World of Tanks Gambling

World of Tanks Gambling

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World of Tanks is a freemium action-shooting multiplayer video game that has gained massive popularity since its inception in 2010 on Microsoft Windows platform. The entire premise of the game is focused on a player-Vs-player gameplay using the concept of a typical mid-20th century combat vehicle – tanks (as the name of the game suggests). The game runs on a free-to-play platform, but the players can also pay some certain fees to get access to the premium features of the game.

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Updated on: 4/16/2024

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What is World of Tanks Betting?

The word “Betting” in itself is a rudimentary term – you place your money to “forecast” on a specific outcome of the game, and get paid in certain amounts if the results are in your favour. World of Tank in particular is a very popular choice for punters looking to bet their money on e-sports games that involves strategic bet placements and a well-constructed and calculated risk management.

Betting on World of Tanks has gained significant relevance in the last few years, especially after the developers announced its debut Global Championship Tournament. Until 2019, the only official tournament for the World of Tank community was the League. This league featured 12 premiere teams from three different regions – CIS, APAC, EU, and 10 from NA region. The latest iteration of the League, aka, WGL grand finals featured a massive prize pool of $300,000, making the tournament a hot-zone for punters to place their wagers with generous number of games to bet on throughout the tournament.

However, the most recent development has elevated the “relevance” of World of Tank betting even more. How? Wargaming (the developers of WoT) recently announced a Global World of Tank Championship Tournament that will feature only the top six teams from all over the regions. The tournament will carry a prize pool of $100,000, and will take place in the Blitz Twister Cup 2019 in Minsk, Belarus.

The entire event will be streamed online on 9th November 2019, providing an ideal platform for punters to place their bets on who can attain the title of the best WoT team in the world.

Apart from such global tournaments, the World of Tank also features some regional tournaments within the community that are streamed live on Twitch and other video streaming platforms.

World of Tank Betting with Real Money

With the recent developments in World of Tank tournaments, and the substantial increment in the prize pools, placing bets on WoT has become a lucrative attraction. If you know basic mechanics of the game and stay updated with the teams around the world, you can earn some good money.

There are several iterations of bets you can place on the World of Tank tournaments. However, the four main markets you can bet on WoT include:

  • Match Winner

    This is probably the most fundamental form of bet you can place on the World of Tank or any other sports betting. The concept is simple – bet on the team you think is going to win the battle between the two teams. This is also the easiest way to ensure profit if you follow the tournament and know who the stronger team is.

  • Handicap Bet

    Handicap bet is identical to the traditional match winner betting. However, in this case, the bookmaker “enhances” the match winning probability of the underdogs by improving their odds by some margin (usually +1.5 or +2.5). This balances out the winning chances and allows you to bet on the underdogs without fearing substantial loss.

  • Outright Winner

    In this form of betting you can place your bet on the team you think will win the entire tournament before it commences.

  • Specials

    The specials betting feature several sub-markets such as Correct Score, Map Winner, First Blood, Total Number of Kills, etc. As apparent by their names, you can bet on these smaller aspects of the game, rather than predicting the entire outcome of the game itself.

World of Tanks Betting Types

World of Tank involves different types of betting either with real-money, digital money (crypto) or with different in-game resources. Some of the basic World of Tank betting includes:

  • Money-line bets

    This is the easiest type of betting, especially for a newbie. The two teams are assigned with their respective odds of winning, and punters place their bet on the one with the higher chances of winning.

  • Outright Bets

    This type of bet is when punters predict the outcome of the entire tournament, as opposed to betting on every single match. This type of bet is placed only before the tournament begins.

  • Map Handicap Bets

    In this type of World of Tank betting, the punter bets on how many maps a particular team can win, instead of simply betting which team can win the overall round.

  • Over / Under Bet

    The over/ under bet in the World of Tank is when punters bet on how long a specific map will take. The bookmakers will specify a certain time setting, and you have to bet on whether the map will last under or over that time.

World of Tank Trading

Trading refers to the process of exchanging several in-game resources such as skins, gold, Tanks, and ammunitions (in this particular case) amongst the players. At present, the World of Tanks does not allow players to trade tanks or gold between them.

However, the latest “Trade-In” feature on the World of Tanks allows you to trade-in your old premium tanks for a new Tank at a discounted price. This feature allows you to trade in your existing Tank for 50% of its original gold value. You can then use this gold for purchasing a new premium tank. It is also important to note that the trade in program can only be used for trading tanks of the same tier only. So, if you trade in a tier VI vehicle, you can use the gold to purchase another tier VI or lower tier tank.

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