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A part of the sequel of a video game titled “StarCraft”, published in 1998, is “StarCraft 2: Wings of Liberty”. It is a real-time strategy science fiction game that has been produced by Chris Sigaty, whereas it has been developed and published by Blizzard Entertainment. This game was released worldwide in July 2010 for Mac OS X and Microsoft Windows.

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Updated on: 25/06/2023

Starcraft 2 Competitive Scene

Starcraft 2 has been the part of eSports line-up since the start. But in between, it faced a fall and rose up again, and became more famous than it was in the beginning. StarCraft esports, makes use of different weapons to attack the other players or teams with. The game can be played online on different sites. Starcraft 2 is quite similar to other science fiction games. Some players might compare the strategy to Dota 2 or LoL, yet Starcraft is undoubtedly can be much more difficult. You will find different competitive platforms to play around on.

Many tournaments have been played so far, but the 3 biggest competitive tournaments include Intel Extreme Masters and Major Gaming League in the months following the game’s release; and MLG Pro Circuit Raleigh took place in 2010. You will also find many other leagues that have been a great part of eSports news. In coming days, there will be many more tournaments.

Starcraft 2 Competitive Seasons

After the introduction of Starcraft 2 in the eSports world, many competitive seasons took place; they were capped with high prize pools. Different tournaments take place all year round, and they are easy to take part in because they are provided with all related information. You simply have to understand the game and related terms, then go for the registration process and you’re done. You can compete with players all around the globe through the eSports platform. Many players find online competitions more convenient for them, as they provide them with the ease of access.

In upcoming months, different tournaments will be taking place, and you can easily register yourself for them via online application. Since the game has quickly turned into a successful eSport, we are expected to experience some alterations to the competitive season, but for now makers have not announced any major changes for the current season format.

Recently, the WCS Global final took place. The whole tournament was a 10-day competition that started on 24th Oct 2019, and ended on 2nd Nov 2019. The total prize pool was $600,000.

Starcraft 2 Game Basics

The game can be played in any of the 4 available modes, which are: Story campaign (struggle for survival in the Koprulu sector), versus mode (battle opponent from all corners of the galaxy), co-op missions (team up with friends), and custom and arcade games. Construct a base, build an army, and ride into battle to become the best commander of the galaxy. You have a choice to opt from 3 unique races, which include Terran, Zerg, and Protoss. Each of the races has their own play style and personality. You are free to either master one, or play all three.

The map of the game shows the players; you can also customize your map. Each mode has a different main objective, and it is up to you to select any according to your wish. You can easily distinguish between a pro player and an average player, because a pro player has all the skills, strategies, and tactics to master the game with. They also have the experiences that made them pro players. Keeping in mind all these facts and figures, you will agree that Starcraft 2 itself offers a unique experience.

Starcraft 2 Inventory

In the game, you have certain points that can be easily obtained by winning competitions and proceeding in the story mode. Making use of these points, you can make your own inventory by opening a blank inventory, and adding up the items that you need, such as health pack, ammos, and other things.

You can also buy points with real-world money. This gives you an advantage to add advanced items into your inventory.

Starcraft 2 Meta

It is a fact that no one can have a tight grip on any type of game if he or she does not even know the basics; this also applies to Starcraft 2. A pro player is easily distinguishable because of the game skills he or she possesses, or in other words, a player is known because of the game knowledge he/she has - this makes a huge difference. The most effective tactic is to learn how to play the game correctly. Starcraft’s meta is simply to understand how fiction works, and how the game proceeds. You should know the simple tactics related to the game.

One important thing you should keep in mind is that your meta may be at risk if your opponent changes his tactics. It may also be at risk if the game has technical difficulties or is updating; you should know how to tackle these risks. Make use of your skills and experience to get through these.

Starcraft 2 Team Composition

There is a mode that features a team (co-op missions); in this mode, you are free to team up with your friends or other players to tackle epic missions as a specialised, diverse commander. As mentioned above, the three races are Terran (Resourceful humans with plenty of attitude and varied technology), Zerg (A ferocious swarm of merciless beasts that devour worlds), and Prostoss (Noble, ancient warriors with advanced psionic technology and a golden armada). There are no limitations on how a pro eSports team should be structured.

All three races have some specific unique features and key units. Terran has marine, siege tank, and battle cruiser as key units. Zerg has key units that include Zergling, mutalisk, and ultralisk, whereas Protoss has zealot, high Templar, and carries as key units. All these units have different tasks and playing styles that are mentioned with each of them. It is up to you to either master any one of them, or get the experience of playing all three.

Starcraft 2 Game Modes

If you are picky when it comes to modes, Starcraft 2 offers 4 different modes to choose from. In story campaign, you have to save the world from emergent threats. Versus mode allows you to grow your skills and climb the multiplayer ladder. The co-op mission permits you to team up with friends to tackle different missions. Lastly, custom and arcade games mode lets you explore different game modes created by the community, or create your own, making use of the Starcraft 2 editor.

All modes are equal for competitive playing purposes, and they are permanent modes of the game as well. In the future, we might experience new game modes, but no such announcement has been made by the manufacturers yet.

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