Rocket League Esports

Rocket League Esports

Everything you need to know about Rocket League Esports

Rocket League, developed by Psyonix, released in July 2015 on Windows and PlayStation 4, 2016 on Xbox One, macOS and Linux, and November 2017 on Nintendo Switch. It has become a popular game for its interesting concept of cars playing soccer. Rocket League is a soccer video game played by rocket-powered cars. Up to four players can play on one of two teams.

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Updated on: 4/16/2024

Rocket League Live Matches

No matches currently live - check back soon ⏰

Rocket League Tournaments

As mentioned above, Rocket League esports tournaments take place quite frequently. Different matches take place at least once every two weeks. Many tournaments are currently open for registration and have been scheduled until April of this year.

Online tournaments are very popular as the general target demographic of the game are teenagers, so the ease of access that comes with online tournaments allows them to compete. However, offline tournaments (while not a very frequent occurrence) are also quite popular and allow for Rocket League lovers to interact with one another on a platform that encourages skill improvement and friendly competition.

Some of the biggest prize pools that have been generated from Rocket League esports tournaments have been at $125,000. Different kinds of tournaments that take place include regionals, championships and LANs. Some of the most popular tournaments are championships because they generally amass the greatest number of competitors from all over the world.

No tournaments currently live - check back soon ⏰

Rocket League Competitive Scene

Rocket League esports is a moderately competitive game, but it is quite popular because of how easy it is to play. Competitive seasons and tournaments are set to take place for 8 months each year. This period is considered to be the peak at which the game is played, so it allows gamers to participate in competitive tournaments.

Rocket League joined the esports lineup in 2016 and has since become a popular asset to the platform, forming its very own league and holding annual championship series as well. Some of the most popular means of competing in tournaments are on Xbox One and PlayStation 4. Tournaments take place both online and offline as they are a popular platform for Rocket League lovers to compete on. Some of the biggest tournaments that have taken place so far include the Rocket League Championship Series (which takes place annually), the Grand Yee Series, and the Sommer-Schnee Cup.

Rocket League Competitive Seasons

Rocket League has hectic competitive seasons, with tournaments taking place on a bi-weekly basis. It is a popular esports game and gathers quite the crowd for its championship tournaments. Tournaments are played online and offline, but the online ones are more popular. Currently, the competitive seasons stretch for about 8 months every year, from November to June. This is the most popular time for both online and offline tournaments because most gamers have the time to compete during the holidays and vacation, as it is peak season for Rocket League esports.

A competitive season features competition at least twice a week and an annual championship series. Upcoming competitions include the second season of the Rocket League World Championship series, Rocketmania and AMD Masters 2020. So far, no major changes have been announced for Rocket League esports as the current format of the competitive seasons has been very well received since the inception of Rocket League esports.

Rocket League Game Basics

Rocket League is a very easy game to understand. Basically, players join a team of four, who make up their team for a particular match. Each player is required to choose a rocket-powered car, which they will use to kick a ball across the field. The ball is much bigger than the cars, which adds some difficulty to the game. The main objective of the game is to get the ball to the other team’s goal to score points and eventually win the match. There are around 65 different cars that a player can choose from.

Players can gain different boosts when they pass over different points within a field. A typical match lasts around 5 minutes long.

A pro-player and an average player can be differentiated from each other by the way they handle the ball during a match. Pro-players know what to do with the ball to score a goal and they utilize teamwork in order to accomplish this. However, an average player is likely to stumble on the ball and make blunders during the short five minutes of a single match.

Rocket League is a unique game because it combines rocket powered-cars and soccer to make an entertaining bundle. Those who play the game can gain expertise by clocking in more gaming hours.

Rocket League Inventory

Recently, credits replaced keys as the new Rocket League in-game currency. Credits can be bought with real money and they can be used to buy items and other upgrades in the Item Shop or they can be traded for other items with different players. Credits can be used to upgrade the Rocket Pass and build blueprint items as well.

Rocket League Meta

The most effective tactics available in this game include; practicing and communicating with your team. Practice is the best way for you to become an expert at this game. It can allow you to learn all of the different fields and gain skills that you could never get without experience. Practice will also help you understand how different cars work and which ones suit your skillset the most.

Communication is also key because it can help you and your team score goals. Without communication, your game will be a mess because no one will understand what to do and everyone will be going around headless. However, effective communication will provide you with the power to win each match.

The game’s meta can be placed at risk if your team has an overconfident team member. Such a team member will throw off your team’s synchronization and they will likely be unable to keep up with your team’s pace. Also, a new/overconfident team member will not have the ability to communicate as effectively with others on the team and this may lead to the downfall of your team in different matches.

Updates that you are not aware of can also throw off your meta because they might render your experience useless if there are major changes made to the game.

Rocket League Team Composition

There are no particular roles of the different players on each team of Rocket League. However, team members are expected to play an equal role in the scoring of goals within a match. Also, it is preferred to have team members with an equal level of expertise within the same team. It is up to the teams whether they want to play offense or defense and which player they want to assign as the goalkeeper.

Typical Rocket League esports teams can be found worldwide and can have between 3 and 4 players. Each player has an equal role in the team and teams generally strategize and implement their strategies together. In tournaments and matches, two teams play against one another (like a typical soccer game).

Rocket League Game Modes

There are several different game modes, including both single and multiplayer ones. Some game modes can only be played online, while others can be played offline as well. Soccer is the standard game mode. Snow Day is played using a puck instead of a ball. Hoops is another game mode in which the goal is replaced by a hoop. In Rumble, players are given random power boosts after every 10 seconds in a typical soccer match. Dropshot is the final game mode which requires players to put the ball through the floor instead of a goal.

The most popular game mode that is used in competitive play is Soccer because of the fact that it allows for both online and offline play and has an ideal setup for tournaments. However, all of the other game modes are also played in tournaments on occasion. Soccer is a permanent game mode used in competitions and never goes off season. Currently, no new game modes have been announced.

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