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Rocket League is a game that is a hybrid of vehicular and a soccer game. Launched by Psyonix in 2015, it is a relatively new entry into the world of gaming. However, it has steadily gained momentum in the world of eSports betting.

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What is Rocket League Betting?

As with any other eSports betting, Rocket League betting involves placing wagers on different types and markets. Rocket League wagers can be placed on live bets as well as skin betting, among others.

Rocket League betting is different from other games in the eSports industry. It is because other games are primarily developed for gamers, and they gradually branch out to eSports. However, the Rocket League was developed to work seamlessly with eSports from its conception. The fact that that it was teamed up with ESL just as soon as the game was released added to its popularity. Soon after, in 2017, just two years of publishing, it was also expanded to the prestigious NBC's Sports Group.

The game has witnessed unprecedented growth within the eSports betting community due to the fact that it is very easy to understand and follow. Unless you are want to bet on specialized bets, Rocket League betting is one of the simplest and fastest eSports betting among all other games. This is the main reason why it has grown in popularity within a short period of time.

Up to Season 7 of the Championship Series, organizers were not willing to put a lot of money into the game. However, since the current season, the prize money has been raised to around $100,000, which has expedited the game's popularity by a substantial degree.

Three of the major Rocket League tournaments are ESL, Rocket League Championships Series, and Major League Gaming. This year's Rocket League Championships Series marks the 8th season of the games and is scheduled to be held on October 13.

Rocket League Betting With Real Money

Ever since the prize pools were raised, the game stakes have also been higher. The lure to win real money through Rocket League betting has been drawing crowds from all over the world.

Similar to other eSports betting games, in Rocket League betting, punters have the option to bet on different markets including:

  • Match winner

    Here, punters will place their bets on which of the two teams will win the match. It is one of the easiest ways to win.

  • Match winner / Handicap

    This is similar to the Match Winner bet, but here, a pregame advantage is assigned to one of the two teams.

  • Outright winner

    Here, punters place their bets on the probable winner of the particular tournament before it begins.

  • Specials

    In this type of bet, Rocket League wagers place their bets and try to predict the result of each match or the Correct Score. Special bets can also include a Total number of map rounds and the First team to get 10 kills. But in Rocket League betting, they vary greatly from one tournament to the other.

Rocket League Betting Types

In Rocket League betting, there are multiple types of betting available. You can also bet with bitcoin and skin on a lot of eSports gambling sites. The betting types include:

  • Money-line Bets

    One of the simplest wagers on the market, and you can bet on either of the two teams. Bookmaker's calculations are reflected in the odds.

  • Outright Bets

    Punters bet on the outcome of a specific match rather than a tournament. Options to bet on are; winning team, which region the winning team comes from, and which teams will make it to the finals. It is also called the futures bet.

  • Accumulator Bets

    It is a collection of a number of individual bets that can result in a high-return combination. It is also called the combo bets.

  • Special Bets

    Here, the bets are placed on the probability of the goals that a team may score, the moves that a team will pull off in the game, and which skin a specific player will use during the game.

  • In-play Bets

    Punters place their wagers on who will score the first goal, the number of goals a team will score, and pulling off a difficult technique in the game.

Rocket League Trading

Trading within a game includes buying, selling, or exchanging certain items with other players or selling them for real-world money. In Rocket League betting, skin trading can also be also done much like CSGO and other games. Rocket League skins can be exchanged for real money. A popular site to sell your Rocket League items is GameFlip.

The popularity of racing rocket-propelled cars did not go unnoticed by the game's developers. They introduced peer to peer trading as well as keys and crates that can be traded among the players. This was introduced in the Rocket League's version 1.22 patch.

The crates can appear anywhere during the game as a reward. They contain items that are rare, and some labeled 'blackmarket,' which makes it very rare. They can also be exchanged for real money.

To unlock these exclusive crates, a key is required for which you need to purchase it. A single key can be bought at $1, while you can sell one for $1.49. They can also be bought in bundles of 5, 10, and 20 keys.

Alternatively, you can exchange skins and other items for keys if you do not prefer transacting real money in the trading process.

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