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Smite Gambling

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Smite is a multiplayer online battle arena, free video game. The game is played in the third person, unlike other video games. Smite is created by Titan Forge Games. The game was first introduced in 2014, similar to other popular MOBA games like DotA, and it has a 5 Vs. 5 players Vs. Players format.This game is published by Hi-Rez Studios for the Microsoft Windows, Xbox One, PlayStation 4, macOS, and Nintendo Switch platforms.

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Updated on: 2/16/2024

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What is Smite Betting?

There is nothing special or major difference between Smite betting and other games, which involve betting. Similar to other MOBA Games, the betting procedures involved in smite betting is almost the same. Choose a betting market, and you'll be ready to go if you know your way around the game really well.

In terms of popularity, Smite is still in its infancy when we compare it to other eSports such as Dota 2 and Counter-Strike. However, the game is gaining a lot of traction, and it's earning a good name amongst the eSports betting community. In addition to other numerous tournaments that are held, the biggest one is the Annual Smite World Championship, which first began in the year 2015. This attracts hundreds of thousands of players from all over the world.

According to experts, Smite has a huge potential in the world of eSports betting, but it may take a few more years to it to soar towards the top. If the game keeps on improving, and stays in the competition with consistency and if it keeps on growing at the current rate, in a year or two, it will be one of the most popular MOBA game in the eSports betting world. Some of the tops smite bookmakers include bet365, 1xBet, and ArcaneBet.

Smite is one of the eSports which has attracted a lot of attention in the past few years. A lot of bookmakers are now eyeing the game with great interest, and this is particularly because of the continuously increasing number of Smite players. The Smite World Championship is another reason for its never-ending growing popularity, the winning team of the World Championship gets to walk away with prize money of more than $2 million.

Smite Betting With Real Money

As mentioned earlier, Smite is a young competitor in the eSports betting world. If you are familiar with the game, and you want to throw some money on the line, you need to know at least a few basic rules if you want to make profits. Although you won't find a lot of websites that offer a betting option for Smite eSports, you'll find lots of opportunities to make some cash.

Betting bonuses will differ from site to site, but the majority of them offer bonuses depending on your deposit. There are lots of ways you can bet on Smite, and you necessarily don't have to be involved with the game to start betting. If you know how MOBA Games work, it won't be a tough lesson. All you have to do is watch live broadcasts and live streams. Watching a few of the previous matches or tournaments will help too. Outcomes of Smite that you can bet on include:

  • Tournament Winner

    This needs no explanation, you get your bonuses if the team you're supporting emerges as the tournament Winner. At the early stages of the tournament, the chances of predicting a team that will win are very low, or less apparent. This is why the best values are often available at this stage, and you'll get your chance to pick the team that you think will be the overall champions.

  • Match Winner

    You have to pick between two teams. In other words, you can place your bet on the team, which you assume will be the winner of the match. In some cases, there will be the best of three or best of five, but most bookmakers allow betting on every single match.

  • First Structure Takedown

    This may require some luck than just knowing the game, the team composition, and team play style. Here, you have to predict which of the teams will first destroy the structure of the enemy. First structure takedown may sometimes mean "destroying the enemy's Phoenix, or any structure."

  • Handicap

    Although they are not very common in Smite games, handicap bets also pop up from time to time.

Smite Betting Types

There are even more ways you can bet on smite than just betting your hard-earned cash. Now that you know how you can use your money to bet on smite let's focus more on other methods of betting. After all, not every smite players are into making money by betting, right?

  • Cryptocurrency Bets

    Bitcoin betting is also gaining momentum with Smite. Most of the bigger bookies have started accepting wagers using Bitcoins but the anonymity can be both a pro and a con. The best strategy is to place your bets with Bitcoins only if the site is licensed.

  • Fantasy Betting

    It's the in-game betting where you can win loads of gems. Gems can be used to unlock heroes, and buy other cosmetic items. One of 4g3 best sites for doing smite fantasy betting is Alpha Draft.

  • Console Betting

    In eSports betting business, console Betting is a popular form. Smite is the first MOBA game playable on Xbox One, and it's no surprise that console Betting is very popular with Smite.

Smite Trading

Smite is still at its infancy in the eSports betting world, and there isn't a lot of betting/ trading option available as of now. Apart from console betting and matched betting, you can go for fantasy betting, which gives you a chance to win gems. Smite is growing at a fast rate, and you can expect to have more trading/ betting options in the future.

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