What is Call of Duty Betting?

Call of Duty betting is essentially placing a wager on the outcome of a game. As a CoD punter, you can bet on live games as well as case opening.

This game has achieved cult status among the eSports betting community due to the fact that it is suitable for both amateurs and experts. The game is also very interesting, whether as a player or a spectator. Online betting options for CoD are also widely available, which makes it very accessible to bookmakers and punters across the globe.

Since its trailblazing entry into the world of eSports betting, Call of Duty has become a rapidly popular and lucrative competitive eSports. The most popular matches in competitive play are the 4v4 matches. However, other matches such as 6v6 and 3v3 are also very popular at the competitive level.

Popular modes in CoD competitive play are:

  • Hardpoint
  • Capture the Flag
  • Uplink
  • Search and Destroy

Call of Duty has a number of tournaments throughout the year, including minor and major tournaments. But the most popular by far is the annual World League that typically takes place in the month of August. The tournaments attract a global audience, and it is hosted in North America, Australia, Europe, and New Zealand.

The Championship Finals has a prize pot of $1.5 million, which is a huge attraction for many teams from around the world. In total, the game has a prize pot of up to $3 million, which is distributed among the many tournaments throughout the year.

The 2019 World League Championships were held in August. Upcoming tournaments include Call of Duty NYC $10,000 Modern Warfare Tournament, Nov 1-3, Ishoni Esports Dallas Open, Nov 9-10, and AGN Indianapolis 2020, Nov 23-24, among others.

Call of Duty Trading

Call of Duty trading is essentially where players exchange, sell, or buy games or other items related to the game. Unlike other FPS games, skin trading and virtual trading is not associated with Call of Duty. Skin trading or buying and selling skins primarily happen in games developed by Valve Corporation, most commonly CSGO.

However, since there are new versions of the CoD introduced almost every year, players trade in their games a lot. Among all other games, CoD – Black Ops is the most traded game all over the world. Black Ops is also the second most popular game, having sold over 26 million units to date. The games can be traded for real money, which is a great option as you get to play the game and make money off of it.

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