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Clash Royale League is Supercell’s official team-based esports league. Players from all over the world come together to compete against each other and show their game skills in the four stages of the competition.

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Updated on: 25/06/2023

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Clash Royale Tournaments

Clash Royale tournaments is a game feature in which short-term competitions are held between teams who compete for gold and cards. Once level eight is reached you create private tournaments and you can also enter victory challenges and tournaments. You will get more rewards if you win more matches in global tournaments, victory challenges and special event challenges before a specific number of losses is reached.

Global Tournaments

  • Worldwide Tournaments happen once in a while.
  • They can utilize the ordinary standard, yet can also utilize a Special Event Challenge rule.
  • The level top can be somewhere in the range of 9 to 13 for the rules using players own decks
  • To enter a global tournament, the lowest King Level is a level lower than the Tournament's level top. For instance, at least king level 9 is needed to enter a level 10 global tournament.
  • Rules are quite much like Special Event Challenges: players drop out after a certain number of losses and accumulate wins to get one-time rewards.
  • Players can purchase extra rewards using Gems and can claim free rewards as well depending upon the number of wins.
  • You can get extra rewards whenever positioned adequately high on the global leaderboard.

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Clash Royale Esports Competitive Scene

Every season of the Clash Royale is comprised of four stages that the teams and the players have to get through to get to the world finals. At the end of each stage, the players and the teams that have a better rank than the others make their way to the next stage whereas the rest go home. At each stage, the players play the Slash Royale battles with towers and tournament standard-level cards.

Stage 1: 20-Win Challenge

Clash Royale league begins with a Global Tournament in-game or a 20-Win Special Event Challenge. Players that are able to accomplish twenty successes fit the bill for one of the regional Combine Qualifiers.

Stage 2: Combine

The players compete in a tournament in the local live events known as co, and judges from esports groups contending in CRL visit and watch the competition so as to enlist the best players to recruit in their teams and proceed onward to the Clash Royale League.

Every season of the Clash Royale is comprised of four stages that the teams and the players have to get through to get to the world finals. At the end of each stage, the players and the teams that have a better rank than the others make their way to the next stage whereas the rest go home. At each stage, the players play the Clash Royale battles with towers and Tournament Standard-level cards.

Stage 3: CRL

The Clash Royale league competition carries on for nine weeks in which the teams that have been registered in the league by the Esports carry their most competitive players to fight against players from the rival teams in their global region.

  • 1v1: One player from a group has to compete against another player from the other group. The 1v1 set is won by the team that wins in the three battles.
  • 2v2: The 2v2 set is won by the group that wins in the three two player battle against the other team.
  • King of the Hill: To play the 1v1 battles, three players are picked by each team. The player that loses is eliminated from the set at the end of each battle. The team that wins the set is the one that is successful in eliminating three players of the rival team first. Since this mode is quite similar to the king of fighters it is usually known as "KOF".
  • The winning team is the one that wins in two of these three sets. This team is the one that proceeds to the world finals.

Stage 4: World Finals

The best teams or the players from the Clash Royale league are the ones that are called to compete in the world finals. The winning team gets cash prizes and the World champion title.

Clash Royale Game Basics

The Clash royal league was made to test the gaming skills of the best players of Clash Royale from all over the world. Players compete in four stages and the winners are offered contracts from legacy organisations like Team Liquid, Team Queso, Team Solomid and Team Gaming. Competitions are held for nine weeks, in which nine different organisations compete with each other for the top rank in their respective regions. Once the winning teams are able to make it to the play-offs they further proceed to the world championship where the teams must give their best performance in order to take glory for their home region.

The gameplay of Clash Royale is quite simple and basic at its core. You can think of the game as a real-time tower defense. The system configuration and gameplay takes a Minimum Awesome Product approach. Overall, the gameplay itself is anything but difficult to learn yet difficult to ace.

  • Battle is real time PvP
  • 2 players go head to head over a field with 3 structures (a King's Tower and 2 arena towers)
  • Structures attack foe troops inside their range
  • The King's Tower is worth 3 stars and the arena towers are worth 1 star
  • Every player has an Elixir asset that creates after some time to a top of 10
  • 4 cards are given to players that they can play from a deck that has been put together before the game
  • A total of 8 cards are present in a deck
  • Different amounts of Elixir are linked with the cards, which are changed after they have been played once
  • Once the player has earned three stars or the time is up, the game comes to an end

Clash Royale Inventory

Goods can be easily purchased from the Clash Royale store. It has money packs which have expanded offer the greater the bundle. If a treasure chest is purchased then the open timer is skipped. The game also offers gems to coins (hard to soft currency) exchange. All of this is very standard free to play ordinance.

Clash Royale Meta

The game offers unlimited meta and gameplay experiences for the player. The interesting thing about the game is that each one is different, no 2 games are ever going to be the same and the player will consistently be experimenting with new and different elixir curves, deck combinations and card synergies. The meta gets more enhanced and varied as more cards are released. This implies that the game has been created in such a way that no “exact” game winning strategy exists.

Clash Royale Game Modes

There are several avenues for players to progress in the Clash Royale, every one of which allows the player to proceed in macro and micro steps.

King levels are a determined portrayal of the progress of the player. They are pretty much, the player's record level. Leveling-up causes damage to the majority of the player's beginning towers in the combat zone and increases health.

King Levels are earned with experience. There are 3 inputs through which experience is earned.

  • Leveling Cards
  • Giving Cards
  • Finishing Achievements

Cards are the base of the meta game and the standard game. The cards are earned randomly through daily rewards, battles and via store purchases. These are broken down by rarity, in a similar way to other card collecting games.

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