Hearthstone Gambling

Hearthstone Gambling

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One of the hottest Trading Card Game or TCG of the moment is the Hearthstone. It is owned by the same company that owns big names as Warcraft and StarCraft. The primary reason why it is gaining popularity is the availability of different play styles with each class within the game.

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Updated on: 4/16/2024

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What is Hearthstone Betting?

Similar to other eSports betting, Hearthstone betting involves punters who wager their money on players who they think have the most chance at winning a game. Bettors in Hearthstone can bet with real world money as well as with other in-game items with other players.

Unlike other games, Hearthstone had a quick and hurried entry into competitive betting. It was mostly due to the fact the Blizzard Entertainment lost no time in setting the battlefield for the first tournament. Within one year of the game’s release, Blizzard Entertainment had already distributed more than $1 million in prize money, which is quite commendable.

The game has a steady speed in the competitive scene, and it does not look like it will slow down anytime soon. There is a Hearthstone challenge that is taking place, whether at a coffee shop or at a regional level, at any point during the year where players try to qualify for the Hearthstone World Championship. The regional qualifiers are also called Fireside Gathering.

Qualifiers from the four regions, namely Europe, America, Asia-Pacific, and China, typically compete at the Hearthstone World Championship. The championships are held during the BlizzCon at Anaheim in California from November 1st to the 2nd which takes place every year.

The prize money at the Hearthstone World Championship is no less than a million dollars, which ignites the interest of many gamers and bettors alike.

Hearthstone Betting with Real Money

Half the thrill of playing tournaments and world championships is driven by the possibility of making real world money. And this is the same feverish excitement that drives the bettor as well as the bookies related to Hearthstone betting with real money.

Because Hearthstone has kicked up a serious storm in eSports betting, the markets for punters are no less different from other games. In this section, we look at the different markets that punters can bet on with Hearthstone:

  • Match Winner

    It is the most common category available to punters. Here you will bet your money on the potential winner of a match. You do not require in-depth knowledge about the game or eSports betting in general.

    It is also known as by different names, including money line, head to head, and straight, depending on the bookies.

  • Outright Winner

    It is also very common in Hearthstone betting with money where bettors place their money on the potential winner in the tournament. In this category, punters are required to place their bets long before the tournament begins.

  • Tournament Winner

    Here, punters place their bets on a team that might have the potential to win the entire tournament and not just a specific match. This requires more skill and understanding of the game, as there is more risk involved.

Hearthstone Betting Types

Given that Hearthstone has been a hot topic for a couple of years, it is no surprise that the market for betting options as varied. It reflects the confidence that many of the big bookmakers have on the game.

The different types of Hearthstone betting types are:

  • Live Betting

    This has become a popular phenomenon with Hearthstone betting. It is mostly due to the fact that the live streaming of tournaments and games are widely accessible across all platforms and devices. The best strategy for winning these types of bets is to stay glued to the game and place your bets.

  • Bitcoin Betting

    In Hearthstone, punters can also place their bets using cryptocurrency, primarily Bitcoin. The majority of the big names in bookmaking accept Bitcoin for eSports betting. The best tip while using cryptocurrency is to play only with a bookie that has a license.

  • Special Bets

    These types of bets involve betting on how many cards are required by one player to smash up the opponent’s decks and which Hearthstone might be drawn by a player. The chances of these events occurring are rare, but when it happens, punters win big. It also adds a whole dimension of excitement to the game.

  • Odds Juggling

    This type of bet is rather unique to Hearthstone. Here, you pick a couple of odds from a number of bookies and place your bets on the teams with the best odds. It is a way of securing your income by spreading your money on a number of wagers.

Hearthstone Trading

In the same lines with the other games, Hearthstone trading involves players who sell, buy, or exchange/trade in-game items with each other or on third party platforms. The items are exchanged or traded for another of the same value. Hearthstone trading also involves selling the accounts for cash.

In-game items are also traded for items of the same value or for cash on third party platforms such as g2g. In-game items that are traded on this platform include top-up or reload cards for cash and boosting services for cash. Among all these, trading with accounts carries the most amount of real world money, with some ranging up to $400 and $500.

Although the above-mentioned platform is a credible one, it is always wise to check out the seller and whether you are safe and protected before making a transaction with any party online.

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