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SMITE is a third-person, free-to-play online multiplayer battle arena video game, developed by Titan Forge Games and published by Hi-Rez Studios. The game was initially released for Microsoft Windows on March 25, 2014. A year later, on August 19, 2015, it was released for Xbox One. However, the game was available for the PlayStation 4 and Mac OS platform on May 31, 2016, and July 7, 2016, respectively. The game also became available for Nintendo Switch on February 18, 2019. Smite is a great competition for existing action games. Around 35+ million players enjoy the game at eSports platform.

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Updated on: 25/06/2023

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Smite Tournaments

One amazing part of SMITE competitive scene is that the players are free to engage themselves in different tournaments that take place frequently at eSports platforms. In recent days, SMITE World Championship 20 and Smite Pro League 20 took place, and right now there are no tournaments available. But as some regional tournaments always take place monthly, you can try them to get more command on the game. On March 14, 2020, SMITE Pro League Season 7 will begin and if you wish to take part in that season, join free agency period that will end on December 16, 2019. The deadline for filing visa paperwork is December 23, 2019.

SMITE tournaments are played worldwide and this indicates the popularity of the game. Millions of users register themselves for different tournaments all year. Some of these tournaments are capped at high prize-pools while some are capped at low prize-pools. The highest prize pool for any SMITE tournament is $2,612,259 which was capped for SMITE World Championship 2015. Different types of SMITE tournaments are worldwide including SMITE World Championship, SMITE Pro League and regions including North America SMITE Minor League and Europe SMITE Minor League.

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Smite Competitive Scene

SMITE offers competitive gameplay, encouraging players to take part in different competitive seasons and tournaments that are scheduled frequently. The game has been a part of the eSports line up for a long time.

The 3 biggest tournaments of SMITE include; SMITE World Championship that takes place in winter of every year: It is comprised of 3 stages that are Console in which total 18 teams are invited, the placement stage in which top 10 teams of the last stage take part and the main event in which 8 teams compete against each other to earn the title of SMITE World Champions.

SMITE Pro League (SPL) is another big competitive season that takes place annually. It is comprised of two phases i.e. Phase 1 and Phase 2. Total 10 teams take part in this tournament. SMITE Minor League (SML) Europe/North America is also one of the biggest SMITE tournaments and is comprised of 2 phases that are Phase 1 and Phase 2.

Smite Competitive Seasons

SMITE has been a part of eSports line up for a long time and since then it has gained millions of users all over the world. Different leagues including Pro League and Minor League take place annually. Along with these, SMITE Masters is another competitive season that offers great competition. Recently, SMITE World Championship 20 took place. World Championship is the biggest Smite tournament.

There is no ongoing competitive season but as we have mentioned above that these tournaments take place annually, we will be getting access to them whenever they are scheduled. These tournaments are provided with all the necessary information that players need to understand so that the participation process does not become difficult for them and this is the reason why online competitions are more convenient for players. Taking part in any competitive season is quite easy, you have to register yourself or your team via online application.

Recently, SMITE World Championship 20 took place. The main event of the tournament was a 3-day competition that started on 15th Nov 2019 and ended on 17th Nov 2019. The total prize pool was $1,000,000.

Smite Game Basics

In SMITE, players have to control a god or some mythological figure, take part in team-based combat and make use of their tactics and abilities to compete against other gods controlled by opponents. The game offers multiple, player versus player (PVP) modes through which you play against many players all around the world. Players are formed into 2 teams, each consisting of 5 players.

The main objective of the game is to work and get along with your team characters to destroy and defeat the other team Titan. Rank is the element that differentiates a pro-player from an average player. There are multiple unique elements of the game that include Minions (AI controlled units that assist the gods in battle), Minimap (representation of the current map that displays structures, player position and jungle maps).

Smite Inventory

There are several objects in the game which are called Items. They are beneficial for gods as they provide special abilities that increase their statistics and empower their defence and attack. These items are arranged in several categories that include Passive items, Relics and Consumable items. They are subclassified as Starter, Defensive, Offensive and Utility items. You need to buy these items to progress through the game.

Multiple types of currency in SMITE are Favor, Gems, Battle Points and Mixer Points. To buy items, you need gold coins (currency used inside of matches) that you earn by winning the games and different competitions. One great advantage is that you can sell back these items for 66% of the original cost. They can be sold for their full price, only if the player has not used the items or did not leave the fountain.

Smite Meta

As there are multiple gods in the game so it is hard to master them all. SMITE’s meta is to pick the best gods one by one. Pick the first one, specialize it and then go for the next. Spend most of your time practising conquest and form different strategies and tactics so that you can easily defeat your opponents.

Smite Team Composition

In Conquer, Arena and Assault modes, two teams compete against each other, each comprising of 5 players. Whereas in Siege mode, teams consist of 4 players. However, custom modes allow you to make a team of any size (1v1 or 5v5). The playable characters in Smite, i.e. gods, are immortals, deities and mythical creatures from ancient mythology. Currently, there are 106 playable gods in the game. These gods are sorted by their Pantheons including Chinese, Celtic, Arthurian, Japanese, Greek, Egyptian, Polynesian, Mayan, Voodoo, Norse, Roman, Hindu, Slavic and Yoruba.

Each god is unique with its own unique playstyle, and different strengths and weaknesses. Some are geared for offence while others are better suited for defence. There are 5 different classes in which gods are organized: Guardians (melee supports, initiators and tanks), Hunters (fighters and carries), Warriors (melee bruiser), Mages (gankers and junglers) and Assassins (melee gankers and junglers). Gods are also divided by the type of power they utilize. Warriors, Hunters and Assassins use Physical Power while Mages and Guardians use Magical Power. You cannot choose the same god your teammate has picked.

Smite Game Modes

There are several different game modes in SMITE. Each mode has its own playstyle, unique map, objectives and rules. Structures and existence of minions are common elements among each mode. In most of these game modes, the player’s objective is to defeat the enemies’ Titan. Game modes include Conquest, Arena, Assault, Joust, Siege, Clash, Match of the Day, Adventures, Custom, Training, Player vs Environment and Domination (this mode was removed from the game on 8th January 2014).

At the beginning of the game, you can only access Conquest, Arena and Joust modes but once you reach level 15, all modes become available. However, using Co-op feature you can access Clash and Assault modes. All the modes are equal for competitive play as they are way different from each other. None is superior to the other regarding this aspect. These are the permanent game modes. There is no new game mode coming out, but we wish to get some in the future.

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