World of Tanks Competitive Scene

World of Tanks has been a part of esports since December 2016, and it has since become a huge hit among all the esports fans. It is a highly competitive game and can be played in many different forms, including the mobile game, Xbox One, Xbox 360, PlayStation 4, the board game and even using the card game. Xbox 360 and PlayStation 4 are some of the most popular ways to compete in a World of Tanks competition or tournament.

Some of the biggest tournaments that have taken place to date include the frequent Clan Scuffles, the WGL Champions Rumble, and WoT Blitz. Each of these tournaments has amassed fans from far and wide to participate in the epic battles.

World of Tanks Competitive Seasons

The competitive seasons of World of Tanks take place quite frequently and can vary according to the organizing committee’s scheduling. However, the yearly season takes place from March to December. This is more than enough time for all the competitive tournaments to be scheduled. Currently, the competitive season has wrapped up for the year and will return in a few months with more exciting tournaments.

World of Tanks competitive seasons feature several different national and international tournaments that bring together herds of World of Tanks players and lovers alike. Seasons have not gone through any major changes and are not expected to for a little while as most gamers and organizers are happy with the current format.

The upcoming competitive season will tentatively start in March 2020 but depending on those organizing the tournaments for the game, there is a possibility that the season might begin later than March 2020.

World of Tanks game Basics

World of Tanks is based in World War II and throws players into intense combat, where they have control over a vehicle of their choice. Each vehicle possesses special strengths and weaknesses that are particular to that vehicle’s type. There are five different types of vehicles that the player can choose from, including self-propelled guns, light tanks, medium tanks, heavy tanks, and tank destroyers.

Maps are selected at random, and the player is placed randomly on that map and must either destroy all the vehicles of the opposing team or capture the opposing team’s base. Six types of battles can be played, including team training, random, a tank company, team, stronghold and special battles.

Players have reported that the elements that make this game unique include how realistic the creators have made the gameplay. The vehicles have been modeled after actual World War II vehicles, but with modernized twists and the scenes and situations of the game are as historically accurate as a game can get.

A pro World of Tanks player can be easily differentiated from an average one because a professional will be able to think on his or her feet, and they will have ample knowledge of what their strongest vehicular choice should be. A professional player can strategize and implement those strategies, while also improvising along the way. An average player will lack in all the abilities mentioned above and will play to survive but will not win with such a gaming style.

WoT Inventory

There are four types of in-game currency in World of Tanks, including credits, research points, free tank research points and gold.

Gold is the most versatile in-game currency, but it can only be bought with real money and can be used to buy tanks, ammunition, buy camouflage paint, convert into research points and even train your crew.

Credits are earned during the game and can be used for upgrades, buying tanks and ammunition, and other such items, but these items cost a lot of credits.

Research points and free tank research points allow you to unlock new equipment and vehicles. However, tank research points only allow you to unlock a tank, while free tank research points allow you to unlock any tank of your choosing. Research points are converted from the experience points you earn during the game, and each type of research point has a different conversion rate.

World of Tanks Meta

The most effective tactics available in this game include understanding each vehicle category and playing to your strengths accordingly, having a team of the same expertise level as yourself, strategizing with your team, and exhibiting teamwork to achieve one of the two objectives of the game. All these tactics work on their own or even in combination with one another to ensure your victory. Making strategic use of vehicular mechanics, like camouflage, can also be of great help, especially if you and your team are trying to capture the opposing team’s base.

However, the meta mentioned above can be put at risk if there is even a single team member in your team who is not at the same level as the rest or is not playing at the top of their game. This game is not forgiving when it comes to teamwork and if even a single-player is out of place, your team’s entire strategy can be exposed, and the opposing team can catch this weak spot and make their way to victory.

World of Tanks Team Composition

World of Tanks esports allows for teams of 2, teams of 3, and teams of 7 to play against equal-sized teams. While there are no formally assigned characters in the game, players get to choose their vehicles for combat and most esports teams choose to incorporate a diverse selection of vehicles in a single team, making it easier for them to strategize accordingly. Also, while there is no structure of the team and this game encourages teamwork, there are still some esports teams that choose to enlist a single person as the captain (who takes charge during the battles).

Players can choose from many different tanks, which are categorized into light tanks, medium tanks, heavy tanks, tank destroyers, self-propelled guns, and main battle tanks. Each has their strengths and weaknesses, which is why it is more effective to have a variety on a single team. Also, teams are encouraged to play a balanced game between offensive and defensive techniques.

However, when the competition is played using the clan wars format, then a commander is appointed from each team and the commander is the one to strategize in corroboration with his or her team members.

Game Modes

The different game modes or battles that can be played include random battles, team-training, team battles, stronghold, and special battles. The most popular game mode played in esports is stronghold because it is one of the two components of the clan wars and clan wars are the most popular way to play the game in competitions. The other component of clan wars is the global map, which is divided into four different zones (occupied by different participating teams). The game modes are permanent, especially clan wars, which are frequently played in esports tournaments.

Currently, the creators of the game have announced the addition of a new game mode called Confrontation. No details have been released, but it is said to be a brilliant addition to the game.

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