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The mobile strategy video game titled Clash of Clans is developed and published by Finnish game developer Supercell. It is also known as freemium game as it is free to play but sometimes you have to pay for extra resources. On August 2, 2012, the game was released for iOS platform, and a year later i.e., on October 7, 2013, it was released on Google Play for Android. The game has taken the mobile world by storm. Since its release, it has been a great competition for existing mobile strategy games. Around 100+ million players enjoy the game at the eSports platform.

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Updated on: 25/06/2023

Clash of Clans Live Matches

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Clash of Clans Tournaments

The best part of Clash of Clans' competitive scene is that players are free to engage themselves in different tournaments that take place frequently at the eSports platform. In recent days, Clash of Clans World Championship 19 and Townhall 11 Cup took place on 25th Oct 2019 and 23rd Nov 2019 (with a prize pool of $11,000 per player), respectively. Whereas Town Hall 12 cup is scheduled on 21st Dec 2019 with a prize pool of $12,000 per player.

It is a fact that Clash of Clans tournaments are played worldwide, and this indicates the popularity of the game. Millions of users register themselves for different tournaments all year. Some of these tournaments are capped at low prize pools while some are capped at high prize pools. The highest prize pool to date is $1,000,000, which was capped for Clash of Clans World Championship 2019. Different types of Clash of Clans tournaments are Worldwide, including Clash of Clans World Championship, Clash of Clans the Town Hall Cup and Regional tournaments that are different for every region.

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Clash of Clans Competitive Scene

Clash of Clans is the part of eSports line up for a long time. It offers competitive gameplay, and this is the reason why players take part in different competitive tournaments and seasons that are scheduled frequently.

The three biggest tournaments of Clash of Clans include; Clash of Clans World Championship that takes place in the winter of every year. There are two rounds of the tournaments. First, include six pre-qualifier rounds in which the top 8 teams get the chance to excel in the tournament and play qualifier. In the second round, there is a total of six teams from round 1 and two favourite community wildcards. All these teams compete against each other to be the champion of the game.

Clash of Clans Mobile Open Seasons also takes place frequently, providing you an excellent chance of polishing your skills. It comprises of 3 qualifying phases and the final round. Any team can sign up for phase 1, only 50% get a chance to move into phase 2, the best 32 teams qualify for phase 3 and only two teams get the chance to play the final round. The Town Hall Cup is also one of the biggest Clash of Clans tournaments.

Clash of Clans Competitive Seasons

Clash of Clans is not only one of the most played mobile games but also a great asset to eSports line up. The game has gained millions of users all over the world. Many tournaments take place annually, while some take place monthly. They provide players with an excellent chance to enhance their game skills and become a pro player. eSports platform allows you to compete with the player all around the globe. As these tournaments provide ease of access, players find them more convenient.

Recently, Clash of Clans World Championship 2019 took place that was organized by Supercell. The main event of the tournament was a 3-day competition that started on 25th Oct 2019 and ended on 27th Oct 2019. The total prize pool was $1,000,000. Also, different leagues take place monthly, but almost all of them capped at low prize pools.

There is no ongoing competitive season as we recently ended up with the world championship. However, we will be getting access to the next upcoming season whenever organizers provide related information. To apply for any competitive season, you do not have to do much. Get yourself or your team registered via the online application and you are done. This ease of access is the fact that players consider taking part in these online competitions.

Clash of Clans Game basics

In Clash of Clans, the player is the chief of a village. Players make use of the game fighting’s features and as a result, they gain certain resources, which are then used to build their town. After that, they have to complete that building, weapons and supplies to make their defense stronger. They also have to collect the game’s currencies to increase and maintain the defense.

The main objective of the game is to build the village, design the base, and defend the turf. The map of the game shows all the current activities and player stats. The replay option allows you to look at the opponent’s move more clearly. The level is the element that differentiates a pro player from an average player. You can increase your level by playing the game and building more and more villages.

Clash of Clans Inventory

Players can make use of four different resources or currencies in the game. Elixir and gold are the ones that can be used to build defense structures to prevent them from other player’s attacks. While elixir and dark elixir can be used to train troops and upgrade spells. The game also contains premium currency i.e., gems. You can collect these gems by completing certain tasks. At the beginning of the game, you will have two builders, but you can buy up to three builders with gem currency. You have an option to buy these gems through in-app purchases.

You can also earn elixir, dark elixir, and gold by making use of the pseudo – single-player campaign feature of the game. This feature allows you to attack a series of fortified goblin villages.

Clash of Clans Meta

There are two ways of the game that include attack and defence. Each of them has its Meta. Clash of Clans defence Meta is simply picking up the best defender characters and build your village exceptionally well so that opponents cannot get it easily. While Clash of Clans attacks, Meta is to go with the active shield so that your opponent finds it difficult to break. Throughout the game, do not forget to keep updating your defence and attack.

Clash of Clans Team Composition

There is ten characters in Clash of Clans. Barbarian is a man with a battle-ready, angry expression. Archer is a female unit with no preferred target. Goblin is the fastest character in the game. Giants are the large troops that work best at defense. Wall breakers work as attackers. Balloons do a devastating amount of damage to ground targets. Wizard is a magical unit that can shoot over a wall. The healer helps in healing ground units and buildings. Dragon is capable of terrorizing both ground and air units. P.E.K.K.A is the strongest unit.

There is no specific rule on how a clan should structure. However, you can make a clan that has the strongest characters so that it stands out amongst other clans. Along with that, different attacking and defending, compositions will help you achieve your goals. Make most of your skills and tactics to build your compositions.

Clash of Clans Game Modes

Clash of Clans can be enjoyed in two modes. You can play it on your own and create your village. In single-player mode, you have to attack a series of goblin buildings. The second mode is a multiplayer mode, in which you can join other players and create a clan to fight other clans. Both the modes of Clash of Clans are permanent modes and equal for competitive play.

Clan war is the feature of the game in which different clans compete against each other in wars. The available war sizes are 5v5, 10v10, 15v15, 20v20, 25v25, 30v30, 40v40 and 50v 50. Friendly challenges were introduced in May 2016. This update allows clanmates to compete amongst clanmates. Whereas, we have not got any news regarding new game modes coming out.

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