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Developed by EA Digital Illusions CE (or DICE), the Battlefield series is an online multiplayer first-person shooter game. It was added to the list of competitive esports titles in 2013. The series started out with Battlefield 1942, which was released in 2002 and has expanded to 11 games since its release. With its large scale war setting and organization of players into squads, the Battlefield series is quite similar to other first-person shooter games. However, this series maintains its cult following.

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Battlefield Live Matches

CS:GO ESL Challenger League






CS:GO IESF World Championship






Battlefield Tournaments

Battlefield Esports tournaments are a highly popular source of competition for all Battlefield players. The tournaments provide players from several countries the opportunity to expose themselves to a bigger platform and learn new skills from their fellow players.

Tournaments are always being organized and each tournament varies in duration and the number of participants. Recently, the Zurich Invitational wrapped up this month in Sweden.

The ESL One Battlefield 4 Spring Finals of 2015 was one of the most popular tournaments organized to date. It generated a prize pool of $37,171.20 USD, making it the highest pool for Battlefield to date.

While Battlefield tournaments have amassed an abundance of loyal players, it has yet to be popular for the game at the level of games like Fortnite and Call of Duty. However, many players are realizing the true value the Battlefield gaming experience provides, and they have started switching to Battlefield as their main gaming source.

Battlefield tournaments are not simply local and regional feats, one of the best parts of these tournaments is that you can participate in them from any part of the world. Online tournaments are one of the most popular types and they bring together people from several different countries.

LoL LVP SL Spring 2022


Starting: 2022-01-10

LoL Elite Series Spring 2022


Starting: 2022-01-17

Dota 2 BTS Pro Series Americas Qualifications season 10 2022


Starting: 2022-02-05

Valorant VCT Latin America North Stage 1 Challengers 2022


Starting: 2022-02-10

Valorant VCT North America Stage 1 Challengers 2022


Starting: 2022-02-11

Battlefield Esports Competitive Scene

While the Battlefield games are still gaining traction, you would be able to access different leagues within the community. These leagues are quite competitive and often participate in tournaments on national and international levels. The cult-following of Battlefield is enthusiastic about the Battlefield’s inauguration into the Esports lineup, which has led to a global community to form, with tournaments taking place in India, Sweden, America, England, and many other countries.

Competitive leagues form online for Battlefield and the leagues are usually based on the device you use to play (i.e. Xbox, Play Station 4 or PC). Tournaments for Battlefield Esports are frequently occurring, which means you can burst into the competitive scene as soon as you would like.

The 2018 Flight Path to BFV DogFight was one of the most popular tournaments from last year and it brought together 20 different teams. The Dry Mode Cup and BPL Frontlines were two other popular tournaments from last year, recruiting 16 and 12 teams respectively. While the Dry Mode Cup took place in France, Flight Path to BFV DogFight and BPL Frontlines were online tournaments.

If you want to compete in a Battlefield tournament, you can do it with a team or as a single player. Tournaments for teams are more frequently occurring; however, single-player tournaments are usually more competitive. Tournaments are usually device-specific, so keep that in mind when you register.

Battlefield Competitive Seasons

Battlefield includes Premium and Standards leagues, both with a different set of competitive seasons. The Premium league has 6 competitive seasons, which span from January to April, while the Standard league has 5 seasons, which span from January to March. The only difference between the Premium and Standard leagues is that the Premium league has greater access to different features of the game, like maps from the paid expansions of the game, while Standard players are not granted the same access.

The upcoming season for both the Premium and Standards leagues will begin in January 2020 and an ending date has yet to be announced. Battlefield Premium is one of the main features of competitive seasons and the coming season promises new features that have yet to be announced.

Battlefield Game Basics

Depending on the version of Battlefield Esports you play, you may find different gameplay modes available. Battlefield 1 allows for 5 vs. 5, 8 vs. 8 and 12 vs. 12 players; Battlefield 4 provides an additional option of 16 vs.16; Battlefield Hardline provides a Rescue mode and a Conquest Mode, while Battlefield 5 only allows 8 vs. 8 players.

Battlefield Esports is a multiplayer game that divides players into squads. There is a class system established within the Battlefield series which allows players to unlock different features within the game. With multiple maps, different storylines, a focus on teamwork and an overarching warfare theme, Battlefield Esports can provide you with expansive gaming experience.

The main objective of the Battlefield (in a nutshell) is to gain control of different territories that are crucial to the war in which you are fighting. As a player, you are to engage in combat with other squads and help your squad conquer, control and protect a territory.

If you’re lucky, your squad might have a veteran player who can give you different tips on how to survive the war. The only experience differentiates a pro player from a beginner, but learning from the veterans in your squad is the key to succeeding in the game.

One of the most unique parts of the game that players have reported is the class system. Players have stated that this system makes the game slightly unpredictable and adds an element of spontaneity to the mix, especially for novice players.

Battlefield Inventory

Battlefield has two types of in-game currency – one, which you can earn within the game (microtransaction currency or Company Coins) and another that, is bought with real money. Company Coins are available in all versions of Battlefield and it allows you to customize your Company; while currency that is bought with real money allows you access to a greater range of cosmetic customizations. Company Coins can be earned through the completion of different assignments and by leveling up.

Battlefield Meta

The most effective tactics that can help you win in Battlefield Esports include spending as much time possible in the field with your squad. Employing your squad’s biggest strengths and stopping your opponents from doing the same, working as a team and constantly communicating with each other, and confusing the opposing team by using an array of players from different classes and combat roles.

One thing to account for is beginner players because they may cost you the game if they do not have a clear understanding of their role in the squad. A new player would also take time to acclimate him/herself with your team’s already established coordination.

Battlefield Team Composition

Teams or squads in Battlefield consist of a varied number of total players; however, there is always a single player who is the squad leader and is required to give orders to the members of his squad and lead them to the completion of assignments. There is a wide variety of characters available on the Battlefield and you can place your character in a class of your choice. Classes include:

  • The Assault class sees the most action as they take an offensive stance in the squad.
  • The Medic class involves the role of the healer, which means this class keeps their squad members alive.
  • The Recon class looks out for enemies and can kill them from afar.
  • The Support class takes on the defensive stance and helps squad members and allies by resupplying them.

Aside from the Battlefield’s internal structure, Esports pro teams also have their own structures. Pro Esports teams usually vary in number according to the league they belong to. Battlefield Esports teams can vary according to the mode selected (8 vs. 8 or even 16 vs. 16 can be applicable) and teams may also retain substitute players on the bench if needed.

Battlefield Game Modes

There is an array of different game modes in Battlefield and each version has a different number of modes available. Some of the most commonly found include Basic Training, Squad Conquest, Practice Range, Operations, Frontlines, and Rush. In Battlefield Esports, one of the most popular modes in Battlefield 5’s Firestorm. In Battlefield, game modes are permanent and last year-round.

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