How Many Skins Are in League of Legends in 2023

How Many Skins Are in League of Legends in 2023

As of 2023, there's about 14K unique LoL skins

When writing this article, League of Legends had around 14K unique skins in 2023. Riot has planned a series of new skins and patches for 2023 that will excite LOL fans to spend money on cosmetic updates.

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Updated on: 4/16/2024

League of Legends Skin Count in 2023

League of Legends unveils new skins yearly, with around 130 to 140 new skins released in a calendar year.

For instance, League of Legends released 140 skins in 2022, taking the tally of LOL skins to over 1,400. In January 2023, League of Legends had a whopping total of 1,481 skins, with multiple skins associated with current champions.

Depending on the theme and skin lines, you can buy these skins, including the candy-themed and futuristic skins. In short, every player can find a niche skin according to their taste, aiding League of Legends to deliver an inviting gaming experience.

Since Riot introduces new skins yearly, you can expect around 130 to 140 skins in 2023. These skins fall under eight categories or skin tiers, allowing you to enhance your champions' looks with new voice lines and animations.

Furthermore, each tier has a different appeal and contrasting prices, so you will have to shell out extra RP to purchase top-tier skins.

Here are some stats that will help you determine the pricing and popularity of each tier:
  • There are three skins available in the Timeworn’s 390 RP category (Golden Alistar, White Mage Veigar, and Assassin Master Yi).
  • There are 161 skins in Timeworn’s 520 RP skin tier.
  • There are 129 skins in the Budget skin tier that costs 750 RP.
  • The Standard skin tier has around 333 skins that cost 975 RP each.
  • The Epic skin tier holds the highest inventory of skins (377) that cost 1350 RP each.
  • There are 61 skins in the legendary skin tier, which cost 1820 RP each.
  • The Ultimate skin tier has four skins that cost 3250 RP each.

You can also get special skins in League of Legends, which may be event-specific or time-specific. As of 2022, League of Legends has around 64 skins in this category.


LOL Chroma Skin Tier

The Chroma skin tier has around 235 individual skins, allowing players to customize their Champions with unique looks and textures. These skins are unique and often not counted in the total tally of LOL skins.

These skins are often a copy of different existing skins, and players can only use them once they have the original one. However, Chroma skins offer a personalized texture to your Champion and help you stand out in the crowd.

In short, if you combine the tally of 2750 Chroma skins with 1,481 LOL skins, the total count will 4000.


LOL Timeworn Skin Tier

The Timeworn skin tier has three subcategories with different pricing. These skins are often character-specific and fall below the budget skin tier.

For instance, the Phantom Karthus skin is the only one you can purchase after spending 460 RP. There are no other skins at this price which makes this tier unique.

Likewise, you can purchase three unique skins for Golden Alister, White Mage Veigar, and Assassin Master Yi for 390 RP each. The highest RP required to buy skins in the timeworn tier is 520, offering new visual updates and model changes for your Champions.

(League of Legends Wiki)

LOL Budget Skin Tier

The budget skin tier in League of Legends is a popular destination for players as they can spend minimum RPs to get excellent cosmetic changes. These skins have enhanced visual effects and animations that help your Champions stand out.

However, Riot Games have not updated this tier for a while, and new skin releases are hard to come by. The last release was Unbound Thresh in 2021, the latest addition to this category.

(League of Legends Wiki)

LOL Regular Skin Tier

The Regular skin tier is the most popular category in League of Legends, where you can purchase a skin with 975 RP. You can also refer to this category as the ‘Standard’ tier, which sits above the budget category (750 RP).

The Regular tier offers new splash images and texture to Champions and bundles new sounds and animations. In short, you can upgrade your Champion’s visual with cosmetic changes and immersive qualities.

(League of Legends Wiki)

LOL Epic Skin Tier

The Epic skin tier sits above the standard category and drastically changes your Champion’s aesthetics.

You can purchase an Epic skin after spending 1350 RP, which will give you new textures, visual effects, and sounds. Additionally, Riot introduces special upgrades to Champions, including further voice processing to make the character more immersive.


LOL Legendary Skin Tier

The Legendary skin tier gives access to legendary skins that redefine your Champions. You can purchase a legendary skin with 1820 RP that includes new textures, animations, visuals, and voiceovers. You will also get access to new splash images and sounds that vary for different champions.


LOL Ultimate Skin Tier

The Ultimate skin tier pushes the boundaries of Champion development as it offers the best in business. You can get new models with different forms, animations, textures, voiceovers, and sounds when you purchase skins in the Ultimate tier.

However, this tier is expensive, and you will have to shell out 2775 to 3250 RP to purchase a skin in the Ultimate level. Additionally, the tier provides bonus content for Champions, which is exclusive to this tier.

(League of Legends Wiki)

LOL Legendary+ Skin tier

According to a report, Riot Games might release a new skin tier ‘Legendary+’ to offer more Champion skins to its users. This skin tier will offer better cosmetic skins than the legendary tier and will sit in between the Ultimate and Legendary categories.

The tier will offer new textures, animations, sounds, and voiceovers to Champions, offering users a more immersive experience. You can expect redesigned skins with unique textures and colors to help your Champion stand out.

Furthermore, this new skin tier will feature unique in-game effects and activities for successful executions. In short, players will experience special effects when they perform activities like destroying turrets, eliminating an enemy, or completing objectives.

However, Riot Games have not released any specifics on which Champions will receive these benefits.


Are there any other skin tiers in League of Legends?

Besides the tiers mentioned above, League of Legends also features a premium category known as the Mythic tier, which offers legendary skins for your Champions. These skins usually cost around 100 Mythic Essence, and you can purchase them from the Mythic shop.

Furthermore, a Prestige Edition requires Mythical Skin tokens for purchase. These skins offer unique VFX and splash to your Champion and are often event-specific.

However, you can collect these skins from loot or re-roll or use your Mythic Essence to purchase these skins.


New League of Legends Skins in 2023

League of Legends is famous for two things. First, it is one of the best free-to-play MOBA games; second, you can expect lots of cosmetic updates from the game. In short, LOL is planning a lot for its fans in 2023, and its 13th season will glue you more with irresistible skins.

Here are the new League of Legends skins you will receive in 2023.

MythmakerIrelia, Sivir, Garen, Galio, ZyraLeague of Legends Patch 13.1
Lunar GodsMalphite, Kha’Zix, Qiyana, Thresh, AsheLeague of Legends Patch 13.1b
Heartache & HearthrobAmumu, Vi, CaitlynLeague of Legends Patch 13.3
AstronautXerath, Singed, Fizz, Ivern, KennenLeague of Legends Patch 13.4
Broken CovenantRiven, Nocturne, Miss Fortune, Rakan, Vladimir, Xayah, Cho’GathLeague of Legends Patch 13.5


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To Summarise: What’re Your LoL Skins Pick?

League of Legends is a popular game, and Riot Games put all effort into keeping it that way. The skins players use to provide cosmetic updates to their Champions make the game immersive and appealing.

2023 promises new skins and updates, and players will be hoping that they get cosmetic updates to their favorite Champions.


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