CS:GO Giveaways & How it Works

Everything you need to know about CSGO Giveaways and how they work

This page explains how CSGO giveaway sites work, what can be won, what factors affect the winning chances, how to find the best CSGO giveaway site, and if CSGO giveaway sites are legal or not.

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Page updated on: 29/08/2022, 14:50:57 BST

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How CSGO Giveaway Sites Work

CSGO giveaway sites offer players free items but it is not to be mistaken as a lottery site. Most of CSGO giveaways are organized by CSGO YouTubers, CSGO streamers, and top CSGO players to increase their favor. Giveaways do not require players to buy tickets, rather, players will be required to do some task or action to get the free item. However, the majority of CSGO giveaways use the ticket mechanism where players complete tasks to earn tickets which affects their chances of winning. These tasks can be broken down into three main types of services.

  • Completing Tasks

    This is the first and most popular service type and is entirely free. All that the player needs to do is to complete certain tasks which vary with each giveaway. It can be as simple as spending 200 hours in CSGO or entering the service profile into the player's steam username.

  • Online Streaming

    The second method of CSGO giveaways is watching a 'twitch.tv' stream. This will award players with tickets. With these tickets, players can enter a raffle. The number of tickets affects the chance of winning. The more tickets the player uses to enter the raffle, the higher is the player's chance of winning.

  • Depositing Skins

    This third method is the least popular type of giveaway. This method requires the players to deposit skins to the site. Then the skin is exchanged for tokens which are used to enter the draw.

    For anything related to CSGO, players will need to register with their Steam account or an email. After this step, players will have to complete one of the tasks and await the results. Players can also find smaller giveaway platforms on social media like Twitter, Instagram, and others by finding accounts with free giveaways.

What can you win in CS:GO giveaways?

CSGO giveaways mostly include rare knives and skins which tempt players from every corner of the world. CSGO giveaways can be in the form of a souvenir, skin, or in-game items. Players have a chance of winning Huntsman Knife Forest DDPAT, Flip Knife Scorched, and Gut Knife Urban Masked among many others in CSGO giveaways.

What affects your chances?

Chances to win CSGO giveaways are quite slim compared to other forms of CSGO betting. But because players can take part for free, it is something to look forward to. However, players with more tickets are more prone to win giveaways.

To increase the odds of winning CSGO giveaways, players can either create multiple accounts to participate in the giveaways or take part in several giveaways. Although both take time and effort, it is only fair. After all, efforts are mandatory when the reward is free of cost.

How to choose the best CS:GO Giveaway site

Players should look for the following features in any CSGO giveaway sites:

  • Game Selection

    Even after participating in the giveaway, there should be other varieties of games to entertain players. A good site should have a variety of games including popular blackjack, poker, roulette, coinflip, and others.

  • Bonuses and Promotions

    CSGO giveaway sites which include sign up bonuses and promotions offer players a site try-out before they can decide on whether or not they would like to spend their time and money on it.

  • Banking Methods

    The best sites allow players to have a secure and easy deposit and withdraw methods with different forms of payment methods such as skins and cryptocurrencies.

  • Legitimacy

    An important aspect to consider while choosing a good CSGO giveaway site is whether the site is legit or not. Many fake giveaway sites scam players and their accounts. Players should pay special heed to if the site is legit or not.

Are CS:GO Giveaways legal?

There are several legitimate CSGO giveaway sites. With proper licenses from reputed sources, these sites are legal and safe. But several scam sites lure players into getting scammed. Fortunately, there are several ways in detecting scams.

The best that players can do to detect and avoid these scam sites is to make a thorough research. Reading reviews of other players can help but again there are possibilities of fake reviews. So, sometimes players will have to go through the terms and conditions to see if the site is licensed or not, if it provides a clear guidelines, what kind of personal information it requires, and such.

Avoid giveaways which promise big rewards for absolutely no efforts. Avoid giveaways which seem too good to be true. As well as make sure to never give your username and password!

Best Small CSGO Betting Sites

There are no free match betting sites for CS:GO. And if you think you found one, it is very likely to be a scam or fake. However, there are a few small CSGO betting sites that will give you daily coins and rewards to play CS:GO betting games such as coinflip, poker, blackjack etc.. as well as there are a few that will let you deposit skins instead of money to make the bets.

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