What Is The Highest Level In League Of Legends?

What Is The Highest Level In League Of Legends?

Level 30 is the highest, but there's more...

Wondering what are the top levels in League of Legends? The answer to this convoluted question is a mixed bag. But here’s what it may mean.

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Updated on: 2/16/2024

Understanding LOL Account Levels And Ranked Tiers

Beginners and seasoned players often confuse the significance of account levels and tier ranks.

Let’s get a quick overview of what they are and what purpose they serve in the LOL world.

Account Levels In League Of Legends

Any new LOL account begins in a nominal Level 1 category. Here, your abilities, access to champions, and the most exciting features of the game remain out of reach.

As you play more and more games, you begin gathering XP (LOL Experience Points) that level up your account gradually.

So, what is the highest level in League of Legends when it comes to account level? The answer is Level 30. Your account level will continue increasing as you play. However, beyond this point, it’s an indication of how much you play more than how well you play.

Level 30 gives you enough experience, skill, and game access to begin competing in the more difficult battlefields of Ranked Play.

Ranked Play In League Of Legends

Ranked Play is the name of the mode where you compete with real players and climb up LOL’s classic ladder of tiers.

LOL's ranked tiers take you up to nine levels in a specific sequence.

  1. Iron
  2. Bronze
  3. Silver
  4. Gold
  5. Platinum
  6. Diamond
  7. Master
  8. Grandmaster
  9. Challenger

These ranks are a more accurate indication of how well you play the game. You may get placed in the Iron or Bronze tier as someone with a lower skill level. Alternatively, you may break into higher tiers as your skill improves.

Improving game skills in LOL implies winning more games and earning more LPs (League Points). LOL's ranking mechanism will consider your consistent wins in a specific tier as the development of skill. Hence, you may get bumped up a level or rank to compete with players closer or at par with your skills.

Leveling Up Or Ranking Up In LOL

Once again, climbing the levels and ranks up the LOL player hierarchy means different things. The account level implies raw experience (how long you've played), and your rank represents how well you play.

Increasing Your Account Level

The obvious route to hiking up your account level is playing the game. And playing it frequently and for very long hours.

LOL awards experience points to players as they continue playing the game. To reach Level 30, you may need 30,000-40,000 points. Achieving points at this level may take a player anywhere from 150-200 games at least.

That’s hundreds of gaming hours spent just on reaching the required level.

Use XP Boosts

Using XP Boosts available in the Riot Store will help you gain the required experience faster, saving untold time and energy in the process.

Here are some other ways you can increase/enhance the accumulation of experience in the game.

  • Winning as many games as possible from the get-go.
  • Group up with friends and use champions with increased attack speed to win the early Bot games.
  • Extend the initial Bot games to 20 minutes or more for some added XP.
  • Use experience boosts efficiently.

This table provides a quick overview of common XP boosts and how they work.

Boost TypeHow it WorksBoost Options
Duration BoostIncreases the XP you earn for a specified period, regardless of the number of games played.1 Day, 3 Days, 14 Days, etc.
Win BoostIncreases the XP you earn for the number of games you win, regardless of the time taken.3 wins, 5 wins, 25 wins, etc.

As already mentioned, account levels continue to grow as you cross Level 30 and begin competing in Ranked Play.

For instance, nolifefynn is a veteran of the game with achievements and accomplishments that few other players can rival. His current Summoner level is about Lvl. 3656, during the time this guide was written.

Ranking Up Tiers In LOL

Beyond Level 30, you begin playing in more competitive and challenging scenarios. Ranked Play pitches you against other players of similar skill levels, so increasing your rank implies playing better than your peers.

The tier you start in depends on your playing skill and ability. This ability is determined through placement matches that you may play after reaching Level 30.

So, a more experienced player with a fresh account may jump straight to Silver tier on completion of Level 30. On the other hand, a true beginner may have to start grinding from the Iron tier.

Either way, you start working your way up the tiers, regardless of your starting tier. This process is a long, time-consuming, and often challenging journey.

Matches in Ranked Play award you with League Points (LP). And your LP will determine what rank you belong to.

Matchmaking Rating

Like other MOBAs and Battle Royale games, LOL features an MMR that lets you play against opponents who have similar skill levels as you.

So, each match remains challenging, and the only way to move beyond your current tier is to get relatively better at the game.

ELO Hell

This grind and hustle across every tier become increasingly challenging. That's because your opponents are as skillful as you (if not better) at each level. So, you can easily get stuck grinding in the middle tiers if your skill levels don't improve continuously.

Also, it's not just playing games to earn XP at this point. You have to win frequently and with good margins to climb the tiers. Staying in the same tier level also requires you to put in the grind and put up a minimum number of wins.

Additionally, if you stop playing, the game will demote or decrease your hard-earned ranking too. That’s because other players will keep passing you in XP and LP points.

These factors combine to create ELO Hell', a term coined to represent how players can easily get stuck in the lower or middle tiers. It takes a lot of grinding, winning, additional LP points, and skill improvement to break through this nightmare.

Highest Rank Levels

If you’re one of the fortunate and hardworking few who broke through ELO Hell, then you’re set to reach one of the higher tiers in the game. Of course, that’s assuming that you keep raising your skill level consistently.

Even when it comes to tiers, many people wonder what the highest level in League of Legends and its ranks are.

In this case, the maximum rank you can reach is Challenger. This rank goes to the top few hundred players of each region who score high on skill, victories, kills, LP earned, etc.

However, there is a specified limit to how many players may achieve Challenger status. For instance, RIOT games put a cap on the number of Challenger players selected from each region (200 or 300).

But the tiers below this level remain accessible for anyone willing to improve their game and rank up. So, becoming a Grandmaster in LOL or a Master remains an elusive and demanding task.

To compete in LOL professionally, you may want to aim for Challenger status. That’s when you get noticed by pro teams and clubs looking to recruit new LOL talent.

However, if your aim is to enjoy the game, improve your skill, and see how far you can rank up LOL’s tiers, Master and Grandmaster levels are also among the highest levels you can get in League of Legends.

Best Way To Achieve Highest Levels in LOL

As a beginner, you can purchase XP boosts or team up with friends to grab an advantage while crossing initial levels. However, reaching the highest LOL levels will invariably demand exceptional gaming skills, intelligent strategies, maximum grinding, and a lot of hours.

In other words, there’s no LOL shortcut or easy way to hit Grandmaster ranks or reach the Challenger tier. You simply have to continue getting better and continue putting in the hours every season.

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