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Realm Royale is a very popular battle royale game, and is a spin-off of Paladin (a shooter game). It was developed by Heroic Leap games and was released in June 2018 on Microsoft Windows, August 2018 for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, and May 2019 for Nintendo Switch.

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Updated on: 30/04/2023

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Realm Royale Tournaments

Realm Royale has tournaments constantly taking place, and they are quite popular within their cult following. One of the most popular tournaments is KEEMSTAR, which engages the competitors in intensive gameplay. Many tournaments take place online to be more convenient for the gamers (as they can play anywhere with internet access). The largest prize pool generated from a tournament has been $100,000. There are also tournaments with smaller prize pools, like $10,000 to $20,000.

However, it is important to note that Realm Royale esports was only recently inaugurated into the lineup, and it is still in its developmental phase. Currently, only regional and national tournaments are taking place, but Realm Royale plans to expand to a wider audience.

At present, the top tournament that is going on is Dark, which is an Xbox One tournament that is set to have its final rounds in December. Invitationals also take place almost every month, which welcome players of every level.

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Realm Royale Competitive Scene

Realm Royale is a highly competitive game, as it is an epic battle royale that requires players to eliminate each other until they are the last one standing. However, the game as a whole has a fluctuating competitive value because of the fact that other similar titles have gained more traction in recent years. Thus, players of this game are lesser in number than other popular battle royale games, but they are nonetheless highly skilled.

This game joined the esports lineup only one month after its initial release because of how easily accessible it was for online players. It was exclusively released on PC, and was freely available. Other devices that the game has been released on include the PlayStation 4 and the Xbox One.

After its inauguration into esports, Realm Royale esports introduced several tournaments with the biggest being KEEMSTAR (with a prize pool of $100,000).

Realm Royale Competitive Seasons

There is no specific competitive season set for Royale Realm esports, and this is because tournaments are ongoing. However, in this recent year, there was a break in the competitions from March to June, which may be because of the fact that this is peak rush season for other popular esports games. The peak season for tournaments is in the summer, when gamers have enough time to train for as well as register for tournaments, and play to their fullest potential.

Tournaments are currently taking place, and registrations are also open for tournaments that will take place in late November and December. Many tournaments take place online, which increases convenience for the players, and also allows them to play from their own homes.

No major changes have taken place in the format of competitive seasons; however Realm Royale is planning to make changes in order to make the competitive season more attractive for a wider audience of players.

Realm Royale Game Basics

Once you have selected a player class and entered the game, you are dropped from an airship, along with 99 other players, and need to think of your plan of action that will leave you the last man standing. The four classes you can choose from include warrior, hunter, assassin, and mage; characters from each class have different powers and abilities.

There is a single map for Realm Royale with several different locations that players can go to while playing. Locations include the Sanctuary, the Greenscape, the Tropics, the Badlands, and the Everfrost. The game can also be played in Squad Mode, in which players are grouped into a squad of 4 members.

This game is quite unique because of class categorization, and mastering each class means you have mastered the entire game. Its fans have appreciated the game for the fact that it’s quite simplistic, and remains true to the battle royale genre. Other games of the same genre have slowly become products for consumption, but Realm Royale has maintained its charm.

A pro player of the game can be differentiated from an average player through the tactics that are used, and how well-versed they are in each character class. Understanding the powers and abilities of each class is a highly valued skill in this game and can put you on top.

Realm Royale Inventory

Realm Royale makes use of Crowns that you can find during the game. These Crowns can also be bought in the Play Store of the respective device you play the game on, and they can also be earned during the game. Crowns allow you to unlock the Battle Pass, which in turn allows you to unlock different character customizations and skins.

Realm Royale Meta

Realm Royale esports is a highly competitive game and this is why it is essential to have a very effective strategy in mind from the very start of the game. You should know where and when you are going to attack during the game. The most effective tactic available for this game is to practice and play in each character class for a better understanding of what the most suitable class is for you.

Knowing the strengths and abilities of your character can help you effectively eliminate opponents. Practice will help in developing your knowledge of the Realm Royale map, allowing you to memorize the landscape for tournaments you end up registering for.

Realm Royale Team Composition

A typical Realm Royale esports team is composed of 4 members, which is particularly useful when playing in Squad mode. There is no division of the members as such; however, it is common to send the single best player for tournaments that require single players instead of a squad.

While characters within the game are divided into four different classes, and each class has its own set of skills, powers and strengths, this division is not necessarily in the hero-versus-villain category. The classes include Assassin, Warrior, Hunter, and Mage. During the game, you are required to use your weapons and abilities to fight other players and eliminate them from the game.

In Realm Royale, it is every man for himself and only the last one (or squad) standing is proclaimed the winner. Also, it is up to you to decide whether to go for an offensive or defensive technique during the game, but it is recommended to use a balanced combination of the two in order to survive until the end. Strategizing is a key element of winning a match in Realm Royale.

Realm Royale Game Modes

There are three main game modes in Realm Royale. Solo is the game mode in which you are all on your own, and you need to fend for yourself against 99 other players. Duo is another game mode in which you are supposed to team up with another player and strategize how to defeat all of your opponents. This game mode is slightly easier because it allows you to cover more ground, as well as look out for one another. The third game mode is Squad mode, which places players in teams of four and battle with their 96 other competitors.

While each game mode is entertaining in its own right, Realm Royale esports makes use of Squad mode for most of its tournaments, because this mode allows teams members to play together and actively strategize, while facing off against other teams. However, online tournaments can also be played using the Solo game mode, which allows for a greater diversity of players to get involved and meet each other in an extremely intense gaming environment. The Duo game mode is used the least often, as esports teams generally comprise of four members.

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