Apex Legends Esports

Apex Legends Esports

Everything you need to know about Apex Legends esports

Apex Legends is one of the topnotch games of this decade. It is a battle royale game developed by Respawn Entertainment. When it comes to the number of players, Apex Legends broke Fortnite’s record and had 10 million players in just the first three days of its release, 25 million in the first week, and 50 million in four weeks – for which Fortnite took 16 weeks.

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Updated on: 4/16/2024

Apex Legends Live Matches

Mid-Season Invitational

Team One

Bilibili Gaming



Team One



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CCT Global Finals

Team One




Team One



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Omen Retake

Team One




Team One

ABT Esports


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King Pro League

Team One

AG Super Play



Team One



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Team One

Joy Dream



Team One

Bilibili Gaming Junior


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Apex Legends Tournaments

Counter-Strike UKIC Division 1 2023

Updated on: 10/24/2023

Dota 2 Blizzard Brawl New Year Decider 2024

Updated on: 1/19/2024

LoL North American Challengers League Spring 2024

Updated on: 1/21/2024

LoL Hitpoint Masters Spring 2024

Updated on: 1/23/2024

King of Glory King Pro League Spring 2024

Updated on: 1/31/2024

Apex Legends Competitive Scene in 2023

Being a ‘Next Big Thing’ in the world of esport, Apex Legends has launched several competitive seasons and tournaments running locally, regionally, and even worldwide. When the teams are in Apex Legends tournament, they need to fight hard for the points and bonuses adhering to the rules of the game, which differ from tournament to tournament.

So far, there have been three top tournaments of Apex Legends:

  1. X Games Minneapolis Apex Legends tournament
  2. EA Preseason Invitational Apex Legends tournament
  3. Twitch Rivals TwitchCon Apex Legends Showdown

Apex Competitive Seasons

Competitive seasons are limited seasons launched for any video game. Players are awarded limited-time battle passes to get new cosmetic items if they complete in-game challenges within time, i.e., before the season ends. Often changes the in-game map, as well as added gameplay features, are also added to new competitive seasons.

Apex Legends has recently launched its Season 3 on October 1, 2019. As per the official announcement, Season 3 is to end on February 4, 2020. Respawn Entertainment claims Season 3 to be the most competitive season of all time.

Season 3 ‘Meltdown’ has introduced many new changes and features such as a new legend named Crypto; a new weapon called Charge Rifle, a new map ‘World’s edge’ and a new train that travels throughout World’s edge along with new battle passes and significant changes made to Ranked. Further changes are brought in Meta by introducing new attachments, removing older ones, and adding to what current items can do.

A new season i.e., Season 4, is also underway to be launched in December 2019. The exact date is not released yet. However, Apex Legends enthusiasts are waiting to see new characters, weapons, and game changes introduced in Season 4.

Apex Legends Tournament Scene

A tournament in esport is just like a real-time sports tournament played on the ground. The only difference is that esport tournaments come in the form of video games. Each tournament comes with its own number of matches, number of teams, a prize pool, and the rules and regulations. The last team standing is the winner of the entire tournament and is awarded with the prize pool.

There are several local, regional, and worldwide Apex Legends tournaments made available from time to time. Apex Legends tournaments are referred to as the “Next Big Thing’ by esport enthusiasts, meaning they have increasing popularity over time. So far, the biggest prize pool for Apex Legends tournament has been $500,000 by EA Preseason Invitational Apex Legends tournament and $500,000 by Twitch Rivals TwitchCon Apex Legends Showdown.

An upcoming tournament for Apex Legends is Second Pro Invitational on Alvernia Studios Krakow, Poland. Eighty teams from around the world will be competing throughout the tournament. This is definitely going to be spectacular as many new teams will be coming ahead. Remaining is to seem where EXP Apex Legends Invitational at X Games Minneapolis winner Team SoloMid stands at this tournament.

Apex Legends Game Basics

Apex Legends has more than 50 million concurrent players. With competitive scenes and exciting gameplay, Apex Legends is a big hit when it comes to battle royale and hero shooter mixed genre. With more than eight different characters and new characters upcoming in new seasons, Apex Legends has not lost its spark yet.

The main objective of the game is to be the last team standing. As you drop on the Apex Legend’s map, it keeps shrinking over time. What you need to do is fight enemy squads and collect loot like as many weapons and armor as possible.

The game features a maximum of 60 players, which means 20 teams with three players each. What differentiates a pro player from an average player is how well you manage to be in the safe zone as the map shrinks. The teams need to have the best strategy and exceptional team planning.

The winner at EXP Apex Legends Invitational at X Games Minneapolis Team SoloMid claims to strategize the game just before the start of the tournament, keeping in view the rules and objectives of the game. So the key is to play your character’s role best in order to survive through the game.

Apex Inventory System

Interestingly, Apex Legends come with not one but three In-game currencies, and the same are to be earned in Apex esport tournaments as well. These are:

  • Crafting Metals: As each round of the game/tournament ends, the teams are rewarded with Apex Packs. These are used to buy cosmetic items as well as different skins such as Legendary, Epic, Rare, and Common.
  • Legend Tokens: These are earned in every match you play, based on your performance in the game. These come totally free and are used to get cosmetic items and unlock new characters.
  • Apex Coins: These are to buy characters and cosmetic items. A team can also buy Apex Coins with real currency.

As you play the game, you need to gather various cosmetic items such as weapons, banner frames, badges, and skins, etc. by gathering and hunting.

Apex Legends Meta

With each new season, the game Meta changes. The same is the case with Apex Legends and its recent release of Season 3. Many things such as legends, items, and mechanics, changed in Season 3. The new Meta of season 3 resides in Bangalore. The damage of the ultimate ability of Bangalore, Rolling Thunder, is increased to 40 from 20. This skill set is what makes Bangalore stronger in the new Meta.

Moreover, Sniper duels, Charge Rifle and Anvil Receiver hop-up are also a significant part of this Meta. All of these weapons and enhanced abilities of Bangalore in this new Meta make season 3 far more competitive.

Apex Team Composition

As mentioned above, Apex Legends come with 20 teams of 3 players. Each player has to choose from one of the game legends and play the role accordingly. Each legend acquires three unique abilities, say a passive, a tactical ability, and an ultimate.

Following are the legends in the game:

  • Bangalore

    • Passive Ability: Double time
    • Tactical Ability: Smoke Launcher
    • Ultimate Ability: Rolling Thunder
  • Caustic

    • Passive Ability: Nox Vision
    • Tactical Ability: Nox Gas Strap
    • Ultimate Ability: No Gas Grenade
  • Lifeline

    • Passive Ability: Combat Medic
    • Tactical Ability: D.O.C. Heal Drone
    • Ultimate Ability: Care Package
  • Octane

    • Passive Ability: Swift Mend
    • Tactical Ability: Stim
    • Ultimate Ability: Launch Pad
  • Wattson

    • Passive Ability: Spark of Genius
    • Tactical Ability: Perimeter Security
    • Ultimate Ability: Interception Pylon
  • Bloodhound

    • Passive Ability: Tracker
    • Tactical Ability: Eye of the Allfather
    • Ultimate Ability: Beast of Hunt
  • Gibraltar

    • Passive Ability: Gun Shield
    • Tactical Ability: Dome of Protection
    • Ultimate Ability: Defensive Bombardment
  • Mirage

    • Passive Ability: Encore
    • Tactical Ability: Psyche Out
    • Ultimate Ability: Vanishing Act
  • Pathfinder

    • Passive Ability: Insider Knowledge
    • Tactical Ability: Grappling Hook
    • Ultimate Ability: Zipline Gun
  • Wraith

    • Passive Ability: Voices from the void
    • Tactical Ability: Into the Void
    • Ultimate Ability: Dimensional Rift

Apex Legends Game Modes

Apex Legends has a number of different permanent and seasonal game models. Currently, there are five game modes with Ranked Leagues being the most competitive one.

The two game modes, Training and Play Apex, are available since the launch of the game. Each comes with its own challenges.

Another game mode, Firing Range, has been added to the game on November 5, 2019, offering more excitement and enthusiasm in the game.

Ranked Leagues was introduced in Season 2 of Apex Legends, where all the players come with a similar skill level. Game is played in similar tiers, and these tiers from highest to lowest are Apex Predator, Diamond, Platinum, Gold, Silver, and Bronze.

Duos Mode is a limited game mode available from November 5, 2019, to November 20, 2019, which allows a pair of players instead of three players in a team.

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