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Gears of War is a 6 player, third-person shooter game that involves a dispute between humankind and the Locust Horde (subterranean reptilian hominids) and their mutated version, the Lambent. The game presents the classic story of Heroes versus Villains pitted against each other in an epic battle of the best.

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Updated on: 25/06/2023

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Gears of War Tournaments

Gears of War tournaments take place very frequently and are quite popular as the game itself provides players with a unique and exciting experience. The upcoming season will include 3 open days in the US and a world championship next summer. The largest prize pools to date have been $300,000.

In the inaugural year of Gears of War Esports, the fourth installment of the series generated an annual prize pool of $1 million in that year alone. This year, Gears of War 5 is expected to generate a prize pool of $2 million and if this target is reached, it will be the highest prize pool generated by Gears of War in a single season.

Tournaments take place at all different levels and using both PC and Xbox. This season, the world championship is expected to bring together several international teams on one platform. Aside from this, local tournaments take place across the US in the form of invitationals and open days. Amateur events and pro league events also take place frequently.

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Gears of War Competitive Scene

Gears of War Esports is a highly competitive and internationally renowned game. Players from all over the world compete in their continental districts for prize pools of up to $300,000. In the past year alone, the total prize pool for the year amounted to $1 million. The upcoming season is predicted to have a total prize pool of $2 million. The top upcoming Esports tournaments for Gears of War include San Diego and Mexico City opens. These tournaments are projected to bring together a total of 24 teams from all over the United States.

Gears of War Competitive Seasons

Gears of War's competitive seasons are quite extensive and inculcate each installment of the series. Competitive seasons allow for leagues to play against other leagues in different seasonal tournaments. These tournaments encourage teams to meet with other international teams and learn new gaming skills from each other. The upcoming season is predicted to bring together over 50 teams from across the globe, especially with the upcoming world championship in July 2020.

The upcoming competitive season will start on October 21st and end in July 2020. This season will also include several open days and invitationals held in different cities worldwide and it will even include a world championship. The world championship is predicted to bring together the top 64 teams globally with an extensive audience to match.

Pro Leagues from North America, Central America, and Europe will be participating in national competitions, while international competitions will also include teams from South America and the Asian Pacific. This year, several tournaments and amateur events will take place at different Microsoft Store locations.

Competitive seasons have been taking place ever since the game’s induction into the Esports lineup in 2016.

Gears of War Game Basics

Gears of War Esports is a multiplayer third-person shooter game that includes 4 game types and 16 multiplayer maps. The game is divided into 5 different acts, namely Ashes, Nightfall, Belly of the Beast, The Long Road Home and Desperations. Each act presents a new challenge to the team playing. In act one; the main objective is to retrieve the Resonator, which is a device that maps out the underground tunnel system of the Locust. The story unravels and the main objective of the game is to defeat the Locust and their mutated counterparts.

Players have reported that only practice and training can differentiate a pro player from an average player. Gears of War takes time to master and the world of the game requires a comprehensive understanding to reach a professional level.

Players have also reported that the game’s most unique and distinguishing features are the storyline and the cover-base combat. The storyline deals with common themes of conflict and war, but these themes are presented in a unique manner. The cover-based combat is unique because players have stated that they have never seen this feature in other popular Esports games.

Gears of War Inventory

Content in Gears of War can be earned using several different methods. Premium in-game currency, called Iron can be bought with real money and this gives you access items and customizations in the Store. However, these items do not provide any competitive advantage. Also, a limited amount of Iron can be earned through each Tour of Duty.

Supply Drops also occur after you have played a certain number of minutes in multiplayer mode and these drops include random items for your use. Earnable content can also be earned through daily challenges and seasonal medals when you complete the Tour of Duty.

Gears of War Meta

In Gears of War, there are several different effective tactics that can be used to achieve the objective of the game:

  • Upgrading your drone (known as Jack) can increase your combat effectiveness,
  • Covered combat can be your strategic savior,
  • Perfect your active reload and make sure to learn how to time it masterfully,
  • Use aggressive play instead of a tactical method.

Your most effective tactics may be at risk with new updates to the game or amateur team players who do not understand the game’s Meta. However, updates can be studied in order to overcome them and amateur players can be given instructions on what their role is in the team.

Gears of War Team Composition

Gears of War Esports is played in teams of 5 with teams representing either the Gears or the Locust. The objective is to execute the members of the opposing team before they are revived. In the Assassination matches, the objective is to execute the opposing team’s leader. Also, the team leader is the only one who can collect new weapons for their team in these matches.

Gears of War characters are classified as either Heroes or Villains. The Heroes are a part of the Gears, while the villains are a part of the Locust. The Gears of War contains a very long list of characters who are known by their basic classification and their main goal is to defeat the other side. Also, with every new installment, the main characters of the game may change to suit the storyline.

Gears of War Game Modes

With every new game in the series, Gears of War introduces new and exciting game modes. In Gears of War 4, some of the most popular game modes include Assassination, Annex, Arcade, Guardian, Beast, Breakthrough, Overrun, Submission, Domination and King of the Hill. In Gears of War 5, the makers introduced Escape mode, Horde Returns, and Tour of Duty.

The top mode for competitive play is Assassination as it allows for a face-off between two teams to the death. Tour of Duty is another popular mode in Gears of War 5 as it allows players to earn in-game upgrades easily. Tour of Duty provides seasonal games for you to play. However, most of the other game modes are permanent.

New game modes have been in the works for the unreleased games of Gears of War; however, the creators have yet to reveal details. These new game modes are rumoured to have breathtaking new features that will make Gears of War gameplay even more entertaining.

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