24 Best CSGO Upgrade Gambling Sites

Best CSGO Upgrade Sites with Promo Codes & Bonuses in 2023

First-person shooter games like Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (CSGO) always have a special place among gamers; they make you feel like a hero. And if you're an avid gamer, you know that gaming is so much more fun when your in-game items have cool skins and stickers. So, we've compiled this article to introduce a few CSGO upgrade sites like HellCase, DaddySkins, KeyDrop, and many more that offer attractive services.

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Updated on: 27/08/2023

Best CS:GO Upgrade Sites


+$1 to Deposit

New customers only. 18+ T&Cs apply. begambleaware.org.

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FarmSkins Review



New customers only. 18+ T&Cs apply. begambleaware.org.

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+5% & $2 TO DEPOSIT

New customers only. 18+ T&Cs apply. begambleaware.org.

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All Betting Sites



New customers only. 18+ T&Cs apply. begambleaware.org.

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All Betting Sites


+5% on Deposit

New customers only. 18+ T&Cs apply. begambleaware.org.

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All Betting Sites

18+ T&Cs apply. begambleaware.org.

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Best CSGO Upgrade Sites Reviewed

  • FarmSkins - Best For Cashback On Failed CSGO Case Upgrades (3%)
  • Hellcase - Best For CSGO Upgrade Bonuses On Winning Streaks
  • DaddySkins - Most Trusted CSGO Upgrade Site
  • G4Skins - Cheapest CSGO Upgrade Site (From $0.10)
  • HellStore - Best CSGO Upgrade Site For Deposit Methods & Integrated Marketplace
  • INSANE.GG - Best For VIP CSGO Cases & Upgrades With Battle Pass
  • KNIFEX - Best For No Deposit CSGO Upgrades (Get 5 Free Case Keys With Us)
  • Helltv Store - Best For Ongoing CSGO Upgrade Bonuses
  • Key-Drop.com - Best For Free Daily Cases For CSGO Upgrades
  • Csgocock.gg - Best CSGO Upgrade Customization
  • DatDrop - Best For CSGO Upgrade Cash Deposits
  • Casedrop - CaseDrop - Best For High CSGO Upgrade Multiplier (10x)

1. FarmSkins

Best For Cashback On Failed CSGO Case Upgrades (3%)


+$1 to Deposit

New customers only. 18+ T&Cs apply. begambleaware.org.

Farmskins is a CSGO upgrade site that specializes in case openings. We were instantly drawn by the diversity of items in their inventory. Farmskins offers great promo codes, and have a daily bonus system that makes it easier for users to level up and win better skins.

But best of all, Gaben's store gives you a 30% chance of winning bullets for all cases you open. Cases with higher prices provided a greater number of bullets, and we were quickly able to use them to purchase items.

2. Hellcase

Best For CSGO Upgrade Bonuses On Winning Streaks


Up to 10% on deposits

New customers only. 18+ T&Cs apply. begambleaware.org.

HellCase is a case-opening site that allows users to open virtual cases and obtain items for popular games like CSGO and Dota 2. We were impressed by the number of unique cases they had on their site.

We also loved how the site had two currency options, USD and EUR; it made transactions so much easier for players from different parts of the world to participate in ordinary trade.

To get the most of you experience, make sure to claim Hellcase promo codes (such as "ESPORTSLOUNGE") to get exciting bonuses.

3. DaddySkins

Most Trusted CSGO Upgrade Site


+5% on Deposit

New customers only. 18+ T&Cs apply. begambleaware.org.

DaddySkins is a case-opening site that allows you to open virtual cases to obtain skins and other items to boost your inventory.

And when we tried it ourselves, we were quickly drawn by the friendly UI and quick deposits and withdrawals. In addition, their many bonuses and rewards put us in an advantageous position as regards money.

While their customer support may need more polishing, the site offers smooth performance and seems very promising even in the long run.

4. G4Skins

Cheapest CSGO Upgrade Site (From $0.10)



New customers only. 18+ T&Cs apply. begambleaware.org.

G4Skins is a popular and legit case-opening site that offers upgrades at a relatively low price. We love how the site provided various items with varying costs.

As we skimmed through their site, we noticed their customer support was a little behind the times. They could lose potential users with the lack of a live chat. Nonetheless, it performed great regarding item variety and deposit/withdrawal processing.

5. HellStore

Best CSGO Upgrade Site For Deposit Methods & Integrated Marketplace


+5% & $2 TO DEPOSIT

New customers only. 18+ T&Cs apply. begambleaware.org.

HellStore is a CSGO upgrade betting site widely known for its jackpots and activities. When we tried the service, we noticed that it had one of the most user-friendly UI; we could effortlessly navigate through the site even on our first time.

Like many other sites, its upgrader provided better rewards when the deposit was made of an equivalent value. This demanded several deposits whenever we wanted a rare item, but it also verified the platform's authenticity.


Best For VIP CSGO Cases & Upgrades With Battle Pass



New customers only. 18+ T&Cs apply. begambleaware.org.

Insane. GG is a virtual betting site that provides CSGO skins via multiple game methods. We had a pleasant experience when we tried the upgrade feature, as we successfully made withdrawals to our Steam account.

Though the site lacked a daily reward system, Insane.GG promo codes offer great bonuses for new users. We were able to connect with experienced players and learned that active players received impressive perks such as special bonuses.


Best For No Deposit CSGO Upgrades (Get 5 Free Case Keys With Us)



New customers only. 18+ T&Cs apply. begambleaware.org.

KnifeX is a popular and legit skin betting platform that provides multiple gambling modes, such as performing upgrades, participating in jackpots and coinflips, etc.

We tried using the upgrade feature and found it quite different from most other upgrade sites. We could only upgrade skins that we purchased within site, which was somewhat disappointing. However, all other features are top-notch, and the animations are impressive.

8. Helltv Store

Best For Ongoing CSGO Upgrade Bonuses



New customers only. 18+ T&Cs apply. begambleaware.org.

HellTV is a CSGO betting site that features case openings and upgrades. Since it is new in the betting arena, we noticed that it only focuses on a limited number of services.

Nonetheless, the site looks promising as it has many features that will win the hearts of all CSGO players. Four deposit methods are available, including CSGO skins, e-wallets, cards, and cryptocurrency.

Presently, the only withdrawal method available is CSGO skins, but we have hopes that the site will improve.

9. Key-Drop.com

Best For Free Daily Cases For CSGO Upgrades



New customers only. 18+ T&Cs apply. begambleaware.org.

KeyDrop is a skin betting platform where users can participate in various games and bets to open cases and upgrade existing skins.

Besides the upgrader, the site also provides case battles where players have the chance of winning big. We could easily verify the results of the games using the provable fair system.

Best of all, the platform provided attractive daily cases, which were easily accessible once we completed a few simple tasks.

10. Csgocock.gg

Best CSGO Upgrade Customization



New customers only. 18+ T&Cs apply. begambleaware.org.

CSGOCock is a CSGO betting site that is relatively new on the market. We were impressed by the user traffic on the platform and decided to try it ourselves.

The deposits were effortless, and the withdrawals were even easier. We could quickly process them in a matter of minutes. What was most exciting was the reward pool for easy daily tasks; it took as less as $5 for five tasks.

11. DatDrop

Best For CSGO Upgrade Cash Deposits


+5% to Deposit

New customers only. 18+ T&Cs apply. begambleaware.org.

DatDrop is a legit CSGO upgrade site popularly used for case openings featuring attractive in-game items. It was launched in 2017 and has gained more than 2 million users.

So, when we tried the service ourselves, we were instantly impressed by the number of free resources they provided. Though we had to complete a few tasks to win the prizes, it was worth the effort because the process was so much fun.

12. Casedrop

CaseDrop - Best For High CSGO Upgrade Multiplier (10x)



New customers only. 18+ T&Cs apply. begambleaware.org.

CaseDrop is a CSGO case-opening site popular for its unique cases and effortless upgrades. We had no trouble making deposits and withdrawals as the system makes quick and automatic coin exchanges.

We particularly liked the upgrade multiplier that helped us increase the item's value. Besides, we were also able to perform simultaneous skin improvements. In addition, CaseDrop offers multiple promo codes for new gamers.

Compare Best CSGO Upgrade Sites Reviewed

Betting SiteBonusMinimum DepositAvailable in the U.S# Esports AvailableBetting Types
FarmSkins+$1 to Deposit$4Yes1Case Battles, Case Opening, Skin Betting, Upgrade Sites
HellcaseUp to 10% on depositsN/aNo3Case Battles, Case Opening, Contract, Giveaways, Jackpot, Raffle, Skin Betting, Upgrade Sites
DaddySkins+5% on DepositN/aNo1Case Battles, Case Opening, Giveaways, Skin Betting, Skin Exchange, Upgrade Sites
G4Skins+5% TO DEPOSITn/aYes1Case Battles, Case Opening, Marketplace, Skin Betting, Upgrade Sites
HellStore+5% & $2 TO DEPOSITN/aYes1Coin Flip, Giveaways, Lucky Wheel, Roulette, Skin Betting, Upgrade Sites
INSANE.GG+5% TO DEPOSITN/aYes1Case Opening, Crash Sites, Jackpot, Lucky Wheel, Marketplace, Mines, Roulette, Skin Betting, Upgrade Sites
KNIFEX5 FREE CASE KEYSN/aYes1Case Opening, Clash, Coin Flip, Crash Sites, Dice, Lucky Wheel, Mines, Roulette, Skin Betting, Tower, Upgrade Sites
Helltv StoreFREE DAILY CASESn/aYes1Case Opening, Giveaways, Skin Betting, Upgrade Sites
Key-Drop.com+5% TO DEPOSITn/aYes1Case Battles, Case Opening, Contract, Giveaways, Skin Betting, Skin Exchange, Upgrade Sites
Csgocock.gg+$0.30 TO DEPOSITn/aYes1Crash Sites, Skin Betting, Upgrade Sites
DatDrop+5% to DepositN/aNo1Battle Royale, Case Battles, Case Opening, Giveaways, Skin Betting, Upgrade Sites
Casedrop+$0.30 TO DEPOSITn/aYes1Case Opening, Giveaways, Skin Betting, Upgrade Sites

What Is CSGO Upgrade?

CSGO upgrade refers to a service that allows you to improve the game's overall performance by trading skins. The service can include changes like improvements in visuals and in-game items.

Since CSGO skins are pricy, upgrade sites offer users many bonuses and rewards. The outcome of upgrades is based on an RNG system.

The sites also provide games and events to give you more opportunities to win rewards. Some sites also offer you the option to trade skins with other players.

All things considered, one can conclude that CSGO upgrade sites work similarly to most gambling sites. You could win big or lose if you aren't responsible enough.

CSGO Upgrade Bonuses & Promo Codes

Many CSGO upgrade sites offer users the opportunity to win multiple bonuses. Let's look at a few common ways to earn such rewards:

  • Promo codes: Online creators are one way to earn promo codes. To activate the reward, you must enter the unique code in the promo code section while making a deposit. You should wait for the code to be validated before proceeding with the payment.
  • Free cases: Some CSGO upgrade sites reward you with free cases when you complete a set number of tasks. All you must do is reach the reward threshold before the time runs out.
  • Seasonal events: One way to earn unique skins is to participate in seasonal events like Halloween. These events always have certain tasks that need to be completed before you can claim the reward.

How To Get Free Points & Coins On CSGO Upgrade?

If you love free stuff or simply wish to save some money on your favorite game, here are some exciting ways you can get free points and coins:

  • Claim the new user bonus: Most upgrade sites offer free coins to new users, so you can check if the sites offer such rewards before signing up.
  • Use a referral code: If you have a friend that already uses a site that offers a referral reward, consider requesting their referral code to earn some extra coins.
  • Trade items with fellow players: Many CSGO upgrade sites offer you the advantage of trading items with other users. This feature allows you to exchange items you own for better ones.
  • Complete offer walls: When you sign up on any upgrade site, always look for offer walls and complete the tasks to earn rewards such as coins and points.

Can You Claim Multiple CSGO Upgrade Bonuses?

You can easily claim multiple CSGO upgrade bonuses using different bonus types. For example, you cannot stack two promo codes simultaneously but can pair a promo code with an upgrade multiplier bonus.

How To Play Claim Bonuses On CSGO Upgrade Sites?

Bonuses on CSGO upgrade sites are a great way to enhance your inventory. So, here are the steps to get started with the game and claim bonuses:

  1. Choose a reputable site: Many sites offer attractive bonuses, so choose the most favorable to your budget and requirements.
  2. Sign In or create an account: Creating an account is an effortless step, and you can easily do this by using your Steam credentials.
  • Make a deposit and perform an upgrade: Deposit cash or your old and low-value skins to purchase an upgrade. Next, choose the skin you wish to win and confirm the upgrade.
  1. Claim bonus: If your site accepts promo codes, search for codes online and enter them in the promo code section while making a deposit. Once the system authenticates the code, you will be eligible for the deposit bonus.

How To Tell If You Won On CSGO Upgrade?

The outcomes of CSGO upgrades can be pretty confusing, especially if you aren't familiar with the system. You can follow these steps to know if you've won an upgrade:

  1. Select the skin you wish to upgrade, choose the percentage of upgrade you wish to apply, and click on upgrade.
  2. Once the upgrade has been processed, the system will present you with the results. If you win the bet, the skin will be upgraded; if not, it will remain unchanged.
  • The skin you win will now be available in your inventory, and you can use it in your battles or deposit it for another bet.

CSGO Upgrade Rules

CSGO upgrade sites operate under rules to ensure a favorable experience. The details may vary from site to site, but here are some common rules that most service providers follow:

  • You must be above 18 to sign up for the site.
  • You must register with your Steam account and provide a valid email ID to enable trading.
  • You cannot change the preferred item once the trade is initiated.
  • The providers are not responsible for personal injuries or losses.

How Does CSGO Upgrade Sites Work?

If you're a beginner at CSGO upgrade, joining and performing an upgrade may seem challenging. So, consider the sections below as a guide to help you get started with the service:

How To Join CSGO Upgrade Sites?

Joining a CSGO upgrade site is pretty simple. All you must do is visit a site of your choice and create an account using your Steam account. This will link your CSGO account to the betting site. Once you have signed in, you can trade and buy items on the site.

How To Play CSGO Upgrade?

  1. Firstly, choose the items you would like to bet on.
  2. Then, visit the site's inventory and select the item you wish to win. Ensure that your inventory privacy is set to "Public."
  • Next, deposit the coins required to upgrade the item.
  1. Click on "Upgrade," and you're done!

How Does CSGO Upgrade Sites Progress?

Popular CSGO Upgrade sites like HellCase and DaddySkins have millions of users who make deposits, earn bonuses, and win and lose bets.

The enormous number of players and deposits these sites receive are again processed to offer attractive giveaways and event bonuses. Many sites also provide special bonuses to active users, which helps run the betting cycle.

Depositing & Withdrawal Methods Available For CSGO Upgrade

  • Deposit Options: Many CSGO upgrade sites accept multiple deposit methods. Some common options are international payments such as PayPal, Bitcoin, Visa, Mastercard, digital cards, and online wallets.
  • Withdrawal options: CSGO skins are u most common withdrawal method. Some sites also provide the option to make Bitcoin withdrawals.

How To Deposit Skins Or Cash To CSGO Upgrade Sites?

Depositing Skins

  1. Login to the upgrade site using your Steam account.
  2. Go to your inventory and select all the skins you wish to deposit by clicking on them. Ensure that your inventory is set to public view to facilitating the trade.
  • Navigate the page for the option to proceed with the trade. Your account should be updated with the funds once the transaction is complete.

Depositing Cash

  1. Search for the deposit or + sign on the website.
  2. Then, enter the amount you wish to add to your account and choose a payment method to complete the deposit.

How To Withdraw Skins Or Cash To CSGO Upgrade Sites?

Withdrawing Skins

  1. Search for the trade or withdraw option from the website.
  2. Then, open your inventory and choose the skins you wish to withdraw.
  3. Type in your Steam trade URL and click on withdraw or confirm.
  4. Log in to your Steam account and accept the withdrawal offer. The skins will now be reflected in your account.

Withdrawing Cash

  1. Log in to your upgrade site and choose the cash-out option.
  2. Choose a cash-out method and enter your payment details.
  3. Enter the amount you wish to cash out and confirm the request. The money may take some time to reflect on your account.

Are There CSGO Upgrade Sites With No Deposit Withdrawal?

It is rare to find CSGO sites that offer no deposit withdrawals, as it wouldn't be a profitable trading experience for the company. Most demand that you make minimal deposits in addition to the items like skins to facilitate withdrawals.

However, if you find sites offering such features, always read their terms and conditions to ensure you're not being scammed.

How To Choose The Best CSGO Upgrade Site

  • Consult experienced users: This is one of the easiest ways to get an in-depth review of any site you are interested in.
  • Legality and safety: Always verify a website's authenticity by looking at the security options provided. You also want to ensure that the site possesses a license from a legal authority.
  • Payment methods: Generally, the more payment options a site provides, the more convenient they become.
  • Inventory items: Choosing a site that offers an impressive inventory is always a good option. You can browse the items they provide before signing up.
  • Online presence: Reliable websites usually offer worldwide services.
  • Fairness Policy: Sites that have provably fair systems are considered more reliable as they prevent you from the risk of investing in a rigged site.

What Are The Odds Like For CSGO Upgrade?

The odds for CSGO upgrade are different for different sites as the selection of items differs for each provider. It also varies based on the value of an item. For instance, it is less likely to win a rare skin when there is much demand for the item.

So, you can balance the inconsistency by depositing more skins/cash. Doing so will increase your chances of winning it.

How To Get Better Skins With CSGO Upgrade?

You will need to make better bets to get better skins with the CSGO upgrade. So, if you want to win a skin that costs $1000, you will have a better chance of winning it if your deposit value is near the item's price. In this case, depositing $100 will only result in losses.

CSGO Upgrade Winning Strategies

  • First, study a few upgrade sites and choose the one offering the most favorable rewards. You can look for free coins and sign-up bonuses to maximize your bets.
  • Study the site's algorithm and play when winning chances are at their maximum.
  • Deposit items that you rarely use to win better ones. If you have a lot of low-value skins, consider depositing them to get better upgrades.

Tips To Win Better Skins At CSGO Upgrade

  • Probability rate: If you wish to upgrade a rare skin, you will need to deposit an amount almost equivalent to the price to increase the probability of winning it.
  • Participate in giveaways: Giveaways within CSGO upgrades offer attractive prize pools, including rare skins.
  • Complete tasks in themed events: Like giveaways, themed tasks usually contain rare skins as rewards. And you can win them by completing the tasks assigned.

Are There Working Prediction Bots & Tools For CSGO Upgrade?

Presently, there aren't any working bots and tools you can use for CSGO upgrades. While this may seem like a drawback, it also eliminates the risks of potential hacking and spying within site.

What Can You Win With CSGO Upgrade?

The items you can win with the CSGO upgrade varies based on your chosen site. So, here are some common ones that most providers offer:

  • Skins: You can win skin upgrades for guns, knives, and rifles.
  • Gloves: These are considered rare items within the game, and players have a high chance of winning them through upgrades.
  • Stickers: Players can use stickers to decorate their weapons. However, the changes cannot be reversed once made.

Are CSGO Upgrade Sites Legit & Provably Fair?

The CSGO upgrade market is comprised of many legit sites and scams. The trustworthy ones always employ verifiable systems such as provably fair to ensure complete transparency.

Before signing up for one, you can consider studying user reviews and the website's terms and conditions. Also, it is a good option to avoid new sites that lack sufficient information about their policies.

What Is RNG & Provably Fair?

RNG, short for Random Number Generator, is based on chance and relies on generating a random number that determines the outcome of your bets.

On the other hand, provably fair is a technology that relies on an advanced algorithm to check the fairness or provability of their games. It is particularly common in online gambling sites and helps players verify the outcome of their games.

Are CSGO Upgrade Sites Rigged?

Many CSGO upgrades are often accused of practicing fraudulent techniques to control the outcome of a bet. Here are some ways you can identify a rigged site:

  • The site does not have a provably fair system.
  • It doesn't provide secure and encrypted connections.
  • It has random hashes all over the site.
  • Frequent crashes occur whenever you try to make a deposit or withdrawal.

With betting and gambling being easy ways to earn extra cash, CSGO upgrades are becoming leisure activities. And it is often challenging to find a platform that offers safe and secure services.

Nonetheless, there are many legal and trustworthy sites that you can rely on. Here are some ways to identify them:

  • They operate on a secure and SSL-encrypted site.
  • They possess a gaming license from a reputable authority.
  • They provide fair games and employ services such as provably fair.

How To Avoid CSGO Upgrade Scam Sites

  • Verify the website from reliable sources such as reputable online creators and knowledge-sharing platforms.
  • Study the site regulations and terms; inspect if they have a gaming license.
  • Avoid offers that look too attractive, such as sites that offer items at an incredibly low price.
  • Double-check the payment gateway without making any payments.

How To Make Profit CSGO Upgrade?

  • Join an affiliate program or referrals: Affiliate and referral programs provide you with a unique code that you can use to invite people to the game. You can earn a small percentage from all deposits made by anyone who joins using your code.
  • Sell skins on trading platforms: If you have a few skins that are high in demand, you can sell them to other players to earn significant profits.

What Are The Risks Of CSGO Upgrade Sites?

  • Financial loss: Losses are inevitable when you join a betting game of chance like CSGO upgrades. Sometimes you invest a huge amount only to win a cheap skin, and sometimes you win nothing.
  • Unhealthy gambling habit: Features, like win streaks and crashes may develop an unhealthy gambling habit in users and lead to addiction.
  • Negative health impact: Outcomes from the game may negatively affect players. Loses may cause frustration, causing them to neglect real-life responsibilities.

Are There CSGO Upgrade Simulators?

CSGO upgrade simulators are a great way to experience the thrill of performing a real upgrade. You simply process the service by choosing a skin to deposit and another to upgrade. Then, the system displays a probability rating for your chosen options. Once you are satisfied with the selection, you simply confirm the upgrade and wait for the results.

CSGO Upgrade Cheats & Hacks

Most CSGO upgrade sites do not approve of unfair practices. Any account that performs such activities is banned from the system or suspended. So, there aren't any cheats or hacks that you can use for a CSGO upgrade.

Are There Working Scripts Or Plugins For CSGO Upgrade?

While there are plugins for the parent game CSGO, none are applicable for an upgrade site. As such, there aren't many options to customize the site's software.

History Of CSGO Upgrade Sites

The history of CSGO Upgrade sites can be traced back to when players had difficulty collecting skins. The item drops rarely contained high-value items. And as a result, players used third-party platforms to exchange and gamble their skins.

One of the first among them included a jackpot system where all the wagered skins were put in the jackpot, and a random winner would win all the contents in the pot. However, this raised many concerns, especially since it promoted gambling.

The end of the jackpot era resulted in a new, organized construct where sites held the upgrades instead. Players could easily trade their low-value skins for a much rarer and unique one. Today, these sites are strictly regulated by laws to prevent misuse and maintain a healthy betting environment.

What Other CSGO Skin Gambling Games Are There?

CSGO Crash Sites

CSGO crash sites allow users to bet on a multiplier value before starting the game. Once the bets are placed, the game begins, and the multiplier increases for a certain period and crashes randomly.

If the player cashes out before the crash, they can collect their winnings; if they do not, they lose their bets.

CSGO Roll & Lucky Wheel Sites

In CSGO Rolls, players bet on a number between 0 – 100 before the winning number is randomly chosen. Once the roll starts, the payout increases and stops randomly. Players can cash out any time to win the bet. But they also risk losing their bet if the roll stops before they cash out.

On the other hand, CSGO lucky wheel sites feature a lucky wheel consisting of different colors containing a multiplier. Players bet on the wheel's landing color, and the winner receives a payout based on the multiplier.

CSGO Case Battles

In CSGO case battles, players choose a case they wish to open and enter a lobby that contains a set number of players. Once the battle starts, players must collect as many cases as possible, and the one who collects the most cases becomes the winner.

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Other CSGO Betting Sites

With the rising popularity of CSGO betting, more and more websites are creating a dedicated CSGO betting section for both newcomers and long-time bettors. Regularly checking the internet for new platforms is a great way of increasing your chances of winning big. Not to mention, you get to receive all those juicy signup bonuses!

Forums like Reddit and Quora are excellent sources to find out about the latest CSGO betting sites that are still not popular. Alternatively, check out the following guides with more CSGO skin gambling sites:

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