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Halo is a military science fiction themed game that was originally developed by Bungie Studios in 2001. Its other developers include Ensemble Studios, 343 Industries, and Creative Assembly. Halo is a franchise series that includes several installments, all of which have reached critical acclamation. Halo is a multiplayer game that allows for up to 16 players. It holds some similarities to other military based games, like the combat and weaponry; however, the game’s plotline remains quite unique and highly commended by its players.

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Updated on: 25/06/2023

Halo Competitive Scene

Halo esports is highly competitive and requires expert skills to thrive in. Some of the top teams compete in Halo Tournaments as it is a very popular game that generates a higher prize pool than your average titles. Different devices you can use to compete on include online, Xbox and Xbox 360. The biggest tournaments are usually the World Championships, which bring together some of the most professional Halo players internationally.

Halo Competitive Seasons

Halo is an intensive and competitive game. Most teams that participate in Halo esports are professionals and experts in the game. The competitive seasons for Halo are scheduled during summer and fall, with World Championships taking place in the summer. Online tournaments, on the other hand, take place from December to March.

A competitive season is currently taking place and will end in November. The next season will start in June 2020 (keep a lookout for the announcements for the season dates in March).

Generally, competitive seasons bring several different teams with different Halo related skillsets together to compete against and learn from each other. No major changes have been made to the competition season recently, so the same format is still being followed when it comes to the season’s length and dates.

Online competitive seasons are slightly different because they allow for international players and teams to go against each other on a larger platform than the annual Halo World Championships (which only brings together a limited number of teams). This format may be preferred by some due to its easy accessibility.

Halo Tournament Seasons

The Halo tournaments are highly competitive with very high prize pools. This is because of the fact that Halo is such a widely loved and popular game; it brings together a plethora of players who share a common love for intricately designed games (like Halo). The most well-known and profitable tournaments is the Halo World Championship, that happens once a year. Other tournaments take place during the competitive season from summer to fall and include MLG tournaments, Pro League tournaments and Gfinity tournaments.

Recent tournaments that have taken place include the UGC Halo Classic, Red Bull Rise till Dawn, HCS Invitational, DreamHack Atlanta and FACEIT Ignite EU.

While Xbox tournaments include those mentioned above and take place on regional and worldwide platforms, online tournaments take place in local area networks. Regional and worldwide tournaments generally take place in major cities, including Melbourne, London, New Orleans, and St. Louis.

Halo tournament prize pools can range anywhere between $200,000 to $2,000,000 and this shows how popular the game’s competitive scene actually is. Tournaments can include a range of teams and have included a maximum of 73 teams to date (who participated in the Halo World Championship Series Finale in 2018).

Halo Game Basics

Halo is a first-person shooter franchise that involves military combat in a futuristic setting. With different Halo installments set in different years and places (a civil war that breaks in the 26th century, the year 2558, etc.), Halo esports provides players with a unique experience. The plotline begins in Halo 1 with the creation of the Halo Array and continues with large timeline gaps between each installment.

Some of the main characters include the Master Chief, Spartan, Cortana, Arbiter, the Flood (the enemy swarm) and 343 Guilty Spark. The main objectives of the game include killing and defeating enemies like the Flood, creating strategies that can lead your team to victory, and defend the home base against any enemy attacks.

Players of the game commend its detailed and spectacular graphics. The game is also critically acclaimed and quite popular due to the development of teamwork and reflexive thinking it encourages in its players.

A pro Halo player can be easily differentiated from a novice because a pro player can practice spontaneous decision making while carrying out complex strategic planning. Average players simply use their weapons against their enemies without planning their actions out.

Halo Inventory

Throughout the galaxies in Halo esports, there are different currencies that you can use in the game. The main currency that is encountered by Halo esports players is UN credits (or cR) which can be spent in the form of credit chips. Other currencies include Flex card, Gekz, etc. However, in some installments of Halo, a Covenant equivalent of in-game currency has not been explicitly mentioned, but implied.

Using in-game currency, players can buy armor permutations or upgrades and armor effects which can help increase protection during the game. Other purchases that can be made include power weapons, armor abilities, and different boosters. All of these items can provide great advantages during the game as they increase protection and enhance player’s abilities.

This currency is generally earned in the game instead of experience points or XP (as in other similar esports games). In-game currency can also be bought with real-world currency.

Halo Meta

The most effective strategy to use while playing Halo is to fight against your enemy in an ark formation when they are en masse. This strategy can help in eliminating the enemy with ease, while limiting any obstacles or hassles. Another important strategy is to keep an eye on the enemy’s Spartan and use the Spartan’s actions against the enemy by timing your attacks perfectly. Finally, understand who you are playing as and what your main objective is in the game. Keeping the main objective in mind is a crucial strategy that can lead you to victory.

However, the one factor that can make or break your team’s meta is an amateur player or a player who is not paying close attention to what is happening. The only way to counter this is through proper training and the gaining of experience in order to make sure each team player is on the same page.

Halo Team Composition

In Halo esports, teams can consist of four to six players (and sometimes even eight), but one representative player may play in a tournament. When playing in teams, each team has a leader who guides the team to achieving their objectives. Teams can either play for the UNSC or the Covenant within the game, but depending on the installment in the franchise, different characters can be selected. Esports teams are allowed to decide in advance about the details of their targeted gameplay and character selection.

Playing for the UNSC or the Covenant would mean that your team would have to defend their home base, attack the enemy or achieve other goals depending on the timeline the game has been set in. The game has been generally structured as heroes versus villains, which is a typical structure of a military-based game, but Halo offers a more complex storyline.

Playing in a team may seem like a difficult task when it comes to Halo, but if your team is synchronized and understands the most effective tactics that need to be used, victory can be easy. However, it takes teams several months of training and practice before reaching such a level of expertise.

Halo Game Modes

There are many different game modes for Halo, including Campaign, Assault, Capture the Flag, Arena, Juggernaut, Headhunter, King of the Hill, Race, Dominion, Extraction, etc.

Some of the most popular game modes played in competitive play include Capture the Flag, Slayer, and Strongholds. Halo 5 has recently become a popular installment to play in competitions.

Game modes do not have a seasonal pattern, but remain permanent throughout each competitive season.

Recently, Halo: Infinite was announced with an end of 2020 release date. This new installment has been predicted to have a whole new plotline with exciting, new features and some of the best gameplay to date.

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