WTFSkins Review

WTFSkins Review

CS revolutionized the gaming scene with its competitive and teamwork-oriented gameplay. Its success gave rise to some of the most popular E-Sports tournaments in the world.

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  • Available for CSGO and Dota 2


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Updated on: 4/16/2024

WTFSkins Main Features

Wtfskins is one of the oldest CS skin betting sites out there. It has topped the charts and earned itself the title of ‘best skin betting website.

The website’s activity had reached its highest before CS illegal skin betting. Since then, the website has been dealing with VGO skins. Currently, the number of active users peaks at about 600.

Therefore, you can expect a fair amount of activity in the chat boxes. The website has a leader board to showcase people who have won the highest biddings or have collected the website's currency's highest amount.

This makes things more engaging, and therefore you'll have fun playing the games.

Esports Markets

The website has three significant games that the users can play to win skins and gems. The list of the games is given below:

  • Crash: Crash is a simple game where the player needs to predict the highest point, after which the graph will crash. This game is one of the most popular games because of its simplicity and its high odds. You have the option to play safe by cashing out quickly, or you can stick around and earn big.
  • Jackpot: in this game, players will virtually deposit their skin within a pot. In exchange for their skin, they receive tickets that correspond to the skin’s value. A ticket is then selected randomly y the system, and its holder wins every skin in the pot. This is a high-risk game because you either win all or lose all.
  • Roulette: while playing Roulette, you need to bet on colours. You can bet on red, black or green. Green has one slot while red and black have seven slots each. Green has the highest risk to reward ratio at 1:14 while red and black have 1:2.

Extra features

The website also provides nifty options for giveaways and case openings. You can win lots of goodies if you participate in the website's giveaways. They are conducted mainly through Twitter; therefore, make sure you have created your Twitter account.

You can also initiate case openings through the cases button. But it takes place through a website named CSGOLive. If you're okay with dealing with a different website, then you can give it a try.

WTFSkins Design and Navigation

Navigating through the different games within the website is easy because of the individual tabs on the homepage. You need to click on the game you want to play, and its interface will popup.

You can find important information like inventory, winners, odds, and more. On the left-hand side, you will get a chat screen to chat with other players, interact with them, ask for help, and more.

A downside of the website is that the game screen looks a bit cluttered. The chats on the left and the vital information on the right might seem a bit distracting.

You can hide the chat window to free up some space and concentrate on the game.

The website looks better on a mobile screen. It adapts according to the screen size and introduces dropdown menus to keep non-required information out of the way.

The developers behind the website have tried to bring integration and unification through selected features. For example, you can sign into the website using your steam account.

Furthermore, you can choose nine different languages for websites. This makes it easier to understand everything and increases the level of fun.

Community & Support

Wtfskins has always been the go-to website for skin betting. Its vast popularity took a turn after CS illegal skin betting. There is a considerable debate going on regarding VGO skins and their legitimate worth.

If you are interested in VGO skins and betting, then the website can provide a smooth experience. You can directly bet using your VGO skins without the need to exchange them for Gems.

The website provides support in the form of the chat community and officially through Twitter. Therefore it's somewhat necessary to create a Twitter account and follow them if you're willing to use their services in the long run.

Wtfskins is one of the most generous skin betting websites out there. It provides daily bonuses to its users and conducts giveaways to get unique items if you're lucky.

There are two significant downsides to the website. First of them is the lack of continuous 24/7 support and secondly its strict refund policy. Once you deposit your skin or buy gems, you cannot withdraw hard cash or get the exact value refunded.


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