Heroes of the Storm Gambling

Heroes of the Storm Gambling

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Heroes of the Storm is a MOBA (Multiplayer Online Battle Arena) game released by Activision Blizzard. The core concept of the game draws convincing inspiration from one of the pioneers of multiplayer strategy games –Dota. However, the game provides some distinct elements of its own to give it a unique gameplay experience to its dedicated players.

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Updated on: 4/16/2024

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What is Heroes of the Storm Betting?

Placing bets on HotS simply means putting wager on some specific outcomes of the game like first blood, map wins, number of kills, etc. Heroes of the Storm betting isn’t as significant or pronounced as compared to some of the biggest games in the e-sports scene such as LOL, CS, or Dota. This is primarily due to the fact that HotS is still a relatively new game, and is still in its developmental stages.

However, that does not necessarily mean, Heroes of the Storm is maintaining an incognito status in the e-sports scene. In fact, HotS is one of the more popular games that is gaining quick reputation in the market for providing a familiar yet distinct gameplay style. The game features the traditional 5Vs5 gameplay with over 87 different playable characters, and a normal HotS game usually last up to an average time span of 20 minutes. HotS players can also choose from 15 different battlegrounds. However, the unique aspect of this feature is that every battlefield has its unique “meta” and objectives which makes the game even more entertaining and challenging as well.

However, in terms of how popular the game is in terms of professional competitions, Heroes of the Storm is one of the most lucrative e-sports games in the present scenario. The game has ample of competitive tournaments scheduled throughout the year with some of the biggest prize pools in the e-sports scene.

The tournaments are classified into three tier competitions which are obviously targeted for different sections of the gaming community. Tier I events are usually the ones that features the top HotS teams from around the globe. The prize money is these events also boast of some generous figure. In fact, the 2018 Heroes of the Storm World Championship Finals featured a massive total prize pool of $1,000,000. Other than that the prize money for South Korea, North America, and Europe Heroes of the Storm Championship phase each had a prize pool of $425,000 each.

Heroes of the Storm Betting with Real-Money

The highly lucrative prize pools of Heroes of the Storm tournaments make it one of the hottest e-sports games for punters to bet their money on. Heroes of the Storm is also one of the few e-sports games that maintains a consistent competitive status due to its ample number of tier II and tier III tournaments throughout a particular season.

Some of the most common markets for punters to place bets on Heroes of the Storm include:

  • Match Winner

    Match winner bet is the most fundamental form of betting, irrespective of what sport you place your wage on. The two teams are assigned with a pre-game winning odds figure. Placing your bet on the favourites provides an easy profit, but, backing the underdogs will ensure high returns, if the prediction is accurate.

  • Handicap

    This is another one of the most common and basic form of e-sports gambling. The system is identical to the conventional match winner bet, but, in this case, the bookie usually provides a pre-game advantage to the underdog.

  • Outright Winner

    Outright winner betting is where punters place wage on the potential team they think will win the entire tournament, irrespective of their win/ loss record. The bet is placed before the commencement of the tournament.

Heroes of the Storm Betting Types

The majority of the websites that supports HotS betting usually allows Punters to place their bets on the game using the mainstream currency. However, there are some betting websites that even accept cryptocurrency as the primary payment option.

Here are some of the most basic types of Heroes of the Storm betting you will find on most websites.

  • Money-line Bets

    The money-line is the most elementary type of e-sports betting. Bookies usually analyse each team’s critical factors (team form, roster changes, etc) and assign the odd to the respective teams. Punters simply place their bet on their favoured team to win the match.

  • Outright Bets

    Instead of placing bets on individual matches throughout the tournament, punters can, instead put wager on the team they think will win the entire competition outright.

  • Special Bets

    As opposed other types of HotS betting that focuses specifically on a particular outcome, special bets involves a lot of minor gambling aspects such as first team to register a kill, most number of kills, number of map wins, odd/even number of total team kills, etc.

Heroes of the Storm Trading

Heroes of the Storm trading refers to the act of exchanging, gifting, buying or selling heroes skins or any other types of in-game items between different players. Some of the top games in the e-sports market allow its players to trade hero skins or some certain in-game resources amongst themselves. However, Blizzard has not introduced skin trading feature in the Hero of the Storm (at least, not yet). The developers maintain the status that they are still a new game to the market, especially after the massive revamp of the game in 2017.Enabling the feature to gift/trade skins or any other in-game items will affect the revenue of the game by a considerable number.

It is also important to note that valve corporations (developers of CS and Dota) is currently struggling with a massive skin gambling problem due to its gifting skin feature. Blizzard would want to steer clear of such issues, hence, gifting/trading skins or any other items on HotS seem unlikely as of now.

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