Starcraft 2 Gambling

Starcraft 2 Gambling

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Starcraft 2 is definitely among the best real-time video strategy games in the world of gaming. Considering the fact that Starcraft 2 has only been in existence for less than a decade, the levels of popularity it has garnered all over the world is simply astonishing.

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Updated on: 2/16/2024

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What is Starcraft 2 Betting?

Starcraft 2 betting is essentially where punters place their wagers on the potential winner of a match or a tournament. Punters can mostly bet on live matches in this game.

A few years after the game was launched, Starcraft 2 witnessed massive growth due to the fact that live streaming was widely accessible in South Korea where the game is extremely popular. The involvement of the game's developers, Blizzard also gave it a big push in North America.

Another reason which affected Starcraft 2 eSports betting momentum is the battle of the broadcasting rights in Korea. Fortunately, they have sorted out their differences with the game's developers and so Starcraft 2 is back in the eSports betting scene with a bang.

Although the introduction of Dota 2 and League of Legends also disrupted Starcraft 2 eSport phenomenon for a while, it still remains a favorite among punters as well as bookies. As of now, Starcraft 2 is definitely emerging as a competitive sport and will continue to remain so for a while.

Starcraft 2 has its own World Championship Series organized by Blizzard Entertainment. The grand finales are held every year in California during the annual BlizzCon at Anaheim. The 2019 WCS Global finals concluded on November 1.

Starcraft 2 Betting with Real Money

The heart of eSports betting is the lure of real-world money, and it is the same with Starcraft 2 betting. The potential to win good cash that can be used in the real world is what drives the world of eSports. The generous prize pools attached to Starcraft 2 tournaments are also what draws the crowd.

In Starcraft 2 betting with real money, punters have a wide range of markets to bet on. It is because the game is a hit among viewers and players alike and therefore bookies and organizers do not hesitate to put a fat wallet behind it.

As a punter in Starcraft 2 games, you can bet in the following categories:

  • Match Winner

    Punters bet on the outcome of a specific match. In Starcraft 2, this market is also called Straight, Money line and Head to Head depending on the bookmakers. Different names but they are the same bet so don't get confused. Typically the odds on the teams are a reflection of their skills in the previous matches.

  • Correct Map Score

    Here, punters wager their money on the final scores of the match. Odds typically reflect the bookies' perception of the winner.

  • Map Winner

    In this category, punters place their bets on the player who has the potential to win the individual map in the matches.

  • Outright Winner

    Here, you wager your money on the potential winner of the overall tournament as opposed to winning a single match in the tournament.

Starcraft 2 Betting Types

Considering the popularity of the game in the world of eSports betting, the types of bets with Starcraft 2 are not very diverse. However, it does not disappoint either. The different types of bet with Starcraft 2 betting are:

  • Live Bets

    Punters need to have placed their bets long before the game starts and they need to watch the game live. The best strategy for this type of bets is to concentrate on a couple of matches as betting on too many live matches makes it difficult to monitor the odds.

  • Money Line Bets

    This is a regular and a straightforward bet where punters bet on the outcome of a match or a tournament.

  • Special Odds

    Here, you bet on special events that include which player will expand first or which player will cap his supply and so on. In these types of bet, it is best to takes notes form the bookies and follow their lead.

  • Hedge Bets

    Another type of bets available in Starcraft 2 is hedge bets. It involves gauging the different types of bets and betting against the original bet, which reduces your risk.

Starcraft 2 Trading

Trading in Starcraft 2 is typically about selling, buying and making some sort of exchange with in-game items and other items related to the game. In Starcraft 2, a lot of trading is common between players within the game as well as on other third-party platforms.

Skin trading with Starcraft 2 is not very common even with reputed platforms such as the Steam community. However, there are other items that are commonly traded on third-party platforms such as elitepvpers. Different trading items include:

  • Boosting and leveling services
  • In-game items
  • Starcraft 2 accounts for real money
  • Starcraft 2 game for a different game
A note of caution: Before you make any trade or transaction, always make sure to check out that your privacy and security is not compromised. At the end of the day, we need to play and gamble responsibly and safely.

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