Clash Royale Gambling

Clash Royale Gambling

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Mobile games are underrated in the eSports era. They are viewed as second class products to provide some fun but can never compete the depth of PC and console titles. Supercell developed and published a real-time strategy, freemium game; called Clash Royale (the same team behind the hit Clash of Clans game). It is proof that it is high time to take mobile games seriously. Globally, the game was released on 2nd March 2016. The game combines features from tower defence, collectible card games, and online multiplayer battle arena.

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Updated on: 4/16/2024

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What Is Clash Royale Betting?

There have been several updates by the developer company for improvement and bug fixes. And since its launch, it has created a hype, and everyone loves the features and concept behind the game.

With its league feature, you are free to play any league, which is happening in the gaming world. You get confidence after competing with different players from all around the globe. Clash Royale has become a major mobile eSport in no time.

Clash Royale is a fast-thinking and tactical eSport that can sometimes be unpredictable. But we must say that it is a method to the madness. It is a high-stake title where you can compete all around the globe with eSports betting. Different decks can be utilized, and players can easily readjust their tactics and strategies accordingly to the bet requirements. Like any other game in eSports, opportunities in betting on Clash Royale are getting higher and higher with each passing day.

Tournaments were added in the July 2018 update. Tournaments are like normal war but with advancement in the cap of cards (cards capped at level 9).

In March 2017, Supercell introduced a new League feature. Players with 4000 above trophies are advanced to one of nine different leagues.

How many odds for your team is on the board indicates how much money you can win for a certain bet. Let’s say if Team A were 3:1 in odds against Team B, then Team A, for example, would win $3 for every $1 Team B bet.

Before getting down to gambling, knowledge, and grasp on the gameplay and tournaments are required. From time to time, different tournaments are posted. But there are no upcoming matches available.

Clash Royale Betting with Real Money

Clash Royale betting is not a complex task to do. You simply have to find a betting site that offers great advantages to you. Place your bet and hope for the best.

There are different betting sites available that offer rewards and bonuses, but this is not an easy task. You might face difficulty to get the best eSports betting site. Here are the top Clash Royale betting sites according to the research.

  • Betway – BONUS: $50 free bet
  • Arcanebet – BONUS: 100% of first deposit
  • – BONUS: 100% of first deposit
  • Bovada – BONUS: 100% of first deposit

You can only bet real money on the cards. Here you will be rewarded with different bonuses. Betting on Clash Royale is totally dependent on where you choose to bet or capitalize on your money. Your initial deposit plays a major role here, as a lot of your future bonuses will depend on it. But there is no concept of deposit bonus. Here you kickstart your bets using the given sum of money. As you proceed in the betting experience your chances to get bonuses to become high. In other words, the higher the experience, the greater the bonus chances.

Clash Royale Betting Types

Several different types of betting are available. If you are a novice, you probably want to opt the simple one but there might be some time where you must choose the advance one. For this, it is recommended to learn all the different betting types. Different things to bet on include real money, cryptocurrency, case opening, etc. Betting on Clash Royale is done with real money and for that, also you must know all the different betting types because you do not know which one would come handy in the future. Following are some most common betting types used all around the world:

  • Money Line Bet

    The money line bet is picking the team you think is going to win a game, match or another event. It is also known as a winning bet.

  • Outright Bet

    This type of bet is placed by selecting the winner of overall competition, tournament or league.

  • Full Cover Bet

    This type of bet involves making combinations on the selection of winning teams.

  • Accumulator Bet

    It involves at least four selections and gain is returned only when all the parts have been won.

  • In-play Bet

    Instead of placing the bet before an event, the in-play bet is placed after the start of an event.

Clash Royale Trading

High-stakes involves serious risk and loss of a large amount of money if there is no success. And this probability exists in Clash Royale tournaments, competitions, and leagues. You must be smart enough to judge any situation in order to keep yourself away from any risk.

There is no option available to trade in-game items. But you can buy trade tokens or cards. You must have at least 1 trade token to start a trade. Tokens enable players to swap cards with someone else who is part of your clan.

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