Honest Review of SkinBet Betting

Honest Review of SkinBet Betting

Over the years, esports betting has increased considerably within the past few years as the traditional bookmakers and esports sites gradually getting involved themselves with the market. As a result, today, there are plenty of sites you can choose to bet with.

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Updated on: 2/16/2024

Main Skinbet features

Skinbet is still no popular gambling site among users. It offers Jackpot and Coinflip games where you can win skins in CS: GO and VGO. There are much more developments it needs, and it is not popular among the customers and viewers.

Why use Skinbet to bet on Esports?

Of course, most of the newer gambling sites do not always need the recognition they want, but Skinbet offers you something very notable. In a nutshell, it aims to bring back skin gambling and make it great.

While it may seem weird in a competitive gambling market, Skinbet offers a no signup bonus. Another one is that they also provide a 5 % extra on all deposits for every user entering Lords in the Skinbet promo code. You can also earn cash by inviting your friends to join the website using the Skinbet code.

Betting types

Here, all you have to do to win is by playing games. You do not need to place bets on any games. Just as the name, you can wager on your VGO and CS: GO skins, which you can keep for your satisfaction or maybe sell it off for a fair amount of money. After all, it is a gambling site, and losing money will not surprise anyone.

Betting markets

To begin your gambling on the Skinbet site, all you need to do is log in with Steam or Wax Cloud Wallet. Enter your username and type in your password to whichever method you feel is more convenient. The registration does not even take a minute and does not cost you anything. What can be annoying is that you have to complete a 2-stage captcha all the time while entering through Google.

How to deposit?

There are several ways you can Deposit on Skinbet, so you can choose whichever you feel convenient from the list and get an extra 5% to your every deposit:

  • Bitcoin
  • CS P2P
  • Ethereum
  • PayPal

How to pay and withdraw?

The number of the method for withdrawing is comparatively less than depositing. You can use the following ways to withdraw your winning:

  • CS P2P
  • Ethereum

Skinbet is purely for 18+ users only, and they have players from many countries such as the USA, Czech Republic, the Netherlands, Germany, and more.

What is their security like?

Although the site looks completely legitimate, there is no proof that it is, but you can be assured that it is safe when it comes to their security. You do not have to worry about it now since Skinbet operates with an SSL certificate, meaning that you have a secure connection with the service. So, you do not have to worry about your credit card passwords or their information getting snatched by another third party.

What special features does Skinbet offer?

Key Drops

One of Skinbet's Special features is the Key Drop, where you can participate two times in an hour with the effort to win keys by completing tasks provided in the chat. You need to bet a minimum of $ 1 on the site in any game one hour before participating and rank 2.5 % at least in the round you place your bet.


As the name suggests, "make it rain" is where everyone who participates in the bets will eventually win something. You need to have at least $ 1in your balance, and the users that bet $ 5 in a taxed gaming mode for the previous week get 2 minutes to complete the captcha to join Rain.

Types of Games


Skinbet's Jackpot is not very different from the ones you see in the casinos. While just betting with the low price skins, there are chances you may even hit the Jackpot. Of course, the chances of winning increase as you increase the value of the skins you are betting with.

Please keep in mind that there is no guarantee of winning, just with a high value of bets. For skin gambling, this is one of the most fun and exciting ways.


CS: Go coinflip is the same as flipping the coin in real-time with a fifty-fifty chance of winning. Two players on either side of the screen bet their CS: GO or VGO skins on heads or tails, and the winner takes it all. This is the simplest type of betting.

Community & Support

To conclude, the site itself needs complete improvement as it becomes quite inconvenient even to contact customer support. And while having other slight problems in the site, Skinbet is an entirely legal platform, and the trust rate of the users is decent, and it also guarantees withdrawals through CS: GO p2p and Ethereum.

With an SSL connection, all the users' data are secure, so there is nothing to worry about as you browse the website. You get to decide whether Skinbet is a convenient betting site for you or not by having a look for yourself.


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