How Long Is An Average Valorant Game In 2023?

How Long Is An Average Valorant Game In 2023?

A competitive Valorant game usually ends in the 40th minute

Several factors dictate how long a Valorant game will last, but on average, a competitive Valorant game usually ends in the 40th minute, shorter or longer (VideoGamer).

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Updated on: 2/16/2024

An Average Valorant Game In 2023

In average competitive modes, if you really watch games on how they play, you might observe that the teams usually devise various strategies. Some seriously more impressive than not, to achieve victory each round.

But not only are they competing for wins, but recognition is also an important part of the game. So the time allotted for each competitive game is around 80 minutes, but that's calculated or played only if the teams draw or go into OT (overtime).

That said, here's the complete list of what our in-depth research looks like:

  • One hour and 28 minutes, the longest game ever played.
  • The duration of an Average unrated game is similar to competitive, 40 minutes.
  • An hour or less than 21 minutes for AFK.
  • Smurfs kill the game experience and duration.
  • Riot bans smurfs if detected.
  • An average game of all the different modes varies.

1 Hour And 28 Minutes, The Longest Game Ever Played

On the 28th of December, Riot announced the longest game ever played with a picture. It is recorded that it took the teams an hour past 28 minutes, which included 58 rounds.

The teams played on the map ASCENT; no other information was given. This is one of the rare cases and cannot be included in the average time it takes to complete a match.

However, it also proves that an average game could take longer than just 30-40 minutes, depending on rank and the competitive nature of each team.


The Duration Of An Average Unrated Game Is Similar To Competitive

Leaving the rare cases behind, as we mentioned, competitive games usually last 30-40 minutes to an hour in a single match. A match of an unrated game is similar to competitive since you're playing to increase your current rank.

Every player has that Radiant dream, so the seriousness of an unrated match and competition makes it much harder to play if you're just looking for a quick and easy out of Valorant games.


An Hour or Less Than 21 minutes for AFK

It might be the most excruciating thing as a gamer to match up with an AFK teammate. An average game of Valorant with an AFK teammate might take you longer than 40 minutes or less than 21 minutes.

While there is a chance to surrender in the 4th round, it has to be an unanimous decision, and sometimes if your teammates feel like you have a chance at winning, they'll continue the match whether you lose or win.

But if you're losing hard, a quick vote in the chat using the various surrender codes will let you immediately quit the game.


Smurfs Kills The Game Experience And Duration

Whether it's smurfing as boosting services, experiencing the satisfaction of destroying new players, or wanting a new account with better stats, no one likes it.

People who smurf, in general, kill the game experience for everyone and make the game shorter or longer. It's not hard for a highly-ranked player or even in the middle to wreak havoc on low-iron and bronze-ranked players.

So any Valorant game usually ends with an early surrender lasting less than 21 minutes.


Riot Bans Smurfs If Detected

Riot takes smurfs and other offenses pretty seriously. They actively track down and monitor these type of users that may play exceptionally well in a low-ranked environment and bans them.

In other competitive games, smurfs are ignored, and there are no specific ways to report them. But since it is extremely hard to reach the top ranks in Valorant, the skill gap makes it a serious issue.

So to counter all these people from smurfing, Riot encourages every player to report them after the match, and their team of experts quickly dives into the situation.

(Riot games, SportsSkeeda)

An average game of all the different modes varies


This is a fun 5v5 mode with twelve levels, and you get to you'll be changing weapons as you go about. This game's limit time is 10 minutes, but the average duration of Escalation lasts at least seven minutes.

Spike Rush

This fun mode lets you swap between defense and attack every three rounds, and it is played in the best of seven rounds. Depending on what kind of players you meet, the average time to end a spike rush game is eight to twelve minutes.

It could take more if you consider how competitive the players are etc.


A quick favorite among most people, deathmatch is the mode in valorant where you get two teams to get to kill each other, and whichever team scores a kill count of 40 wins. The true intention of this game was to help players hone their different gun skills, but it can get quite competitive among players.

An average round lasts up to nine minutes, but depending on the kills and each team's fragger, it could even take less than the average minute.

Replication mode

A fun mode where all the players play as one agent in a best-of-nine mode. The round is set at 80 seconds each, and players are tested on the agent's skills.

Most replication mode in valorant lasts an average of nine to twelve minutes, depending on the players.

(Riot, Videogamer)


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In Summary: Give Yourself At Least 30 Mins. Per Game

Valorant is a game made for competitive players and non-competitive players alike. They have various modes you can partake in if you hate the serious nature of the 30-40 minutes or even an hour duration, where players show off their sheer skills and compete with each other.

Most of the other modes are engaging, you don't need to be at your best, and they don't take as much time as your average valorant game. We hope this article answers all your queries and is as insightful as we wanted it to be.



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