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Rainbow Six Esports

Everything you need to know about Rainbow Six Esports

Rainbow Six is a tactical shooter video game that is a part of Tom Clancy’s game series. Red Storm Entertainment first developed and published this game for PC in 1998 and after some time it was ported to PlayStation, Mac OS, Dreamcast, Nintendo 64 and Game Boy Color. On January 3st, 1999, an expansion pack titled “Eagle of Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Mission Pack” series was released. Since then, a number of sequels and expansion packs have been released. The Red Storm Entertainment was later acquired by Ubisoft, which now handles all the development and publications. Whereas, mobile phone versions of the game are published by Gameloft.

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Updated on: 2/16/2024

Rainbow Six Live Matches

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Rainbow Six Tournaments

At eSports, different tournaments take place frequently in which players engage themselves. The fact that many of them take place online, makes Rainbow Six more convenient for players to take part as no one will know if you are playing in your pajamas. You can compete according to your own preference and comfort.

Rainbow Six tournaments take place at least once or twice a month, but sometimes this number increases. The organizers of the tournaments publish advertisements over the internet. As one competes with many exceptional players in the tournament, you get opportunities to polish your skills and knowledge of the game.

The fact that Rainbow Six tournaments not only take place at regional and national levels but at international levels as well, makes it a good game. Players love and appreciated the game. You get to learn new skills and strategies from players all around the world.

As Rainbow Six is a demanding game, the prize pools are also great. Different tournaments have different prize pools, $400,000 - $800,000 is the prize pool range for some of them. There are also some tournaments that occur at low prize pools. Fans are likely to get higher pool prizes in the future.

No tournaments currently live - check back soon ⏰

Rainbow Six Competitive Scene

Since the publication, Rainbow Six has created a great hype and soon took over the eSports platform. As soon as it entered in the eSports world, it received great appreciation and is loved by the people. The game became famous among the players and soon turned them into fans. Rainbow Six makes use of different weapons to attack terrorists. There are many sites where you can compete with players all over the world. The game is a great competition for several other tactical shooter games like Counter Strike and Call of Duty.

Many different tournaments at smaller and larger levels have been played so far but three of the biggest competitive tournaments include Challenger League Seasons, Pro League Seasons and ESL Premiership. Recently, Pro League Season 10 took place which was capped at a prize pool of $626,000. Some of the tournaments were discussed in the news. We expect more tournaments like these in the future.

Rainbow Six Competitive Seasons

As Rainbow Six became part of the eSports world, competitions started soon after and since then many competitive seasons have occurred. High prize pools were capped for them. You can easily find many tournaments that take place all year round. They are quite easy to find because they come up with all the related information. You do not have to do much. Simply understand the Rainbow Six gameplay and related terms, then complete the registration process. There is a good likelihood that you will compete with players all around the world via the eSports platform. As online competitions provide access with ease, players find these tournaments more convenient for them.

In the coming days, we will be getting access to more tournaments. You can register yourself via relevant online applications. As ever-changing stuff is more likely to get appreciation that is why we expect some alternations to the competitive scene. The game has been successful in the past year due to constant improvements and updates.

Recently, Pro League Season 10 took place. The season was a 25-hour competition that started on 9th Nov 2019 and ended on 10th Nov 2019. The total prize pool was $626,000.

Rainbow Six Game Basics

The game is quite comfortable and fun to play. There are a million users that follow this game on different eSports platform and right now, the game is a decent competitor of CS: GO. There are 3 modes available being; situation, multiplayer and terror hunt mode. Each mode has its specific secondary modes and objectives, for example, rescue the hostage, disarm bombs, protect the asset and many more. You have a choice to either become the commander or the terrorist. Select the mode, pick or buy your inventory and enjoy the game.

Every location has its own map and you can even customize them. As it has been mentioned above, each mode has a different main objective and now it is up to you to choose one according to your wish. A pro player is easily distinguishable from an average player due to his skills and tactics. A pro player plays cleverly and makes their every move with perfect calculation, and has enough experience in the game.

Rainbow Six Inventory System

In order to buy inventory, you have certain points that you earn by playing. Before starting any game mission, buy some items such as weapons, ammo, uniforms, health pack and other stuff. You have to go through each item to check your inventory.

You can even purchase the points with real-world money. This gives you the benefit to buy advanced items.

Rainbow Six Meta

In order to make a tight grip on any type of game, a player should know the basics of the gameplay. A pro-player is the one that has great skills and tactics to master the game. This makes a huge difference in a player’s reputation. The same applies to Rainbow Six. How to play the game is somehow the most effective tactic. Rainbow Six’s meta is to understand how the game works and proceeds. A player should know the basic knowledge and simple tactics related to the game.

While playing the game one important thing you should keep in mind is that your meta may be at risk if the game is updating or having technical problems. It may also be at risk if your opponent changes their tactics. Make use of your skills and experience to tackle these issues.

Rainbow Six Team Composition

Using multiplayer mode, you will be having 4 other players, over the internet, to tackle epic missions. But the question is which team composition is best? Well it is not in your hand to make your own team because match making server provides you with the other players. But the character you select is your own choice. A general team composition is 1 soft breacher, 1 hard breacher, 1 entry fragger, 1 support or utility operator and 1 flex pick, but there are no specific limitations on how a professional Rainbow Six team should be structured. You can make your own operator the best using your skills.

The main two types of operators are attackers and defenders. Each of them has a wide variety to choose from. Every operator has a different playing style and is a master of a specific task.

Rainbow Six Game Modes

Do not worry if you are picky in terms of game modes. There are currently 3 primary game modes of Rainbow Six available; one such mode is Situation mode that is designed specifically to teach you important components of gameplay in 10 different situations. The second mode is the multiplayer mode, in which a player teams up with 4 other operators via match making server to play against 5 operators with 3 possible scenarios/objectives including Bomb, Hostage and Secure. The last mode is terror hunt mode in which a player faces 3 types of terrorist (Bombers, Roamers and Ambushers) with 4 possible objectives including terror hunt classic, hostage extraction, protect asset and disarming bombs.

In competitive means, all the modes are equal, and they are permanent modes of Rainbow Six. Apart from these modes, we can expect new ones, but manufacturers have not made any such announcement yet. The available modes are quite easy and fun to play. You have a great choice and now it is up to you to either master any one of them or enjoy the experience of playing all of them.

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