Overwatch Esports

Overwatch Esports

Everything you need to know about Overwatch esports

Overwatch is currently one of the most popular esports titles in the world, it levels with League of Legends, Fortnite and CSGO. Overwatch is a team based FPS developed by Blizzard Entertainment. Overwatch is available on PS4, Xbox One and Windows.

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Updated on: 4/16/2024

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Overwatch Basics

Overwatch is one of the most competitive and entertaining games of 2019. However, its dynamic 3D environment, different goals and objectives and high number of characters with unique abilities might make it difficult to follow compared to other esports titles.

In order to get into Overwatch esports, it’s advised that you spend some time watching the game and reading about the basics covered right here.

Overwatch has many heroes with unique abilities that players can utilise to destroy the enemies. The game dynamics is very similar to League of Legends and Dota 2. Each character has a number of unique abilities, some can be used as often as the player wants, there as other take time to recharge, these include ultimate abilities. Usually, the stronger the ability or power, the longer it will take to recharge.

Overwatch might seem like a simple FPS game, but in reality it is very strategic and team play is very important. Teams are most effective when grouped in arena, this way they can push the game right from the start. The game dynamics change every few minutes, you will often find that teams gang together to push the game and then retreat to regroup and change the course of attack. Once you get into Overwatch competitive play, be it spectating or playing, you will grasp on the basics very quickly.

Overwatch Gameplay

Each overwatch game starts with two teams of six players. Players can choose their player from a roster of about 20 heroes with unique abilities. Overwatch matches are played on many different maps, available in four modes: assault, control, escort and hybrid.

  • Control mode - is when players hold an area on the map for a period of time to acquire points. Control mode is played as a best of five.
  • Assault mode - is where teams are split into attackers and defenders. The attackers goal is to capture 2 points on the map and defenders try to stop them. Once the time runs out or final point is taken, teams change sides. A winner is the team who secured the most points.
  • Escort mode - is where the attacking team is pushing a payload along the predefined route. Teams have a limited amount of time to push the payload. Same as before, once the team completes the objective or the time runs out, teams switch sides. The winner is the team that goes the furthest with the payload (or reaches the end).
  • Hybrid mode - combines together an assault mission and escort mode. It starts with 2 control points to capture and further develops into an escort mission. As time runs out or teams complete objectives, teams switch sides. The winner is who completes the objectives first.

New players can’t participate in competitive play. Only players that reach level 25 after playing “Quick Plays” can start competing. In competitive play, players can compete during the season to unlock exclusive rewards.

Overwatch Roles & Heroes

All the characters in Overwatch can be placed into 4 distinctive categories: support, tank, defence and offence.

  • Offence characters - possess high DPS (damage per second) and firepower. They are more mobile and fast but have low defence.
  • Defence heroes - usually have higher defence but are slower than offensive characters. Defensive characters usually have the abilities to lock or restrict other players. In competitive tournaments both offensive and defensive characters are considered to have high DPS.
  • Tank heroes - have the highest amount of hit points (HP), and have the ability to protect themselves and team members.
  • Support heroes - support the team mates in various situations. Support characters can heal and apply debuffs to enemies.

Competitive teams usually use a mix of different characters based on the current situations and effectiveness (the meta) as well as based on the map, preferences and the enemy team. Overwatch, just like other FPS games, has various in game formations and strategies that can help to slay the enemy. Some formations include 2 DPS, 2/2 tank/support, 3 supports and 3 tanks are very popular. As the game progresses, players are able to switch characters mid game depending on the circumstances of the match.

Overwatch Map Pool

Overwatch has multiple maps, and all are played on a competitive level. Just like in CSGO, some pro players will prefer one map over the others, making it a very difficult game to predict, especially when it comes to competitive rankings or betting on esports.

At the start of each match, a voting takes place and will have a huge impact on the game outcome. Teams that train on multiple maps are the ones who take victorious titles back home compared to teams that stick with very few maps.

If you’re just starting out with Overwatch, watch a few games and you will understand the dynamics of the game. This will help you understand the characters and players around you. This is especially useful if you’re looking to place bets on Overwatch matches.

Overwatch Meta

The meta refers to the most recent and best way to play the game. Top players constantly try to find new metas to keep the competitive edge. This can include different formations on different maps and modes.

As Overwatch is relatively new, Blizzard constantly keeps the game updated and with every update players discover new strategies and metas. Some characters such as tanks and supporters tend to stay the same in terms of popularity, where as offensive and defensive characters tend to fluctuate in popularity.

Understanding and knowing the current meta helps players and teams stay competitive. The teams that figure the best methods, utilise most up to date strategies tend to outperform teams that play games based only on personal preference. Understanding the current meta can help a beginner get better, as well as it can help avid esports gambler to earn some extra cash when betting on overwatch.

Loot & Levelling in Overwatch

There is nothing in Overwatch that can be purchased to speed up the process of leveling. Only cosmetic items can be purchased that don’t affect you performance. Each match plaid will earn players some experience points depending on the match outcome and performance. By earning XP, players can level up and progress further. As players progress, they will receive rankings. With every rank, players will receive loot boxes containing more cosmetic items like skins.

Overwatch Ranking System

Ranking system in Overwatch is used to determine the experience of the player. It is used by the system during the matchmaking period to make sure players compete against equally good enemies. Overwatch rankings can be broken down into the following:

  • Bronze
  • Silver
  • Gold
  • Platinum
  • Diamond
  • Masters
  • Grandmaster

Bronze tier is usually filled with newcomers where as Grandmaster is full of professional esports players. According to Blizzard, in 2018, the majority of the players were competing in the Gold rank. Silver to Platinum rankings are usually considered for casual players and are the best if you want some quick action and fun!

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