RooBet Promo Codes In 2023

RooBet Promo Codes In 2023

Best RooBet Promo Codes In 2023

Looking for the best RooBet promo codes in 2023? Use ESPORTSLOUNGE to get started.

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Updated on: 2/16/2024

RooBet Codes & Promotions in 2023

The promo codes on RooBet & promotions are a good way to start your gambling journey with the site.

Using Promo codes/referral codes like our RooBet promo code "ESPORTSLOUNGE" you can win Roowards, Roollians, and other great benefits.

RooBetVisit Roobet Now
Offer/BonusUp 70 free spins

Here is a list of promo codes & bonuses to get extra rewards.

  • UFC285
  • Welcome Offer
  • Snoop Dog Event

How To Redeem RooBet Promo Code?

Using and redeeming a ESPORTSLOUNGE RooBet promo code is straightforward. You just need to sign up and type in the referral code for the best benefits.

Here is a step-by-step process on how to do it.

Step 1: RooBet Sign Up

Visit the official RooBet website, and press the register button on the top right corner. You can pick a username, add your email password and generate a password or add your own. Press play now, and you're all set!

Step 2: RooBet Promotions

After you've successfully registered, you will see a free play written on top of the site logo. Click on it to take you to the page where you can add our referral code ESPORTSLOUNGE.

Step 3: Enter Our Promo Code ESPORTSLOUNGE

Click on the promo, type ESPORTSLOUNGE as your referral code, and press enter or click on the redeem promotion just below the small bracket.

Step 4: Bracing Yourself For New Ventures

RooBet rewards its customers based on their levels. Each level has different bonuses and rewards, as shown in the above image. The promo code instantly raises half of the status bar.

Once you've successfully deposited coins to your wallet through cash or crypto, you can increase your levels and start earning big.

What Do I Need To Use A RooBet Promo Code?

Getting the promo code ESPORTSLOUNGE to activate is the easy part since you only need to register on the RooBet website. However, you must make a deposit first to claim the reward and start playing.

The only currency used at RooBet is Roollians, which are cash or crypto deposited, converted, and added into your RooBet wallet. To ensure all players' safety, they strictly follow their KYC, AML & CFT policies. Ensure you follow their terms and conditions to use our promo code ESPORTSLOUNGE correctly.

Here’s what you will need:


Use your Gmail account to register on RooBet and follow the steps above to claim your generous rewards with ESPORTSLOUNGE promo code.


To claim your rewards, you first need to deposit cash or crypto to your iron pouch (wallet) and get it converted into Roollians (site coins). They ensure a regulatory safety check first with their four-step verification, so you know it's safe.

After your first deposit, by entering our referral code ESPORTSLOUNGE, you can claim your rewards which are leveling up and getting 70 free spins along with other exciting prizes.

Minimum Deposit

Rest assured, there are no minimum deposits, but spending and being a regular customer overall gets you perks.

Can I Use Multiple RooBet Promo Codes & How?

Once our RooBet promo code/referral code ESPORTSLOUNGE is used, you cannot add any more referral codes to your account. So choosing a promo code that you really want is the only option.

However, referral codes get you started on the RooBet gambling scenario since Roowards (RooBet's reward system) offers the players (Roobetters) that deposit and play daily a chance to win exclusive rewards with their different programs.

The programs are based on daily rakeback, weekly cashback, and monthly bonuses, all claimed through levelling up your account by being active.

What Can You Get With RooBet Promo Codes?

Promo codes like ESPORTSLOUNGE help Roobetters start off with 70 free spins on their first deposit and levels them up. This gives them a chance to win exclusive prizes when being active and betting on various popular games.

Here is a list of the games you'll find on RooBet to take complete advantage of our referral code ESPORTSLOUNGE.

RooBet Slots

RooBet slots feature approximately 3000 of the most popular slot games you can delve into and win some serious cash and other rewards.

What Do You Get With The Promo Code?

When you sign up, you can use our RooBet promo code ESPORSTLOUNGE, which automatically gifts you various benefits on your first deposit.

RooBet Sportsbook

RooBet Sportsbook is exactly like the official betting but online. RooBet gives you the advantage of a sportsbook in the comfort of your own home, where you can wage bets on various sports like soccer, MMA, Esports, and other various sports to win huge Roollians.

What Do You Get With The Promo Code?

Referral codes like our promo code ESPORTSLOUNGE offer you the chance to win huge wagers on RooBet Sportsbook by simply giving you the best boost on your first but not the last deposits.

RooBet Crash

The crash is a popular game on most casino sites, and RooBet crash is not different from the rest. The same rocket is flying up and hitting multipliers before it crashes somewhere.

This is a high stake wagering game with serious rewards. You can get max multipliers of up to 100x if you play your cards right and become an active Roobetter with perks such as daily Rakebacks, weekly cashback, and more.

What Do You Get With The Promo Code?

By using referral codes like our promo code ESPORTSLOUNGE, the odds of you winning in Crash are increased. Since you're blessed with many rewards later used to wage on this game, the promo codes serve their purpose.

RooBet Live Casino

RooBet's live casino gives you the best online gambling experience featuring many popular games like roulette, game shows, baccarat, poker, drops & wins, etc., with real-time dealers.

You can easily enter one of these tables and have the greatest interactive gaming experience.

What Do You Get With The Promo Code?

Since RooBet offers their loyal customers lots of wonderful perks and bonuses, you can use our referral code ESPORTSLOUNGE and claim them. Make the best of the perks and bonuses, and try your luck waging on one of these games.

RooBet Mines

RooBet Mines is a high stake game that features a 5x5 grid where players place their bets and make their way through the grid, opening the boxes to hunt for gems and avoid the bombs placed.

What Do You Get With The Promo Code?

You can use our referral code/promo code ESPORTSLOUNGE when you register for a new account and claim bonuses on your first deposit to get Roollians and free spins.

RooBet Dice

One of the most popular and common types of gambling is betting on dice. RooBet Dice is a game of chance where you place your bets on a random number and pick a choice between rolling over or under that number.

Depending on the bet, you stand a chance to win handsomely or lose all of it completely.

What Do You Get With The Promo Code?

As mentioned before, the same benefits apply to RooBet dice. You can enter our promo code ESPORTSLOUNGE to win graceful benefits and bonuses so you can earn more and deal with your losses better.

RooBet Tower

RooBet tower is one of the most straightforward games where players don't need a specific strategy to win. It features three tiers containing one star that players need to open to climb up and get more multipliers.

If you miss a star, you lose all your money, which is pretty high staked depending on the money you earn.

What Do You Get With The Promo Code?

Use our RooBet promo code ESPORTSLOUNGE to avail RooBet's loyalty programs and bonuses to win Roollians, bet on towers, and win good cash.

RooBet Plinko

The RooBet Plinko follows its traditional route but has made the gambling experience online. It features a board with pegs, and the game releases the puck from the top, and the prize is awarded wherever the puck concludes.

What Do You Get With The Promo Code?

The various referral codes and our promo code ESPORTSLOUNGE will help you earn better rewards and benefits as you move up in experience. This ultimately helps you end up with winning more cash prizes and more.

Other Promos & Bonuses Available On RooBet

Aside from our referral code/promo code ESPORTSLOUNGE and various referral codes we've mentioned, RooBet offers new and old players exciting bonuses and rewards.

Here is a list of other promos and bonuses available on RooBet.

Referral Bonus

The referral bonus on RooBet offers you a commission of 5% on the first level and adds as you increase in level. The max is ten, and you need to refer many people to cross each level.


RooBet offers a series of three Rakebacks, which can be claimed daily, once a week, or once monthly, and different factors come into play before you claim it.

These rewards are Roollians, the site coins used to place bets on all the games.


Rain is the official RooBet charity event where players that meet certain criteria are awarded Roollians, which are directly transferred to the player's wallet, also known as the Iron pouch.

Free Funds

Other than the promo code bonuses RooBet lets its players earn points by taking various surveys and testing products, apps, or websites. You can later convert these points into Roollians.


This event comes in multiple game sections and awards players exclusive bonuses.


Unlike most gambling sites, RooBet loves its customers and hosts giveaways through events like RooBet's live part streams on all their social media platforms.

These are just some of the many bonuses and promos RooBet offers their players, contributing to a fruitful gambling experience. There are also many exclusive bonuses for each game section that you can check on their website.

Are There RooBet VIP Promotions?

On top of awarding bonuses with promo codes like ESPORTSLOUNGE, RooBet has a special place for its favorite players.

The most active players are invited to join their VIPs program, and those that join are awarded the following perks:

  • RooBet VIP personal account manager.
  • Bonuses Exclusive to VIP holders.
  • Special promotions for VIP players.
  • Invited to all the events in advance.
  • Gifts exclusive to VIPs
  • Responses and feedback are prioritized for VIPs first.

You will be invited to join their VIP program if:

  • You prove your loyalty by playing only at RooBet.
  • You spend time playing on any of their game sections.
  • You are extremely active.

How To Withdraw Profits From RooBet's Promo Code?

Once you've registered on RooBet and entered our referral code/promo code ESPORTSLOUNGE, you can level up and win exclusive rewards and bonuses.

But how do you withdraw these profits from RooBet's promo code? There are several ways:

Withdraw using crypto currency

  1. Open the withdrawal tab and select cash.
  2. Choose crypto as the payment method.
  3. Select a preferred crypto currency.
  4. Enter all the necessary details.
  5. Click on withdraw funds.

Withdraw using a credit card

  1. Open the withdraw tab and select cash.
  2. Choose a card as the payment method.
  3. Enter the amount you want to withdraw and select a card.
  4. Click on pay now.

How To Reset Referral Code On RooBet?

Unfortunately, once you've entered our referral code ESPORTSLOUNGE, you cannot reset your referral code on RooBet again. This is because only one Rooferral can earn a commission through you.

Benefits Of The RooBet Promo Code: ESPORTSLOUNGE

By redeeming our promo code ESPORTSLOUNGE on RooBet, you can unlock various exclusive rewards programs set up by the site owner.

  • Get Boosted- You are directly boosted to level 1 on the daily Rakeback offer.
  • A long-term benefit- The boost is not limited to the daily offer, but half of the points on the monthly and weekly offers are also boosted. This lets you level up quickly and stand a chance to win more exclusive rewards with each level.
  • Free Spins- You get free spins on your first deposit after entering our ESPORTSLOUNGE promo code**.**

Are RooBet’s Bonus & Promo Codes Legit?

RooBet is one of the biggest online gambling sites today, and with that kind of reputation, they only strive to work harder and forward in making each of their customers trust them.

They also secure each one of their player's privacies and credentials by involving various security features like the KYC, AML & CFT policy, among others, ensuring that everyone is safe from fraud and any other illegal cyber threats.

RooBet is also officially licensed by the government of Curacao, and a simple search on Google will reveal happy customers thanking them for their legit promo codes and bonuses.

Why Should I Play On RooBet?

On top of the different game sections with thousand of varieties of games to choose from, promo bonuses and rewards, a loyalty program, and the like, RooBet simply gives their players the entertainment they crave for.

And as mentioned earlier, RooBet's security is tight like no other, and they pride themselves in being one of the most honest online casinos out there with Provably Fair technology to back that up.

Our Experience With RooBet

RooBet is arguably one of our best gambling experiences and is on top of our list.

On top of the security measures the site takes, it is fairly easy to navigate your way through the whole website, but most players’ fresh in the gambling scenario might have a little difficulty with it.

The site could have featured more countries but other than that, they value quality over quantity, so they have all the more premium games, some of the best bonuses, and giveaways just waiting for you to claim.

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