20+ Epic League Of Legends Esports Stats And Facts To Save 2023

20+ Epic League Of Legends Esports Stats And Facts To Save 2023

2023 Sees League's Biggest Budget Yet

League's fate is at a cliffhanger in 2023, leaving some wondering if their favorite 2009 MOBA is approaching its death. After several mishaps this year, Riot acknowledged its shortcomings and is working to ensure a triumphant year.

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Updated on: 2/16/2024

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  2. League Of Legends Esports Stats And Facts - 2023 Highlight Reel
  3. League Of Legends Might Be Dying Out?
  4. How Riot Plans To Save League Of Legends

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League Of Legends Esports Stats And Facts - 2023 Highlight Reel

  • League Is The 2nd Most Viewed Esports Game
  • 2023 Sees League's Biggest Budget Yet
  • LOL Season 2023 Trailer Launch Was A Disaster
  • Hackers Auction League Source Code for $1 Million
  • LOL Records 148 Million Players In February 2023
  • LOL loses 3 Million Active Players In February 2023
  • League Of Legends Worlds 2023 Will Have A New Format
  • G2 Esports Wins LEC Winter 2023
  • Riot Prioritizes Game Modes Instead Of Champions In 2023
  • China Has 75 Million League Players
  • LoL Wild Rift Generates 60% Or Riot's Mobile Revenue
  • South Korea Has The Best League Players
  • LOL is #4 In Total Esports earnings
  • League Is 10th In Terms Of Tournament Prize Pool
  • League Has Won The Best ESports Game Award Three Times In A Row
  • Peak Viewership Decline In LEC 2023
  • Mageseeker Is All Set To Release In Spring 2023
  • G2 Vs. MAD Lions Recorded The Most Kills In LEC Winter Playoffs 2023
  • KOI's Markos Had Highest DPM In LEC Winter 2023
  • BrokenBlade Is The Best Player Going Into 2023
  • Varus Was The Most Played Champion In the 2023 LEC Winter
  • Wild Rift Generated $500 Million In July 2022

League Of Legends Might Be Dying Out?

2023 Sees League's Biggest Budget Yet

After months of fans being disappointed at the lack of content, Riot Games finally revealed some promising news: League's 2023 budget will be the biggest ever!

Riot Games CEO Nicolo Laurent assured fans they are highly invested in League's 2023 season. Laurent revealed in an interview that the 13th season would have the largest budget of all time, prompting much excitement from fans.

This is a breath of relief for the LOL community, who were dying to hear updates about the game. The statement brought back hope to many fans who were frustrated with Riot's handling of the League Of Legends universe.


Season 2023 Trailer Launch Was A Disaster

The long wait for the League of Legends season 2023 trailer resulted in shocking disappointment as fans, content creators, and developers amplified their outrage at The Brink Of Infinity video. Clearly, they didn't spend ANYTHING from the seemingly massive 2023 budget on this trailer.

No champions, no battles, no lore, and no legends, just a series of amateur drone shots over Summoner's Rift that any YouTuber could recreate. The LOL community was in an uproar, accusing Riot of abandoning League in favor of other projects.

Riot apologized for the debacle, stating the drop in quality was due to unprecedented circumstances. They also apologized for the lack of communication and assured us they would do better moving forward. It was, however, not enough for fans who continued to mock the trailer and Riot Game's prolonged absence from League.


Hackers Auction League Source Code for $1 Million

Not long after Season 13's enraging trailer launch, Riot Games was attacked by hackers who stole 72.64GB of source code material. The unknown assailants also looted anti-cheat software and source code for Teamfight Tactics.

The online burglars tried to extort Riot for $10 million, but the gaming developer company flatly refused to give in to their demands. This forced the assailants to take some desperate measures and auction the data online for a mere $1 million.

Riot assures us there was no player data or information loss but predicts an increase in new cheats. They are currently working on fixes, guaranteeing us there will be no negative impact on gameplay.


Peak Viewership Decline In LEC 2023

This year marked the second-lowest LEC split figure, with a total peak viewership of 572,257. This is alarmingly lower compared to the Spring competition's peak viewership, which is 723,061.

LEC 2023 now holds the second lowest peak viewership numbers, only slightly more than the 2019 LEC Spring, which generated a peak of 477,666.

But on the bright side, records show the winter competition saw an average viewership of 280,218. Compared to the Spring competition, which had 270,749 average viewers, we saw an increase of approximately 10 million.

Although this can be seen as a victory, let's not forget that a mere increase in 10 million viewers is simply not enough to bring League back to its glory days. While it might not directly indicate League's dwindling popularity, it is alarming nonetheless. However, it is still too early to assess whether this trend will continue later on in 2023.


LOL loses 3 Million Active Players In February 2023

Season 13's shaky start seems to have led to a rampant decrease in active players. League Of Legends has had a 2% fall in monthly players, with 3,028,916 players logging out.

This has been the most significant drop in player activity since March 2022, which saw 2,243,554 players steer clear of the game. Statistics indicate players have been leaving the game in droves all the way till the end of 2022. The pattern seems to be pointing at a massive drop in popularity for the beloved online arena battle franchise, but it's still too early to tell.


LOL Had 148 Million Players In February 2023

The average number of players for February stood exactly at 148,416,860 at the month's end, which is a slight drop compared to January, which saw an average of 151,445,775 throughout the month. The peak number of players in a day was 9,894,457 during February, a distinct drop since January's 10,096,385 players.

However, the game still has an average monthly player count of 151,385,197 for the last 30 days if we calculate on March 2023. This might be due to Riot's many tweaks to the gameplay, making matches quicker, faster, and deadlier.

The increased viewer attention indicates that League's growth is still strong, and the franchise is not dying out as some alarmists would claim.


How Riot Plans To Save League Of Legends

Riot Prioritizes Expanded Game Modes Instead Of Champions

With champions becoming increasingly generic, it was clear Riot needed a new strategy to retain player interests. This has led them to take a rather unconventional but clever approach to the gameplay. Back in February, the developers announced they would focus more on expanding League's game modes rather than releasing more champions.

2v2v2 will now take place on a brand new map which Riot will launch during the summer. It will allow players to get into champion vs. champion combat much faster, with enhanced champion customization options like never before. Players will also witness reduced time spent trapped in a bad game.

ARAM saw significant balances; frostgates were introduced, along with rotating game modes. What's more, newly implemented augments will ensure fast-paced deathmatch-themed rounds.


Mageseeker Is All Set To Release In Spring 2023

Fans were treated to some good news on February 2023 when Riot Games announced a new League Of Legends action RPG game. Developed by Digital Sun Games, Mageseeker is a 2D action game promising grit and glory. Fans were glad the new series would launch sometime in Spring 2023.

Players will get to experience the life of the former Mageseeker Sylas as he switches sides and fights against the persecution of mages. The expansion promises a chance to liberate the Kingdom of Demacia from the clutches of evil.

The recent Mageseeker Teaser goes a long way toward restoring faith and trust in the LOL community. The overall response to the teaser has been positive so far.


League Of Legends Worlds 2023 Will Have A New Format

2023 will be a big year for the League Of Legends Worlds tournament, the biggest LOL event to ever exist. The tournament will return in October this year in South Korea. It will be the first time since 2018 that South Korea will host the prestigious competition.

To spice things up, LOL has announced a new format consisting of three organized phases. Players will initially have to compete in play-ins, then move on to Swiss levels, and finally, knockout rounds.

Riot hopes the new format will make gameplay more interesting and increase player participation and fan viewership. Moreover, the pool prize is bound to be massive this year, with 2022's prize money reaching $ 2.2 million.

(Sports Tiger)

League Of Legends Esports Stats And Facts

G2 Esports Wins LEC Winter 2023

February 26th marked the end of the 2023 LEC Winter competition, and fans couldn't be more pleased with the new winners. G2 esports faced off against MAD Lions and won the grand finale!

If you're a Caps fan, now is the time to celebrate as G2 wins the 10th LEC title in their career. Although the final spectacle was thrilling to watch, it was rather one-sided, with G2 prevailing 3-0.

The team had a master-level run throughout the group stage and disposed of prominent opponents like BDS and MAD Lions. This has been an incredible success for G2, who are already on their way to qualifying for the World championship.


G2 Vs. MAD Lions Recorded The Most Kills In LEC Winter Playoffs 2023

The LEC 2023 Winter finals was indeed one of the most thrilling matches recorded in League history. G2 defeated MAD Lions in all three games, with durations of 25:14, 27:42, and 41:29, respectively. G2 compiled a total of 76 kills after the three games, while MAD Lions scored 28 kills.

Game 3 had the most kills, boasting 45 kills under 41 minutes and 29 seconds, which is quite astonishing. It was also the longest-recorded game in the LEC Winter Playoffs 2023. The average game duration was 30 minutes and 23 seconds, while the average kills per game were 30.


KOI's Markos Had Highest DPM In LEC Winter 2023

Despite G2's grand victory, the player with the most damage per minute during LEC Winter 2023 was not someone from their team. The honor instead went to Markos "Comp" Stamkopoulos from KOI.

Although KOI lost their series playoffs, Markos dominated the field with a DPM rate of 705. This is quite an achievement from the 21-year-old who has solidified his place amongst the greatest players in League history. His kills, death, and assist point is 3.6, the sixth highest in LEC Winter.

Steven Hans Sama "Liv" from G2 Esports had the second-highest DPM, at 643 points. However, when it came to KDA, he stood at the top with a 9.4 score. G2 players also take up the second, third, fourth, and fifth slots for KDA.


BrokenBlade Is The Best Player Going Into 2023

The current top player of early 2023 is Sergen Çelik, AKA, BrokenBlade, a member of the LEC 2023 winning team, G2 Esports. Sergen joined G2 Esports in December 2021 and has played for the team for over a year.

Sergen played seven games, with a win rate of 86% and a counter-pick rate of 86%. He has 18 kills, 10 deaths, and 49 assists, with a KDA ratio of 6.7.

He is the first-ever Turkish resident to play in the League Championship Series. Sergen is also the third player to be victorious in both the LCS and LEC competitions, the other two being Perkz and Zven.


Varus Was The Most Played Champion In the 2023 LEC Winter

Varus became the most popular champion during the 2023 LEC Winter competition with eight plays across the four series. This champion's ability to quickly eliminate opponents early on makes him quite the convenient choice.

But although many players tried to make the best out of Varus, he failed to bring the impact they hoped for. After the tournament was completed, Varus's win rate rounded up to a lackluster 25%, not the best players were hoping for.

Unlike the other teams, G2 was able to utilize this champion to the best of his abilities. This is a testament to the team's amazing strategy and understanding of champions and their abilities.


League Of Legends Player Demographics

China Has 75 Million League Players, The Highest Worldwide

Beyond the second most populated region in the world, it's no wonder China has the most League players. They have so many players they had to divide the server into 27 parts spread throughout the Landscape. Moreover, they also have a dedicated server called the Super Server, specially reserved for Diamond players and above.

West Europe has the second largest number of players cumulating at about 34,830,785. Third is North America, with around 27,889,684 registered players, followed by South Korea, with around 19,822,124 players.

The Nordic and Eastern Europe regions combined have a total player count of 18,428,816. Brazil follows this with 11,488,731 players, Turkey with 7,727,140 players, the Northern Latin America region with 6,98,119 players, and the Southern Latin American region with 6,052,414 total players.

The bottom three regions are Russia, with 4,888,207 players, Oceania, with 2,746,903 players; and Japan, with a meager 1,736,489.


South Korea Has The Best League Players

When it comes to player quality, we have to go with South Korea. The East Asian nation is one of the biggest supporters of League and is essentially a breeding ground for professional players.

Star players like 'Fake' have won over $1.2 million in prize money by themselves, while other prominent figures like Wolf and Bang both won almost $1 million in total prize money.

China officially recognized Esports in 2019, which boosted morale amongst millions of League players in the country. This is why they are the second-best exporters of League of Legends players.

The Asian giant even has a special esports town in Hangzhou province, intending to train and produce high-quality esports competitors in the coming years. That's not all; Esports is receiving nationwide support, with cities like Wuhan, Guangzhou, and Shanghai establishing their own training and dedication programs.


League of Legends Revenue Stats

League Of Legends Is #4 In Total Esports Earnings

With a total earnings of over $99 million, $ 99,025,915 to be exact, League Of Legends stands number 4 in Esports earnings. This comes after 2792 tournaments since the game's release in 2009 and overall participation from 8799 players worldwide.

League is only surpassed by CS: GO, Fortnite, and Dota 2 in this department, with each game recording total esports earnings of $147,414,477, $152,162,665, and $313,031,875, respectively. Counter-Strike: Global Offensive has the most number of tournaments, around 6583 by now, seconded by Dota 2, with over 1760 tournaments, with Fortnite taking third place with over 1241 tournaments.

Regarding tournament player count, CS: GO beats the charts with over 15,544 players, League takes second place with over 8799 players, and Fortnite takes third place with over 6387 players in 2023.


Wild Rift Generates 60% Or Riot's Mobile Revenue

Contrary to popular belief, League's revenue isn't only limited to the PC but also expands to the mobile platform. League of Legends Wild Rift is Riot games best performing mobile game, generating approximately 60% of their yearly revenue.

Wild Rift made over $8.7 million from in-app purchases on November 2022 alone, and that's saying something. Moreover, it also had over 880 thousand app downloads that month, with the highest being 9.86 million on December 2020.

(Statista, Statista)

Wild Rift Generated $500 Million In July 2022

Three years after Wild Rift's release, the mobile League of Legends game is still growing strong, attracting millions of worldwide players. The game has become extremely popular in China, accounting for 72.2% of all player spending. The official China launch month of October 2021 sparked a meteoric rise in revenue, amounting to $79 million for the month.

Wild Rift's number 2 customer is the United States; US players make up for 6.8% of the entire revenue so far, with South Korea joining at third with a 3.7% stake. This and Riot's other mobile game titles mark a glorious chunk of the company's total revenue generation.


League of Legends General Stats

League Has Game Award for Best Esports Game Three Times In A Row

League of Legends is perhaps the only game that has won the Game Award title for Best Esports game, consequently in 2019, 2020, and 2021. This is an epic achievement for the 2009 Riot Games title, which has found a place in the hearts of countless players today.

The LOL community hoped for a fourth win in 2022; however, the award went to Riot Game's online multiplayer shooter game, Valorant. Although disappointed, League fans are hoping to make a gigantic comeback.

As for 2023, voting has already concluded for the best Esports game award category. We can only hope that League comes out on top; however, with the memory of recent controversies still lurking in people's minds, the possibility is quite unlikely.


League Of Legends Is The 2nd Most Viewed Esports Game

As of November 2022, League collected a total viewership of 5,147,701, making it the 2nd most popular esports based on viewership. This comes after accounting for the many events, and tournaments League has had over the years. The high numbers are a testament to League's loyal fanbase, most of whom have stuck to the online franchise through thick and thin.

The most popular Esports game with the highest peak viewership goes to Free Fire, with a peak of 5,415,990 back in May 2021. In third place, we have Mobile Legends: Bang Bang, with a peak viewership of 4,270,270 on January 2023.


League Of Legends Stands 10th In Terms Of Tournament Prize Pool

League had a cumulative prize pool of around $7.7 million in 2022, making it one of the lowest amounts compared to other prominent Esports titles. Of course, that's not counting the $13.3 million prize pool of League Of Legends: Wild Rift, which stands somewhere in the middle of the list.

At number one, we have Dota 2 with the most lucrative prize pool of $32.85 in 2022. This is followed by Arena Of Valor's $32.73 prize and then PUBG Mobile's $23.42 prize. At fourth and fifth places, we have Fortnite, with a $16.2 million prize, and CS: GO, with a slightly lower $16.11 million prize. Meanwhile, Wild Rift takes the number six slot.

League stands 10th in the list after Rocket league's $9.41 million, PUBG's $8.42 million, and Rainbow Six Siege's $8.04 million prize pool.


FAQs About LoL Esports Stats

Is League Of Legends Dying?

Are People Still Playing League In 2023?

Is League Of Legends More Popular Than Dota 2?

Does League Have Too Many Champions?

How Many Women Play League?

Is League Dead or…?

Although the year started off with much criticism and disappointment, it seems the League Of Legends Fandom is back on track. Riot’s many tweaks have paid off quite well, with both casual and long-time players quickly adapting to the new gameplay for the better. While the game did go through a rough patch, we can say that the worst is over now and things will be improving later in 2023.


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