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An American video game series named Madden NFL was developed by EA Tiburon and published by EA Sports in 1988. Until 1993, this game was known as John Madden Football as it was named after Pro Football Hall of Fame commentator and coach. Since its release, it has created considerable hype and influenced many coaches and players of the physical sports. The company sold more than 130 million copies. The game was released for the PC, Nintendo 64, Nintendo DS, Microsoft Windows, Sega Saturn, PlayStation including 2,3,4, and portable, iOS, Android, and BlackBerry Playbook.

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Updated on: 25/06/2023

Madden NFL Live Matches

Counter-Strike YaLLa Compass





Counter-Strike European Pro League





StarCraft 2 WardiTV







Dota 2 Pinnacle Cup

Team Falcons


Yellow Submarine


Dota 2 European Pro League





Madden NFL Tournaments

Madden NFL tournaments take place frequently, and this is the reason why players get many chances to engage themselves in them and compete with players all around the world. Many of them take place online at eSports platform that is why they are readily available over the internet. You can compete according to your comfort like no one will get to know, even if you are playing in your pyjamas.

Madden NFL tournaments take place twice or more a month, but sometimes there are 3-4 occurring at the same time. Publishers of the tournaments post different advertisements to inform you about the event details. The three biggest tournaments of Madden NFL include Madden Classic, Madden NFL Championship (the biggest), and Madden Bowl.

Madden NFL Championship is a step to qualify for the Madden Bowl. Madden NFL 20 Championship is announced with the new competitive format. Series comprises of 3 live events that include: Madden NFL 20 Club Championship which will start on 18th Dec 2019 and end on 21st Dec 2019, Madden NFL 20 Challenge which is scheduled on 30th Jan to 1st Feb 2020 and Madden NFL 20 Bowl which will start on 23rd Apr 2020 and end on 25th Apr 2020.

Millions of users register themselves for different tournaments, which is a clear indication that Madden NFL is famous all over the world. Some of these tournaments are capped at low prize pools while some are capped at high prize pool. The highest prize pool to date for any tournament is $1.3 million, which is capped for Madden NFL 20 Championship Series. It is a worldwide tournament while there are regional tournaments as well, including East, West, North, South Community Regional Series.

King of Glory King Pro League Summer 2023


Starting: 2023-06-14

Counter-Strike CCT North Europe Season 6 2023


Starting: 2023-07-18

Counter-Strike ESL Challenger League Asia-Pacific 46 CS2 2023


Starting: 2023-10-03

Counter-Strike ESL Challenger League Europe season 46 2023


Starting: 2023-10-05

StarCraft Brood War Bombastic StarLeague Season 17 2023


Starting: 2023-10-07

Madden Competitive Scene

Since its release, Madden NFL has created a considerable hype and took over the eSports platform very quickly. It has been loved and appreciated by the players, and they mentioned that the game is like a blessing at this platform. There are many sites that offer you to compete with players all around the world. It is not like other football games. It offers excellent features including realistic effects. The game is a unique competitive option available over the internet.

Many tournaments at smaller and bigger levels have been played, but the three biggest tournaments include Madden Classic, Madden Bowl, and Madden Club Championship. Madden NFL 20 championship offers new competitive format. It is capped at high prize pool of $200,000. They were also a big part of eSports news. In future, we expect some more competitive tournaments like these.

Madden NFL Competitive Seasons

As soon as Madden NFL took over the eSports platform, many tournaments took place, and some of them were capped at large pool prizes. All year-round, you can easily find many tournaments that take place frequently. eSports platform allows you to complete with players all over the world. Players find online competitions more convenient for them because they come with the ease of access. Also, they provide all the related information you need to register yourself. Simply understand the tournament, apply for it, and you are done.

In the coming months, we expect some more exceptional tournaments to take place. You can apply for them via online application that is available on the game site. As we all know that players love and appreciate the game at eSports level, that is why publishers have taken it to another level. The game has been successful in the past years due to constant updates and improvements. Madden NFL 20 championship is announced with new competitive format.

As many tournaments of different series occur frequently, many of them are scheduled in this coming month. They are capped at different prize pools, and out of them, some touch the highest prize pool mark.

Madden NFL Game Basics

Madden NFL offers some great features, and one of them is Skill trainer that allows you to practice and get to know all the game basics, including basic offense gameplay, positions, and advanced play concepts before stepping into the competitive mode. Then select your favorite team and hit the field. You can even join the live session that is happening now.

The main objective of the game is learning to tackle, high point the ball, time your hit, and then take over your opponent. A pro player is easily distinguishable form an average player as it has all the skills, tactics and strategies that are necessary to master the game. Another aspect that makes a player pro is experience, which it gains through gameplay. Madden NFL has certain unique elements that vary in all game modes.

Madden NFL Inventory

In the game, you gain certain points by winning competitions. They are the experience points that you have earned so far. There is no specific game inventory. So, you are free to select teams and other game objects according to your preference. But one thing you should keep in mind is that you have an option to buy points with real-world money that provides you an advantage to make most of your favorite team by customizing it.

Madden NFL Meta

Both offensive and defensive gameplay has their meta. Madden NFL’s meta for offensive gameplay is to keep scoring at the end. For that purpose, you should try short passes as they are just as good as deep passes. Do not make risky throws and cover-up when running the ball. Along with that, try to score continuously as this will bring your opponent in pressure, and as a result, they will start losing their grip on the match.

Madden NFL’s meta for defensive gameplay is to make your defense so secure that no one can pass it easily. If you have become successful in establishing a strong defense, your opponent will not know what to do against it. Along with that do not try to stop runs for losses. Also, use pass commits to inform your defenders that pass is coming so that they head straight for the quarterback.

Madden NFL Team Composition

There is no limitation on how a pro eSports team of Madden NFL should structure. Each team of the game comprises of 4 players. Before stepping into the game, you must select your favorite team. Either you can choose the built-in teams, or you can customise your own. Make player’s profile according to your wish.

Madden NFL 20 comes in two main modes that are Franchise Mode and Madden Ultimate Team. Both the modes are way different, but your play-style is the central aspect to consider mode. In Franchise Mode, every team’s performance is based upon the player's rating and real-life strategies. While in Madden Ultimate Team, you can choose your favorite default team and customise it.

Madden NFL Game Modes

Each version of the game has different game modes. All are unique in their own way. Some of them include Madden Ultimate Team, Frostbite, Play Live Now, Franchise mode, and many more. Similarly, each mode has different play styles. For example, Madden NFL 18 has Arcade (casual, easy-to-play mode), Simulation (authentic NFL experience), and Competitive (all about tournaments and competitions) play styles. Each mode of each version offers competitive gameplay.

All the modes of Madden NFL are permanent modes and equal for competitive play. The two modes of Madden NFL 20 offer a wide variety and is an excellent contribution to the competitive gameplay. Also, we are likely to get a new feature called Career Campaign mode that enables players to create their own team in a way they want.

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