FIFA Esports

FIFA Esports

Everything you need to know about FIFA esports

Electronic Arts (EA) annually releases a series of football simulator or association football video game under its EA Sports label, titled as FIFA. It is also known as FIFA Soccer or FIFA Football. The manufacturer company started releasing the series in 1993. After its release, the game gave a tough competition to existing video games. In 2018, FIFA made its place in Guinness World Records the best–selling sports video game franchise, 260 million copies were sold in that calendar year. The game was released for SEGA, PlayStation, PlayStation 2, PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, PlayStation Portable, Nintendo 64, DS, 3Ds, Microsoft Windows, iOS, Android, Java Platform, Windows Phone, Xbox, Xbox 360, Xbox One.

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Updated on: 4/16/2024

FIFA Tournaments

FIFA tournaments take place at least once or twice a month but there are some days when they occur simultaneously. Through online competitions players polish their skills and knowledge of the game as they play against different player, including pro players as well. eSports competitions are more convenient, as no one will know even if you are playing in your pyjamas. So you are allowed to play according to your comfort.

The fact that makes FIFA a game of great value is that its tournaments not only take place at regional and national level but at an international level as well. Organizers of these tournaments and seasons publish different advertisements over the internet to keep their fans well informed. While competing against many players all over the world in a tournament, you have an excellent chance to learn many game skills, tactics and strategies.

As FIFA is a demanding game, so are the prize pools. Different tournaments are capped at different prize pools. Some of them are capped at low prize pool while some of them are capped at high prize pool. The high prize pool range is $200,000 - $800,000. The figure has increased rapidly over the few past years and it is an indication that we are more likely to get even more higher pool prizes in the future.

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FIFA Competitive Scene

FIFA not only made its place as a video game but also as an excellent eSports game. It took over the eSports platform as soon as it made its entry. The game received great love and appreciation by the players and they loved the idea of introducing the game to the eSports platform. The game provides great competition for many football games and is the best football game available on the market and over the internet. There are many sites where you can compete with players all over the world.

While searching for the tournaments, you can find many different tournaments at smaller and bigger levels over the internet. Out of them 3 biggest competitive tournaments that take place frequently include FIFA eWorld cup, FUT Champions cup and FIFA Global Series. FIFA eWorld cup 19 was capped at a prize-pool of $500,000. These tournaments also make their place in eSports news. Like these biggest tournaments, we expect some more in the future.

FIFA Competitive Seasons

As FIFA became part of the eSports world, the competition started and since then many competitive seasons took place. You can also find different tournaments that take place frequently all year around. As these tournaments come with all the related information, you can easily understand the game play and its requirements. Taking part is quite easy. Understand the FIFA game play, related terms, then go for registration process. Players find these tournaments more convenient for them because they provide the ease of access. Through eSports platform, you have a great chance of competing with different players all around the world.

In the future, we expect more tournaments to take place. Registration is not a difficult task, you can easily register yourself for any tournament via online application. FIFA game as been successful since its release due to constant updates and improvements. Every version of the game comes with some alternations to the competitive scene.

Recently FIFA eWorld cup 19 took place. The tournament was a 3-day competition that started on 2nd Aug 2019 and ended on 4th Nov 2019. The total prize pool was $500,000.

FIFA Game Basics

There are million users that enjoy FIFA on different eSports platform. The game is fun and quite easy to play. It has been an official game of eSports platform since its first tournament in 2001. Before starting your experience, you should master some of the skills of the game. To do that the practice feature helps you out. Simply spend your time in practicing some basic skills and then go to advanced levels. In this way you have a great chance to enhance your individual player profile. You can even watch some live session to study some tactics and strategies.

As the game has different modes, it is definite that each of them has a different objective. It is completely your choice. Every mode of FIFA has certain unique elements. A pro player is the one that has in-depth knowledge of the game and knows how to tackle different conditions. Unlike average players, pro-players have skills and strategies that they use to master the game.

FIFA Inventory

In FIFA you can easily make up your own inventory by using your tokens and points that you earn by playing the game and competing in different tournaments. Before starting any season, you have the option to cash in your tokens in order to make your team and individual player profile stronger than other.

There is also an option to buy these token with real-world money. In this way you have an excellent opportunity to get advanced stats.


Knowledge of the basics of the game plays an important role for any player. In order to achieve an exceptional command over the game, players should know the basics of the game play. This aspect makes a huge difference in a player’s reputation, same applies to FIFA. However, the most effective tactic is to know how to play the game. FIFA’s meta is to completely understand how the game proceeds. You should know the basic knowledge and simple tactics related to the game in order to become a pro player.

Here you have to keep in mind that your game meta may be at risk if your opponent reverts its moves. It may also be at risk if your game is updating or even having technical difficulties. You should know how to make most of your skills and experience to tackle these issues.

FIFA Team Composition

One great aspect of FIFA is that you have an option to make your own team and players. You can also polish the skills of your own player by frequently taking part in practice sessions. Spend most of your time in practice mode to enhance your stats and when you feel you have enough skills to hit the field, go for it. There is no limit on how a pro FIFA team should structure. However, existing teams cannot be altered. Each player has a different playing style and skills.

FIFA Game Modes

Every version of FIFA comes with some alternation to the game modes. There is always a wide range to choose from according to your preference. For example, FIFA 19 offers 19 different game modes that are: FIFA Ultimate Team, UEFA Champions League, Career Mode, Kick Off, Pro Clubs, Tournaments, The Journey, Practice Arena, Skill Games, Online Seasons, Online Friendlies and Co-op Seasons. Similarly, other seasons have different game modes but most of them are common. As modes are different therefore each mode of every version of FIFA has different objectives. It all comes down to you. Select any according to your wish and become a pro player and take over the tournaments.

FIFA game modes are permanent and offer equal contribution in competitive game play. Through each mode, you have a clear chance to not only polish your skills but also be a great name in the game at eSports platform. Compete with different players including pro players, all over the world and become the best among them.

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