items can be acquired by buying them with real money, or earning them as rewards. Dota 2 players often trade items for aesthetic purposes, to improve their in-game character's abilities, or for financial gain.

There are many websites and communities designed specifically for Dota 2 item trading, where players can buy, sell, and negotiate prices for their items (such as skins). In fact, Dota’s in-game interface allows players to directly trade with each other. However, it is important for Dota 2 players to be cautious when trading items as scams and fraudulent activity do occur.

You can trade Dota 2 items on sites like Dota2Lounge, but these have a few negative reviews online of players getting scammed. If you want to stay safe, using Valve marketplace is the safest way to go, but will be most expensive as Valve takes a cut on every trade. Hopefully, we will see more sites for Dota 2 item trading in the future, such as CS.Money for CSGO item trading.

Dota 2 Betting Bonuses

A key advantage of joining the best Dota 2 betting sites is the range of offers and promotions you enjoy. These offers come in the form of bonuses that save you money, provide specific benefits, or simply aim to make betting more profitable.

No Deposit Bonus

Most Dota 2 betting platforms welcome new users with funds even before the first deposit. These offers seem like free betting money because you don’t transfer any of your money to begin betting.

Of course, some conditions come with these initial funds. But any free addition to your betting wallet should always come as refreshing news.

Percentage Bonus

Betting platforms also offer bonuses that are a specific percentage of your deposit amount. The primary objective is to encourage higher deposits from users. However, if their free funds match your deposits, you enjoy more resources to bet with.

For instance, the best Dota 2 betting sites often have a 100% deposit bonus. So, if you add $100 of your money to the platform wallet, the site may add another $100 to increase your total by 100%.

New User Bonus

Every Dota 2 betting site provides one bonus or the other for a new user. It may come in the form of cheaper bets, additional funds, or free bets on selected categories.

These fresh registration freebies often add to the advantage you enjoy as a new bettor on the platform.

First Bet Bonus

Similar to the new user bonus, first-bet offers will extend a benefit to you when you execute the first wager on the platform.

For example, Rivalry promises that your first bet on their platform comes 100% free. This may mean that your bet gets refunded or you straight-up get to place free bets. Either way, it’s an advantage worth having when you begin Dota 2 gambling.

Free Skins

Dota 2 is among the top games where skins add a lot of aesthetic value to the experience. They also behave as currency on platforms that support skin transfers.

Many Dota 2 betting sites leverage this feature to add free skin rewards in their promotions. In turn, you can use these skins for your Dota 2 account or exchange them for currency on legitimate platforms.

Match Deposit Bonus

This bonus works similarly to a 100% percentage bonus. It's also normally found in first deposit offers.

Here, your Dota 2 betting platform promises to match whatever amount you deposit for betting. So, your deposit of $150 will increase to $300 if you cash in on this Dota 2 betting bonus.

Free Cases

Cases are what you'd call loot boxes, treasures, or crates in other popular games. These containers provide you with offers, items, skins, or additional funds, depending on what platform you're on.

Most betting platforms resort to offering free cases to users instead of real cash. However, lucky users often receive more valuable items than other platforms' petty cash funds.

Skin Raffle

Dota 2 skin raffles do not involve betting directly on a match. Rather, they serve as dedicated raffle competitions where you can wager money for a chance to win rare and valuable skins.

When you win skins, you can transfer them to your playing account. Alternatively, you can sell them on relevant platforms for real cash.

Promo Codes

Most of the best Dota 2 betting sites use variations of promo codes to put forward their offers. As you begin betting, these promo codes become convenient ways of cashing in on the platform’s bonuses.

These betting sites will provide specific promo codes for different bonuses. For instance, a signup promo code may offer you free funds simply for registering. The website may also offer promotional codes for specific events running on the platform.

Where Can I Get the Best Betting Bonus?

Betting bonuses for Dota 2 vary from site to site. While one platform may offer attractive bonuses for new users, others may provide better offers for specific tournaments.

Scouring through every platform looking for bonuses is tedious and time-consuming. Plus, you may end up with a ton of fake codes and questionable offers too along the way.

The best source for accessing the best Dota 2 betting bonuses is on platforms where you get information from different betting websites.

Here at EsportsLounge, we gather all the most lucrative offers and offer them to our readers for free. You save a whole lot of time, energy, and inconvenience in the process.

So, dive into the long list of bonuses, offers, and promo codes we have listed on our platform. Think of it as your one-stop source for any bonus related to Dota 2 platform on the most reliable websites.

Dota 2 Betting Odds and Betting Lines

Bettors unfamiliar with the game may have some trouble understanding the odds within the Dota 2 betting environment. Also, Dota 2 players who don't have experience with betting may face the same confusion.

So, here’s a quick glance at how odds and lines work in Dota 2 betting.

Odds Movement in Dota 2 Betting

Odds are the numerical representations of what your winnings may be in a particular Dota 2 bet. They’re based on the likelihood of a specific outcome happening in that bet.

Like other sports betting scenarios, Dota 2 betting may also experience odds movement. It’s when the odds of a particular Dota 2 matchup change based on new developments.

For instance, a key player backing out from a highly ranked team may bring down the odds of this team winning. Here, the odds move towards a less favorable direction for bettors wagering on the team’s victory.

Many platforms capitalize on odds movements to increase their commissions. They may manipulate these odds and betting lines to influence more bettors into making ill-advised bets.

How to Handle Odds Movement in Dota 2

The best way to deal with unpredictable odds is to understand which odd movements to heed and which ones to ignore. However, it's not easy to do, given all the Dota 2 websites that shove their ads down your throat at every turn.

So, grab all your insights and strategies from sources like EsportsLounge. Here, we source all the best odds, offers, and Dota 2 betting techniques for you completely free.

If you'd like to stick to one platform, remains the best option. They offer better odds consistently compared to most other platforms. Alternatively, betting sites like Pinnacle offer the best odds for Dota 2 tournaments.

How to Read Dota 2 Betting Odds and Betting Lines?

The betting line between Dota 2 outcomes separates and indicates the likelihood of one happening over the other. And these are where the Dota 2 odds appear.

Depending on your location, Dota 2 odds may appear in varying formats. European odds appear in the form of decimal figures, UK odds are indicated as fractions, and the American format follows the Moneyline style.

Let’s take the European decimal style as an example.

Imagine that Team Aster and Team Liquid are set to play each other in The International. Bookmakers may impose odds of 2.12 for Liquid and 1.72 for Aster.

These decimal odds include both your principal bet and the winnings.

So, a $100 bet on Team Liquid with these odds would win you $212 if predicted correctly. This figure includes your initial $100 bet and an additional $112 as winnings. Similarly, the same bet on Team Aster would return a $72 profit along with your $100 principal.

Dota 2 Banking Options

A key component in Dota 2 betting sites is the processes they offer for putting in money or cashing in your winnings. These actions are, ultimately, why you place bets in the first place.

Let’s understand what payment/withdrawal options you can expect from the best Dota 2 betting sites.

What Deposit Methods Can I Use to Bet on Dota 2

Dota 2 gambling sites will allow different ways of getting your cash into your betting account. Here are the most widely accepted methods.

Credit and Debit Cards

Credit cards are widely accepted among the majority of betting platforms. And debit cards enjoy wide usage too. Popular cards in these categories include VISA and MasterCard.

Some platforms may impose a verification process if you’re using credit cards. So, ensure that your card meets the required conditions before punching in the numbers.

Bank Accounts

For users who prefer bank transfers, all the platforms mentioned here accept standard transactions.

Deposits made through bank transfers are secure and reliable and remain a trusted mode of transferring betting funds.


Neteller remains a top choice for e-money transfers across the world, especially in Europe. And using it to deposit funds in your Dota 2 betting account is both easy and convenient.

However, US residents may not access this service, given the restrictions imposed by the authorities.


Many Dota 2 bettors prefer PaySafeCard as an alternative to traditional bank and card deposits.

This service allows the transfer of prepaid funds without using your card and banking details. So, you can keep these details outside of the Dota 2 betting platform while still ensuring that your betting account receives funds.


Modern bettors may also prefer platforms like Skrill that support multiple payment sources and convertibility to cryptocurrency.

Skrill’s handy cross-border payments also make it easier for non-residents to make deposits.


The best Dota 2 betting sites today all offer support for Trustly. This platform’s advantage lies in its exclusion of physical cards or payment apps.

So, you can make deposits to your betting account on the go without having to use card details or download additional applications.


PayPal’s universal acceptance makes it a must for any Dota 2 gambling site. With so many bettors all over the world, big betting sites often fall back on PayPal as the most widely-used payment application.

Depositing your betting funds becomes super easy with this incredibly accessible app.


Encrypted virtual currencies are gradually becoming a big part of secure Dota 2 betting. Thanks to its decentralized nature, making deposits via cryptocurrencies is unmatched in convenience.

Also, you don’t have to depend on rigid processes and legal hurdles as you deposit increasing funds in your betting account. Platforms like Thunderpick remain the top choice for bettors wanting to use cryptocurrency as deposits.

What Withdrawal Methods Can I Use To Withdraw Money?

Withdrawing profits is the ultimate goal of placing bets on Dota 2 matches. Here are the options that most platforms will offer for withdrawal.

Credit and Debit Cards

Most betting platforms for Dota 2 will support card deposits. However, withdrawals attempted via credit cards may not be as common.

Restrictions often depend on the particular website’s policies. So, check whether your betting platform explicitly mentions credit and debits cards as methods of withdrawal.

Bank Accounts

Withdrawals made to bank accounts remain the most common route for cashing in on your winnings.

Almost every platform dedicated to Dota 2 gambling will support this option. In a rare case where a site does not support bank withdrawals, ample alternatives will be present.


As a top choice for transferring funds, Neteller typically supports withdrawals along with deposits.

However, some bookmakers may remove withdrawal options for this platform to encourage transactions in other mediums.


Withdrawing your bet winnings via PaySafeCard is as simple as the deposit process. But there are platforms that do not support PaySafeCard withdrawals. So, check for restrictions before you begin the withdrawal process for your betting platform.


Skrill’s advantage appears in the form of multiple transaction options across different platforms.

So, you can withdraw your winnings over to your bank account, digital wallet, or crypto wallet. This convenience makes it stand out as a payment mode among Dota 2 betting platforms.


Trustly is the ideal option if you want your winnings drawn towards a digital wallet that doesn’t require cards to operate.

For most Dota 2 bettors, Trustly is a desirable withdrawal option when they’re choosing betting platforms.


PayPal trumps the competition when it comes to two-way transactions from any Dota 2 betting site. It enjoys wide support and compatibility.

Withdrawing your winnings to PayPal shouldn’t be a problem on most betting sites. Big platforms like and even newer sites like Midnite all support PayPal transactions for both deposits and withdrawals.


Cryptocurrency hasn’t yet become a mainstream option for withdrawing betting wins. However, they’re gaining ground as an option for depositing.

Platforms like Thunderpick continue to lead the way in encouraging the use of cryptocurrencies in Dota 2 betting circles.

Can I Bet on Dota 2 With Cryptocurrencies?

Yes. Many Dota 2 platforms today support the use of cryptocurrencies. The advantage here is that you can use accepted virtual currencies for wagering instead of traditional fiat money.

Bet on Dota 2 with Bitcoin

Bitcoin continues to be the best-performing cryptocurrency today. Naturally, any Dota 2 betting site that accepts cryptocurrency begins with Bitcoin.

All the Dota 2 betting sites that support cryptocurrency are sure to have Bitcoin as an accepted coin.

Bet on Dota 2 with Bitcoin Cash

Bitcoin Cash is a novel cryptocurrency that appeared after a fork with its root currency, Bitcoin. It allows for more transactions within a blockchain and possibly more efficient costs.

These qualities make it an attractive option for users looking to move beyond mainstream cryptocurrency.

The best Dota 2 betting sites often include Bitcoin Cash as an accepted currency for deposits and withdrawals.

Bet on Dota 2 with Ethereum

Next to Bitcoin, Dota 2 betting with cryptocurrency sees the maximum transactions in Ethereum.

This trend, of course, may change in anytime. But it’s a sign that Ethereum is a reliable coin to have if you plan to continue betting on Dota 2 with virtual currencies.

Bet on Dota 2 with Litecoin

Litecoin offers advantages like lower fees and latency compared to other bigger cryptocurrencies. That makes it a contender for profit-oriented activities like esports betting.

As a result, Dota 2 betting sites that accept cryptocurrency typically support Litecoin as one of the primary options.

Can I Bet With Steam Money?

No. Your steam money remains restricted to the Steam ecosystem and the legal purchases within this platform.

Transfer of steam money to betting wallets or any other external platform is illegal (and not possible). So, betting on Dota 2 with steam money isn’t a possible exercise.

Do I Have to Pay Taxes for Dota 2 Bet Winnings?

Esports betting laws remain in a murky and unclear state of affairs. So, taxes on Dota 2 bet winnings can confuse many users.

However, winnings from any betting exercise normally come under the ‘Other Income’ category when filing taxes.

When identified as an income, bet winnings from Dota 2 may also require tax payment on your part. Individual state laws may vary. So, check out your region or state’s particular laws on this subject for more clarity.

Dota 2 Betting Regulations

Betting supervision and rules may vary from region to region. One region may impose strict monitoring of Dota 2 betting activities, while another may practice zero-intervention.

So, a closer look at individual countries/regions will help here.

Are Dota 2 Betting Sites Regulated?

Reliable Dota 2 betting platforms always function under an authority and regularity body. So, yes, you should get access to Dota 2 betting sites that come under the purview of specific regulatory bodies.

However, there are specific countries that don't have regulations as of now. So, look up the regulatory country of your betting site before investing real money into the mix.

Is Dota 2 Gambling Legal in the USA?

Dota 2 gambling remains illegal in most regions of the US. However, there are enough platforms that support Dota 2 gambling within the given rules.

Perhaps the best example of such a site is BetOnline. BetOnline is a popular Dota 2 betting website that operates legally in the US and beyond.

Platforms like BetOnline that operate legitimately within the US ensure that bettors stay within the legal confines of permissibility. This ensures that you can legally bet on Dota 2 matches without the risk of heavy fines or even jail time.

Is Dota 2 Betting Legal in the UK?

Yes. Dota 2 betting remains a legal and regulated pursuit in the UK. The UK enjoys more relaxed rules in Dota 2 betting compared to strict countries like the US.

Websites like Betway Esports lead the way when it comes to reliable Dota 2 platforms within the UK.

Is Dota 2 Betting Legal in Malaysia?

Yes. Malaysia remains a top source of platforms that entertain Dota 2 betting all over the world. The Pro Circuit also recognizes Kuala Lumpur as one of the premier destinations for Dota 2 competitions.

Use a platform like 1xbet to access the best Dota 2 betting odds and competitions if you’re a bettor from Malaysia.

Is Dota 2 Betting legal in the Philippines?

The Philippines is home to a number of betting websites that support esports titles like Dota 2. However, finding the right platform is a difficult exercise.

Fortunately, platforms like remove all doubts by operating as a safe Dota 2 betting site in the region.

Is Dota 2 Betting Legal in Singapore?

Yes. Dota 2 betting is an active and legal trend in Singapore and surrounding regions. Bettors from regions like China also flock to areas like Singapore to access good Dota 2 betting odds.

Like Malaysia, remains the most comprehensive platform for Dota 2 betting in Singapore too.

Dota 2 Betting Tips for Beginners

Betting on Dota 2 successfully depends on developing a decent understanding of the game’s betting dynamics. Here are considerations you can make as you begin Dota 2 betting online.

Which Dota 2 Game Bets Should I Make?

Choosing a category for Dota 2 betting is important because the game offers a lot of general and special bets. So, narrowing down on a type or personal interest can help you choose bets.

For instance, skin betting is a lucrative category that most bettors choose. For one, you can win skins and sell them on the relevant markets to make real money. Alternatively, the skins can also serve as currency for further betting or for purchasing other in-game valuables.

For many bettors, following and wagering on a particular team is a common pastime. Here, you can study, track, and create profits from your favorite Dota 2 team.

Dota 2 Gambling Tips for Beginners to Increase Your Winnings

Here are some Dota 2 betting strategies and tips that may maximize your chances of landing more wins.

  • Watch and study Dota 2 tournaments and competitions
  • Learn how Dota 2 gaming works and the game dynamics
  • Develop familiarity and expertise with the special bets available in Dota 2
  • Join Dota 2 betting forums and platforms like EsportsLounge for relevant insights
  • Understand how Dota 2 gambling odds work and how they affect bets

Top Dota 2 Betting Strategies

The right Dota 2 betting approach will ensure that your bets have higher chances of hitting the odds. Here are a few tried and tested strategies.

Live Dota 2 Gambling Strategy

In-play betting for Dota 2 is an exciting practice where you can make wagers as the game takes place. To succeed here, develop a clear understanding of how matches work, which teams are in form, and the risks involved.

Martingale System Staking Method

In the Martingale system, bettors continue increasing the stakes for subsequent bets after each loss. The objective is to nail a big win that recovers all the preceding losses. It's a risky strategy but a highly rewarding approach, too, if done correctly.

Form vs. Ranking Dota 2 Betting Strategy

Dota 2 teams enter big tournaments with points earned during the Pro Circuit. Alternatively, teams with poor scores may enjoy successful runs in specific seasons. This approach requires you to choose between the two factors as parameters for betting.

So, you may wager on a top-ranked team, banking on their points. Other times, you may wager on a low-ranked team who happens to be in form and performing well.

How to Identify and Avoid Scam Sites

Dota 2's betting markets attract a wide range of gamblers, bettors, and investors. This appeal makes you a target for scam websites that simply aim to trick you into making poor bets.

Reliable Dota 2 betting sites use strict algorithms that generate the odds and determine line movement. This attribute means results are pre-determined and based on chance. However, scam sites will manipulate the odds and lines depending on the betting patterns of the majority to ensure more commissions.

The best protection against these platforms is information and knowledge about unreliable websites.

Where Can I Find the Best Dota 2 Betting Predictions?

The best sources of Dota 2 betting forecasts appear on websites that enjoy expertise and experience in the field. And EsportsLounge continues to lead the pack in Dota 2 betting insights.

Here at EsportsLounge, Dota 2 betting predictions come about after careful study of multiple parameters that affect the results. These forecasts remain accurate regardless of whether it's The International or a smaller circuit tournament.

Other Dota 2 Betting Sites

New Dota 2 gambling platforms keep appearing as the game’s betting demography grows. Check out some of the upcoming and tested platforms that offer a good experience for bettors.

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