Best Rust Jackpot Sites

Best Rust Jackpot Sites

Top 7 Rust Jackpot Sites Reviewed

Looking for the best Rust Jackpot site in 2023? Say no more! The top three Rust Jackpot sites are HowlGG, RustStake and RustLoot. If you want to know more, keep reading!

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Updated on: 4/16/2024

All Rust Jackpot Sites in 2023


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CSGORoll Review



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Up to 10% on deposits

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Best Rust Jackpot Sites in 2023

  • HOWL.GG - Overall Best Rust Jackpot Site
  • RustStake - Best For Rust Bonuses & Free Coins
  • RustyLoot - Best for Rust Events & Large Community
  • RustChance - Best for Rust Low Ballers Betting
  • RustReaper - Best for Rust Gambling Banking Options
  • RustBet - Best for Rust Giveaways
  • RustyPot - Simplest Rust Jackpot Design


Overall Best Rust Jackpot Site



New customers only. 18+ T&Cs apply.

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HowlGG is by far the best Rust Jackpot site in 2023, and here's why. We tried out this platform for several months and found no issues whatsoever. The platform is incredibly efficient, lavishly polished, and has some of the best Rust gambling games to boot.

We made our first deposit within minutes of checking out the website and placed our bet without any glitches. Deposits are quick, withdrawals are even faster, and the gameplay is absolutely smooth!


Best For Rust Bonuses & Free Coins



New customers only. 18+ T&Cs apply.

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The first thing that blew us away was the amazing interactive animations; everything just looked so appealing! But then came the daily bonuses, which delighted us even more. No wonder this platform grew in popularity within such a short time!

RustStake is by far one of the best Rust jackpot sites in 2023 and second only to HowlGG. We love the leveled reward mechanics and the overall simplicity of the layout; everything seems to fit in place! The site was created by JuicyCSGO, one of the most trusted YouTubers who pays immense attention to CSGO and RUST online gambling.


Best for Rust Events & Large Community



New customers only. 18+ T&Cs apply.

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We love RustyLoot's compact layout, simplistic design, quick deposit, and payoffs. But the most important aspect of this platform would be its amazingly close-knit community of players.

The people who use RustyLoot are genuinely nice and love to chat and make new friends. We didn't see much trolling or trash-talking here, just love, affection, and good conversations. Not to mention, the many Rust events are also a plus point.


Best for Rust Low Ballers Betting



New customers only. 18+ T&Cs apply.

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If we're talking about Rust jackpot sites, RustChance is the place to be. The platform was launched in 2017 and grew to become one of the best Rust jackpot sites in 2023.

We've spent countless hours on this platform and tested its odds repeatedly. We honestly think they have better odds than most of the platforms out there. As for deposits and withdrawals, we didn't encounter any problems there. The platform is celebrated for its exciting lowballers section, which is always filled with action.


Best for Rust Gambling Banking Options



New customers only. 18+ T&Cs apply.

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RustReaper is like an oasis in the middle of the desert; it's the best Rust Jackpot site that accepts multiple banking options! This makes it an amazing choice if you're tired of constantly using skins for every little thing.

We made our first deposit using Bitcoin, and it worked like a charm! Next, we did a direct bank transfer to our RustReaper deposit account; no problems there! Finally, we gave it the old PayPal test, and needless to say, it passed with flying colors.


Best for Rust Giveaways



New customers only. 18+ T&Cs apply.

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We first noticed the incredible simplicity and overall practicality of the platform's design. It was a little off-putting initially, but we soon realized its many benefits. What's more, we were delighted by the many giveaways; it seems this is where the website focuses its funds, which is very smart.

We quickly made our first deposit without any issues. Made our first gamble and even won our first bet within half hour. Would recommend this as one of the best Rust Jackpot sites in 2023.


Simplest Rust Jackpot Design



New customers only. 18+ T&Cs apply.

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Not a fan of high-quality animation that only ends up lagging your computer? Well then, RustyPot is the best Rust jackpot site for you! With a simple and practical design, RustyPot has impressed a massive number of players worldwide, including us.

We have been using the platform since 2019 and continue to do so despite flashier alternatives. That's because it only focuses on what actually matters, which is the gambling design. The platform ensures smooth, quick, and seamless gambling action, not by focusing on flashy animations or graphics but by simply improving the overall mechanics. Honestly, we don't think we'll ever stop using this website.

Compare Best Rust Jackpot Sites in 2023

Betting SiteBonusMinimum DepositAvailable in the U.S# Esports AvailableBetting Types
HOWL.GGRECEIVE $0.50 FREEn/a1Blackjack, Coin Flip, Jackpot, Live Games, Lucky Wheel, Roulette, Skin Betting, Slots
RustStake$0.50 TO DEPOSITn/a1Case Battles, Case Opening, Coin Flip, Jackpot, Lucky Wheel, Skin Betting, Upgrade Sites
RustyLootDAILY BONUSESn/a1Case Battles, Coin Flip, Jackpot, Lucky Wheel, Mines, Plinko, Skin Betting, Upgrade Sites
RustChanceDAILY BONUSES WITH ESPORTSLOUNGE PROMO CODEn/a1Coin Flip, Crash Sites, Lucky Wheel, Marketplace, Mines, Roulette, Skin Betting
RustReaperDAILY BONUSESn/a1Baccarat, Blackjack, Crash Sites, Dice, HiLo, Keno, Limbo, Lucky Wheel, Marketplace, Mines, Plinko, Roulette, Skin Betting, Slots
RustBetDAILY BONUSESn/a1Coin Flip, Jackpot, Skin Betting, Upgrade Sites

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What Is Rust Jackpot Gambling?

It's like normal Jackpot, except you can play using Rust skins! Well, minus a few differences. When it comes to Rust Jackpot gambling, players will have to work with a meter and place their wagers on where exactly the meter will end up.

Making the right prediction will obviously get you a win; making the wrong prediction will lose whatever amount you wagered.

Rust Jackpot Gambling Bonuses

There are several bonuses you can win while playing on Rust Jackpot sites. Each will give you a distinct set of advantages that you can use to win during the game.

Free Spins & Coins

Free spins are perhaps the most common bonus you can find on Rust jackpot sites, and for a good reason. Getting a free spin means getting another turn, increasing the odds of winning. Sites may also offer free coins to your deposit account, which you can use to wager on the next bet.

Free Skins

The great thing about Rust jackpot sites is that they offer players lots of free skins. You can redeem these skins for coins, which you can use for future bets. Some free skins might even be high-tier, giving you a tremendous advantage.

Seasonal Promotions & Events

Fans love seasonal promotions as they happen yearly and always give plenty of bonuses. So come around next Christmas, or maybe during Halloween, and you might get an extra treat!

Free Cases

Case openings are filled with possibilities and allow players to earn valuable loot. It's common for free cases to contain low-mid tier items/skins, free coins, and XP points.

Deposit Bonus

Rust jackpot sites will often reward players by adding a portion of their recent deposit as a bonus. Sometimes, sites even double the entire deposit amount, so remember to choose your amount wisely.

Signup Bonus

It's very common for Rust jackpot sites to give players a small to medium bonus amount upon signing. This is just a little incentive for the players to wet their beaks.

Claiming Bonuses From Top Rust Jackpot Gambling Sites: HowlGG

The process is quite simple and comes naturally even to those who have never done it before. Still, we will guide you through the steps by using the example of HowlGG, the best Rust Jackpot site in 2023.

Step 1: Create Your Account

So the first thing you want to do is go to the HowlGG website and click on the sign-in option. This will take you to a page prompting you to enter your Steam account name and password; go ahead and type them in the box. You will need to log in via your Steam account, so go ahead and create one if you haven't already.

Step 2: Find A Bonus You Want To Claim

On the HowlGG website, you will notice a 'Free Coins' option in the top right corner of the screen. As the name implies, it's a bonus that gives you free coins to use however you wish! Click on the icon to get to the next prompt.

Step 3: Enter Code

Once you've clicked on the option, a separate dialogue box will open, asking you to enter the appropriate promo code needed for this bonus.

As you can see, HowlGG will want the creator code and the flash code to reclaim the Free coins bonus.

Step 4: Claim Your Bonus

Once you've typed the necessary code, you can click on the previously transparent 'claim coins' options. Simply click on them and claim your bonus!

Are There Rust Jackpot Promo Codes

There are numerous promo codes for the Rust jackpot with varying degrees of rewards. Use our promo codes if you're looking for additional bonuses:

Rust Gambling SitePromo CodeBonusGet Started
HowlGGELOUNGE$0.50 to your depositVisit HowlGG
RustStakeESPORTSLOUNGE$0.50 to your depositVisit RustStake
RustMomentESPORTSLOUNGEWill get you free goldVisit RustMoment
Bandit CampESPORTSLOUNGEWill get you free goldVisit Bandit Camp
RustClashESPORTSLOUNGEWill get you free goldVisit RustClash
RustyLootESPORTSLOUNGEWill get you free goldVisit RustyLoot
RustReaperESPORTSLOUNGEWill get you free goldVisit RustReaper
RustBetESPORTSLOUNGEWill get you free goldVisit RustBet
Steam level can impact the bonus

Most sites will give you bonuses with promo codes regardless of your Steam account level, however, many of them will give you additional perks on top if your Steam account is level 5 or higher.

If you want to know more about promo codes on esports betting sites sites, check out:

Where Can You Play Rust Jackpot Games?

Most Rust gambling platforms typically host jackpot games, as it's quite popular. Alternatively, you could also check out Crypto-based online gambling platforms for some Rust jackpot action.

Rust Gambling Sites With Jackpot Games

There are way too many Rust gambling sites to name, so we'll just go with the top three Rust jackpot sites on our minds. They are HowlGG, RustReaper, and RustStake.

Crypto Casinos With Rust Jackpot Games

Although rare, there are some crypto casino platforms that support the Rust jackpot game. One such example is none other than RustReaper, our number one Rust gambling platform that allows players to use several Cryptocurrencies and a string of online payment options.

Rust Jackpot Rules

Rust Jackpot works similarly to a traditional Jackpot wheel but with some slight differences in the rules. The layout for each Jackpot wheel will be different from site to site, which makes it difficult to have a universal set of rules. So, we'll be explaining how a general Jackpot wheel game works.

The Wheel Says It All

The wheel will have a set of identifiers, multipliers, or in the case of Rust Jackpot, icons of live bettors.

Bets Start Before Each Spin

Players are supposed to place their wagers on where the wheel's marker will end up after the spin. This must obviously be done before the countdown finishes, so there's still some time. You can increase the margin up to 10X if you feel lucky, or stick to the usual 1x or anything in between.

Spin The Wheel

Once the countdown hits zero, the wheel will automatically spin. Players must now wait until the wheel comes to a halt. If you guess exactly where the marker lands, you win the bet.

How Rust Jackpot Sites Work

Rush jackpot sites involve signing up, making a deposit, and playing your very first Rust jackpot game. You can achieve this in a few simple steps, as shown below.

How To Get Started With Rust Jackpot Sites

Step 1: Find A Rush Jackpot Gambling Site

Finding a trustworthy Rust jackpot site is easier said than done with all the options out there. For this example, we'll use HowlGG as it is highly trusted and simply the best Rust jackpot site in 2023.

Step 2: Sign Up As A Member

You will first need to have a Steam account, so please create one if you haven't done so already. Once that's done, simply click on the signup option, and it will redirect you to a page displaying your Steam account. Select your account, and it will sign you up on the platform.

Step 3: Make A Deposit

Before you can start playing any game, you will first have to make a deposit.

Step 4: Play Rust Jackpot!

You can start playing Rust jackpot after you have deposited some funds into your account.

Depositing & Withdrawal Methods Available For Rust Jackpot

The most common method is using Rust skins, which can later be redeemed as coins. On the other hand, some sites allow you to deposit real money using bank transfers, PayPal, Gpay, Crypto, or even debit and credit cards.

How To Choose The Best Rust Jackpot Site

There are a few things to keep in mind when selecting a Rust jackpot Site to bet on:

  • Make sure you are using a legal platform that is regulated.
  • The platform should have a provably fair system to ensure honest and fair betting outcomes.
  • Using VPNs is neat, but using a platform that actually works in your region is better.
  • It's always great to rely on some great customer care in case you need to resolve any issues.
  • Always choose a platform that offers tons of bonuses, but stay away from sites that are too good to be true.
  • Avoid scam sites like the plague.

What Are The Odds Like For Rust Jackpot Games?

Jackpot games are known to be extremely volatile, with polar opposite probabilities on most turns. The odds for such a game are highly unfavorable, as most turns will result in early crashes with only a tiny amount soaring to the heights you wish to see.

How to Win Playing Rust Jackpot

Rust Jackpot is mostly about luck and probability; it has nothing to do with individual skill. This naturally makes devising a surefire strategy almost impossible.

Bet The Same Amount Each Time

Limiting your bets to a specific amount is a great way to do some damage control, which is absolutely necessary when you're a beginner.

Use All The Help You Can Get

Don't risk your money; use ESPORTSLOUNGE promo code, welcome bonuses and other promos online to get you some instead! Save up on those codes, and cash them in all at once to give yourself a significant boost.

Rust Jackpot games are absolutely legal and fair as long as the following conditions are met.

  • The platform must be regulated for user safety and privacy
  • Platform should have a great number of positive reviews from trusted sources.
  • There should not be any scam activities happening on the site.
  • The site must carry all the necessary licenses.
  • The platform should be trusted in the Rust gambling community.

Is It Safe And How To avoid Rust Jackpot Scam Sites

Rust jackpot is absolutely safe if you are using a trusted platform. But it is not safe to play Rust jackpot on a fake or scam site, so avoid these at all costs.

Don't enter your personal information without triple-checking the website. Look for reviews about the website and see what other trusted platforms have to say about them.

History Of Rust Jackpot Sites

The term jackpot is actually used to describe a massive win in a slot game, or rather, the biggest win. This term got adopted to several other games and activities, which involved a large and tremendous win.

After the release of the popular online PVP game Rust, online gambling platforms eventually started being flooded with Rust skins and items. Fast forward to a few years later, and we have our very own Rust Jackpot game hosted by some of the best Rust jackpot sites out there.

What Other Rust Gambling Games Are There?

Rust gambling doesn't only involve rust jackpot games but rather a whole collection of exciting activities. Some of the most common games include Slots, Blackjack, and Coin Flip.

Rust Coin Flip

Rust coin flip is by far the simplest Rust gambling game to ever exist. Just place your wager on one of two possible outcomes; heads or tails. If you guess right, you win! If not, too bad!

Rust Blackjack

Rust fans can enjoy an amazing game of Rust blackjack using Rust skins. It's obviously one of the oldest and most traditional card games in the world, so why shouldn't Rust have its own rendition?

Rust Slots

Ignore strategy and intuition, relying purely on faith, probability, and chance; that's the slot machine for you! Now, Rust fans can enjoy amazing Rust slots at several Rust Jackpot sites like HowlGG, RustReaper, etc.

Rust Crash

Rust crash betting is simple. You place your bet on up-words moving object, and your gamble is to say when its going to “crash”. But the trick is, the higher it goes, the greater is the multiplier and the bigger the chance of it to crash. So don’t be greedy and play on the safe side.


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