What is Vainglory Betting?

Vainglory community hosts a multitude of global and regional tournaments throughout the year. Each of those tournaments carries a generous prize pool figure. Vainglory betting refers to placing a wager on those games predicting the outcome of the game or the entire tournament in general before the game/ tournament begins.

Punters can place bets on vainglory using real-money on vast different types of betting markets available on different websites. The gameplay of vainglory originally revolved around a 3VS3 matchmaking system. However, the game has expanded into a standard 5VS5 gameplay like Dota 2 encouraging more active participation from the community.

Vainglory has effortlessly evolved into a proper competitive e-sports game with a plethora of major tournaments scheduled throughout the year. Some of the biggest professional Vainglory competitions include –

  • The Evil 8 (North America and Europe server)
  • Vainglory 8/ Tesseract League (Southeast Asia)
  • RAGE (Japanese server)
  • VGL challenge Series

These are some of the major Vainglory tournaments that are hosted for different servers expanded throughout each new session. However, the premiere tournament of the game is the Vainglory International Premier League in which the best professional teams from around the globe compete for the ultimate prize. This tournament is the biggest event in the Vainglory calendar, and carries an impressive prize pool of $100,000.

Another major Vainglory tournament is the Redbull Vainglory Winter Championship that is conducted exclusively for the North American server. The tournament takes place over period of three days and features total prize money of $25,000.

Apart from these major tournaments, Vainglory has countless number of regional competitions which are all streamed online. This active competitive scene of the Vainglory gaming community makes it one of the best e-sports games for punters to place bets on a consistent routine throughout the year.

Some of the upcoming Vainglory tournaments include Huong Gaming Vainglory 2019, and Vainglory Winter Tournament.

Vainglory Trading

Trading in e-sports games refers to the process of exchanging, buying, selling or gifting different in-game resources such as gold, gems or skins amongst the players. The mechanism of selling and exchanging hero skins is a standard feature in games like Dota 2. However, as of present, vainglory does not support the feature to exchange skins between the players. Instead, individual players have to collect skin “blueprints” and combine that with in-game essentials to acquire a specific skin.

SEMC (Super Evil Megacorp), the developers of Vainglory have not made the feature of trade/ exchange skins or any other types of in-game items, since that would come in the way of making substantial revenue.