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Heroes of the Storm was developed and published by Blizzard Entertainment and was first released in June 2015. While the game met with many bumps during its 4 years, since being released, it gradually gained cult status with its followers. The game allows for teams of five to go head to head against each other online. It is quite similar to other multiplayer online battle arena games in that teams aim to destroy each other’s Cores to gain victory, a format which other battle arena games also generally follow.

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Updated on: 03/07/2022

Heroes of the Storm Live Matches

Dota 2 Dota Pro Circuit China

Team Aster


Ybb Gaming








Valorant VCL

Sengoku Gaming





Valorant VCL

Bigetron Arctic


Le Crapaud


CS:GO European Pro League

ENCE Academy


Zero Tenacity



Heroes of the Storm Tournaments

Currently, no Heroes of the Storm tournaments are available because the developers of the game, Blizzard, canceled the two esports tournaments that used to take place on an annual basis. These two tournaments were the Heroes of the Dorm and the Heroes Global Championship. Blizzard did not provide any reason for these cancellations, but they occurred at a time when the company had to downsize and shift the Heroes of the Storm game into the long-term support phase.

At present, no new announcements have been made regarding the game and its status as an esport. Fans thought that the game would have at least one more competitive season before the official cancellation announcement, but the developers made the abrupt decision to cancel.

However, the game is free to play online and you can compete with other gamers without cash prizes or prize pools. Other ways to compete include competing in other games by the same developers, as most of the other games by Blizzard have competitive seasons currently going on and the tournaments may be perfect for Heroes of the Storm players, as much of the game has been based on other Blizzard games.

LoL LFL Division 2 Spring 2023


Starting: 2023-01-10

LoL DDH Opening 2023


Starting: 2023-01-13

LoL Elements League Opening 2023


Starting: 2023-01-14

LoL LPL Spring 2023


Starting: 2023-01-14

LoL LCK Challengers League Spring 2023


Starting: 2023-01-16

Heroes of the Storm Competitive Scene

Due to the cult following of Heroes of the Storm, the game has a vast competitive scene. It already takes place online, but lovers of the game are quite competitive and constantly enjoy playing the game against other global players. Heroes of the Storm is generally played online and has been released on both Microsoft Windows and Mac OS, meaning it is a game that is played on PC.

Heroes of the Storm is a part of esports. The developers of the game recently announced the cancellation of their two biggest esports tournaments, which was met with great upheaval from the game’s fans. Currently, there are no Heroes of the Storm esports competitions being held and much of the esport’s popularity has decreased because of the cancellation of its two biggest tournaments.

Heroes of the Storm Competitive Seasons

Due to the fact that Heroes of the Storm esports no longer has any major tournaments being held, the game does not have any competitive season. No reason was provided for the cancellation of the game’s largest esports tournaments and the cancellation was met with a great amount of criticism from the fans, who thought that Blizzard Entertainment would allow one more season before announcing the cancellation. However, it happened quite suddenly and was very unexpected. No other tournaments are currently taking place and there have been no competitive seasons announced afterwards, due to Blizzard’s cancellation of their tournaments.

However, the game takes place online, so playing with other gamers is quite easy. Online players generally have easier access to players who are outside of their region and while this may not be the same as playing in tournaments for prize pools, it is actually a good alternative.

Heroes of the Storm Game Basics

Heroes of the Storm is an online game played in a five-versus-five format. Games last an average of 20 minutes and are accessible from Blizzard’s online gaming service (battle.net). The main objective of the game is to destroy the other team’s Core. The Core can only be destroyed if the other team’s defensive structures are destroyed. Players can choose one hero from 87 different playable characters and each character has their own unique design, strengths and weaknesses.

In Heroes of the Storm, a pro player is one that makes effective use of teamwork and strategizes in order to complete the objective of the game. An average or amateur player, on the other hand, is usually lost when it comes to teamwork and strategising.

Heroes of the Storm Inventory

In Heroes of the Storm, characters are not permanently available for playing, rather they can be permanently bought using in-game currency. There are three different in-game currencies that can be obtained, including Gems, Gold and Shards. Gold is easily earned while playing the game, completing challenges and quests, leveling up and finding loot chests. Gems can also be earned during the game or bought with real money and Shards can be bought with gold or procured from duplicate items that are attained from loot chests.

Gold can be used to permanently buy different characters in the game. Gems and Shards can be used to buy different cosmetic-items for the characters.

Heroes of the Storm Meta

The most effective tactics available when it comes to the game is teamwork. As the game is based on a five-versus-five format, teamwork is the most essential way to win. Being in synchronization with other team members is crucial to ensuring victory and players can utilize this through effective communication and through the formulation of an efficient strategy.

However, this tactic can be negatively affected if a team is full of pro players with the exception of a single amateur. The amateur will not have the same synchronization as the rest of the team and they may not play at the same level, no matter how effective the communication is.

Another effective tactic involves using a wide range of the character types in the team. Teams should be as diverse as possible in order to ensure good strategy development. A single team should not be made up of entirely ranged assassin characters. Each team member should have a character with a different specialized ability.

Heroes of the Storm Team Composition

Heroes of the Storm include teams of five players who work together to destroy the opposing team’s Core in order to win the game. There is no particular structure for the teams, but it is up to each team to employ any strategy they want. Many players prefer making the most experienced player the team leader and the rest of the team collaborates with them to create a game plan.

Within the game, players choose from 87 different characters. Characters are available for a limited free play, but then they would have to be permanently bought using in game Gold for repeated use. Characters are called Heroes in the game and they each have their own unique strengths and weaknesses. Heroes are divided in six different roles according to their abilities, including tank, bruiser, ranged assassin, melee assassin, healer and support. Their names depict what their different abilities are.

Heroes of the Storm Game Modes

There are many different kinds of game modes in Heroes of the Storm, including tutorials, training, versus A.I., quick match, unranked and ranked, heroes’ brawl (which includes three sub-game modes, i.e. arenas, mutators and single lanes) and custom games. Each game mode allows for different kinds of scenarios, including playing against A.I. controlled players or even actual players.

Currently, no new game modes have been announced. However, the game has been shifted to a long-term support phase, which means new updates are not expected to be made anytime soon. While this has been met with great disappointment from fans of the game, Heroes of the Storm is still available and can be played without the formal tournament format.

When the game was being played as an esport, the most popular game mode that was used for tournaments was custom games, as it allowed for players to customize the game by creating their own matchups of five-versus-five players, choose a map and other options (like enabling and drafting A.I. controlled heroes). This game mode’s customization made tournaments very entertaining for competitors, who cherished the ability to make new strategies each time they competed against each other.

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