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Developed by Super Evil Megacorp, Vainglory is a free to play game available on Android and iOS. It was released on iOS in November 2014 and became available on Android in July 2015. It was released on Windows and Mac at the start of this year.

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Updated on: 25/06/2023

Vainglory Live Matches

Valorant VCT

LOUD Female


Team Liquid Brazil


Overwatch OWL

Dallas Fuel


Florida Mayhem


Vainglory Tournaments

As mentioned above, tournaments take place once every two months; however, there are times when this schedule is even lighter, and tournaments can take place once every three or even four months. This is because the original developers of the game stopped backing the World Championships (which were some of the most popular tournaments of Vainglory esports).

Tournaments still take place once in two or three months. The most recent tournament that will take place in December is the MPL Fall Split. Another tournament that will also take place in December is the Vainglory Winter Tournament, which has 16 teams registered to play.

The first World Championship that was held in 2016 generated the highest prize pool to date at $175,000. Other prize pools have ranged from $12,700 to $140,000. Tournaments take place online, so they can be global, regional, and local. The online tournaments are simply more convenient for players to participate in as they can do so from the comfort of their own homes.

While tournaments may not seem so popular, they were actually very popular after Vainglory’s initiation into the esports lineup. This is because at that time, Vainglory was one of the very few mobile games to become an esport, and it was providing gamers with an experience unlike any other.

LoL LFL Summer 2023


Starting: 2023-05-31

LoL Hitpoint Masters Summer 2023


Starting: 2023-06-06

LoL EBL Summer 2023


Starting: 2023-06-07

LoL Arabian League Summer 2023


Starting: 2023-06-13

King of Glory King Pro League Summer 2023


Starting: 2023-06-14

Vainglory Competitive Scene

To begin with, Vainglory is available online, so it was already a highly competitive game. The online play allowed players to compete against each other at a global level and learn new skills from one another. However, ever since the inception of the game into mobile esports, Vainglory has risen in popularity.

Tournaments take place on a bi-monthly basis and are exceptionally competitive because the game has become quite popular even before its initiation into esports. However, ever since Super Evil Megacorp recently backed out of Vainglory esports to concentrate on other projects, tournaments have become less frequent.

The game can be competitively played on iOS, Android, Mac, and Windows (all of which usually take place online, but traditional competitions still take place). Some of the biggest tournaments that have taken place so far include the VPL World Invitational, the Vainglory World Championship of 2017 (and the last one, which was held in 2018), and the Autumn Challenge Battles.

Vainglory Competitive Seasons

At the beginning of its initiation into esports, Vainglory had a well-established competitive season that lasted around 6 to 8 months, depending on the popularity of the game. This was at the peak of Vainglory’s popularity as a mobile esports game.

Recently, Super Evil Megacorp handed over Vainglory’s reins to Rogue Games as a move to help them concentrate on other projects. Before this, the company backed out of supporting Vainglory esports as they reasoned that the previous Vainglory World Championship was not organized by them as they intentionally backed out of it. Due to this, the game no longer has a proper competitive season.

Tournaments take place on a bi-monthly basis and have become quite scarce since the developer’s decision to back out of Vainglory esports. Currently, no news has been announced about the resuming of competitive seasons for Vainglory; however, fans remain optimistic as the popularity of the game still remains strong to this day.

The World Championships no longer take place, but many other tournaments still take place and they still attract a variety of players from far and wide.

Vainglory Game Basics

Vainglory is an online multiplayer battle arena game that places players in teams of five. Two teams compete against each other to destroy the enemy’s base and gain control of the three main paths that lead to the enemy’s base. Between each path or “lane,” there are jungles, which have their objectives that require players to fulfill and creatures that players can kill.

Players select avatars or “heroes” and each avatar has their own set of strengths and weaknesses. There are also minions who spawn at the enemy base, help the enemy defeat the opposing team, and destroy their base.

A pro player in the game is one who shows teamwork and a great understanding of their avatar’s strengths and weaknesses. Average players do not have a clear understanding of what the avatar can do, and they may be stuck making silly decisions that can cost the game for their team.

This game initially became famous because of the unique gameplay and experience it provided players. However, the unique elements of the game are its graphics and concentration to detail. The gameplay is still quite incredible, but the graphics and the fact that the game has been made for tablets and iPads set it apart from other games of the same genre.

Vainglory Inventory

For in-app purchases, two main in-game currencies are used. Glory is an in-game currency that can be earned through the game and by completing different missions within the game. Immensely Commissioned Evil or ICE can be bought with real money, and it is an uncommon prize for in-game interactions.

Glory allows players to unlock different heroes at different rates. Skins for heroes (which are customizations) can be bought using ICE or even through the collection of blueprints from the game’s Market. However, blueprints can only be used to craft skins, and this can only be done with the use of Essence, which is obtained through rewards chests. Reward chests also provide players with Opals, which can be used to unlock special edition skins for players’ heroes.

The in-game currency system may seem complicated when it meets the eye, but it is quite easy to understand once a player gets into the game.

Vainglory Meta

The most effective tactics available in this game include practicing to gain a better understanding of how different heroes work in the game and playing as a team to achieve the end objective. Both of these tactics work very effectively as they allow you to play strategically and apply your best tricks during a battle.

However, these tactics may be messed up if updates in the game cause changes in the heroes that you have practiced on or have made your go-to. Also, amateur players might mess up your teamwork or strategy as they may not understand what their role is in achieving the objective.

Vainglory Team Composition

Vainglory esports is played in teams of five, and there is no general structure for each team. Teams play against each other and must achieve the main objective, so there are a losing team and a winning team at the end.

There are around 50 different heroes or avatars that players can choose from. These players are classified into different roles, including Carry, Jungler, and Captain. Each avatar or character classification has its own set of strengths and weaknesses. The more variety of characters there are on a team, the better the strategy the team can develop.

Junglers are known for taking sneaky tactics and using the Captain to ambush the enemy team. The Carry role is an offensive one as such heroes are focused on killing and gaining in-game currency. Finally, the Captain commands the team.

Vainglory Game Modes

The game modes in Vainglory include 5 versus 5 (casual), 5 versus 5 (ranked), 3 versus 3 (ranked), Rumble, and Blitz. The most popular game modes to play in Vainglory esports are 3 versus 3 and 5 versus 5, both ranked. These game modes are not seasonal but depend on the tournament being played and the number of players that register in the tournament.

Currently, the new owners of Vainglory have not announced the introduction of any new game modes, and it is likely that such an announcement will not be made anytime soon as the game has seen dark times after the backing out of its original developer.

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