Best PUBG Coinflip Betting Sites

Everything you need to know about PUBG Coinflip betting

PUBG took the gaming community by a storm; it was released for the first time as a beta build in the year 2017. The game made the battle royal format everyone's favourite. You need some should play the game, but it gives you all the time required to understand the game properly.

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Updated on: 27/08/2023

Best PUBG Coinflip Betting Sites


+5% to deposit & 3 Free Boxes

New customers only. 18+ T&Cs apply.

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CSGORoll Review



New customers only. 18+ T&Cs apply.

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CSGOEmpire Review

18+ T&Cs apply.

Best PUBG Coinflip Sites

  • CSGOEmpire - Best For CSGO Skin Betting
  • CSGORoll - Best for jackpot and unique games

1. CSGOEmpire

Best For CSGO Skin Betting



New customers only. 18+ T&Cs apply.

Overall, CSGOEmpire provides smooth and easy CSGO skin betting service, but the uncertainty and risk of using this platform aren't for everyone.

2. CSGORoll

Best for jackpot and unique games


+5% to deposit & 3 Free Boxes

New customers only. 18+ T&Cs apply.

CSGORoll is a legit CSGO skin betting site, offering unique bonuses (with our CSGORoll promo code) and gaming modes like Pinko. We’ve easily deposited funds with BTC, played case battles and some roulette. We’ve opened a few cases and easily withdrew skins to Steam. CSGORoll is legit, but is not regulated just like other skin gambling sites, and although we vetted it, please do your due diligence before playing.

Compare Best PUBG Coinflip Sites

Betting SiteBonusMinimum DepositAvailable in the U.S# Esports AvailableBetting Types
CSGOEmpireFREE DAILY CASES0No2Coin Flip, Lucky Wheel, Match Betting, Roulette, Skin Betting
CSGORoll+5% to deposit & 3 Free BoxesN/aNo2Case Battles, Coin Flip, Crash Sites, Dice, Jackpot, Lucky Wheel, Marketplace, Plinko, Roll, Roulette, Skin Betting

History of PUBG Coinflip Sites

The concept of coin-flipping itself is really old. Initially, it was used to make decisions, but later on, its unpredictability transformed into one of the most popular gambling games.

Fast-forward to the present time, and you will see it is one of the most popular CSGO Skin gambling game. After PUBG was introduced, it got its version of PUBG coinflip betting sites and games as well.

In the PUBG coinflip games, you can bet for skins or weapons, outfits for the characters, skins for the vehicles, and merchandise for other purposes.

Some of the PUBG coinflip betting sites have unique and amazing skins in their inventory. So playing the PUBG coinflip game, you have the chance of getting your hands on them.

PUBG Coinflip Rules

The rules for PUBG coinflip betting games differ for each website, but some of the standard rules are listed below:

  • You need to be registered with the website on which you want to play the betting game.
  • You need to set the Steam account to public and li k its trade URL with the betting site with which you have registered.
  • You need to deposit cash in the preferred depositing method of the website to buy its coins.
  • Some of the websites only let you trade using CSGO Skins. Therefore, be careful before placing a PUBG coinflip bet.
  • Once you win something, you cannot use it for trading immediately.

How PUBG Coinflip Sites Work

PUBG coinflip sites work similarly to the CSGO betting sites. There are thousands of players who play this game on are a regular basis. It is really easy to set up your account and start playing the games.

All you need to do is set up your account in a PUBG betting site or a CSGO betting site that offers PUBG betting. After that, you need to deposit some money and get coins from the websites. You can use these coins to initiate the coin betting game. Some websites allow you to let you choose a skin from your inventory and use it to bet other valuable skins from the website's inventory.

If you win something, the skin gets automatically transferred to your Steam account and will be available in the game after a few minutes.

Depositing & Withdrawal Methods Available for PUBG Coinflip

The depositing and withdrawal methods of pubg coinflip sites are straightforward and do not require much hassle.

Most of the big and reputed pubg coinflip sites offer a wide variety of methods for depositing money. They differ for each website, but some of the common ones are listed below:

  • PayPal
  • Visa
  • MasterCard
  • Bitcoins
  • Digital credit cards, debit cards, and international wallets

Some of the sites restrict you up to $1000 of deposits for a day. If you keep on losing, the amount of money you'll lose will get out of hand quickly.

You can get past these restrictions by betting pubg skins from your inventory. Just select them from your steam inventory and trade them or use them as currency.

Withdrawals are simple as well. If you win something, it gets added to your steam account directly. Some websites also give you the option to convert skins into coins and currency as well.

How to win playing PUBG Coinflip

Pubg Coinflip is a game based on luck. There are no tested and guaranteed methods of winning the game. What you can do is try and increase your chances of winning. Follow the steps given below to do so:

  • Play when there are a lot of active players.
  • Register yourself when the website is providing free coins.
  • At times websites increase the chances of winning by 200%. Keep an eye out for that.
  • Try and grab offers given by the websites to increase your chances of winning.

How to choose the best PUBG Coinflip sites

While choosing and registering for the Coinflip sites keep the following in mind:

  • The number of players within the website, higher the players better the fairness.
  • Check for the general availability of the website and legality within your area.
  • Registration of the website.
  • Guarantee of fairness through private or government agencies.

Is it safe and how to avoid PUBG Coinflip scam sites

PUBG Coinflip sites are safe. The more prominent brands of skin betting websites will never provide fake services. Even then, there are a lot of websites out there that can scam you. Keep the following things in mind to keep yourself safe:

  • Double-check the payment portal before making payments.
  • Read the website's policies and terms.
  • Keep checking the website's fairness section for random hashes and other security features.

Other CSGO Betting Sites

With the rising popularity of CSGO betting, more and more websites are creating a dedicated CSGO betting section for both newcomers and long-time bettors. Regularly checking the internet for new platforms is a great way of increasing your chances of winning big. Not to mention, you get to receive all those juicy signup bonuses!

Forums like Reddit and Quora are excellent sources to find out about the latest CSGO betting sites that are still not popular. Alternatively, check out the following guides with more CSGO skin gambling sites:

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